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  1. sammi


    love or loved him but i was just wondering if anyone else likes his stuff? read all of it a ton of times when younger but now-ok he wasnt an objectivist but he WAS an elitist in that he respected intelligence even if it came out daffy
  2. hi want to try WOW and they have a trial offer... I am afraid i will get totally addicted to it and spend $15 bucks a month on it which is something i DONT want to do any good MP online games that are free and or less costly? thanks for any suggestions s
  3. i really enjoy this show-the bbc version is a bit better than the fox version. I like him coming in and not holding back on what is wrong with the restaurants he is trying to save-it is amazing how much resistance he gets from the staff/owners and chefs anyone else enjoy this show? s
  4. I understand that and totally agree, but that is in a perfect world which this is not. I want to place my judgment first and do but I realize the work I do to earn money isn't the best work I can do (although I try and do my best at my job always)-and I do NOT want the best work I can do sold off and used by people who don't appreciate it or reward it (monetarily especially) sufficiently. It is too often the case that that happens and it has happened to me too many times. For now until something different occurs withholding is a better path for me to be independent. Thanks
  5. I have always been fascinated and very interested in living as self sufficiently as possible (like e.g. Thoreau, the pioneers, American Indians of the past, the pilgrims - the thanksgiving ones that is) and have tried in fits and starts to incorporate self sufficiency into my own life by cooking my own food - spending as little as possible - heating with wood All these things I want to do in order that the "powers that be" can have as little control over my life as I can manage. It isn't really running away in my case it is wanting to own my own life as much as possible. I have no real "career" where I can advance in and find that the work i do have to do by and large is dictated by how many times you pucker up and suck up. Is this anti O ? i mean even Galt had an 'intentional community' thanks sammi
  6. btw re: the villain known as skinner "The bad guy in this movie is Skinner, who tries to put Remy in a box. The character was named after behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner, who was known for the Skinner Box, where rats were placed and trained to push a button for food." imdb
  7. i loved this movie too-made me want to cook WELL again not just fast-i love to cook and eat GOOD food
  8. i recently saw the trailer for the movie Into the wild-I have also read the book, from what I see from the trailer it looks quite good-the book was a great read (side note-ok it is a sean penn project) it is as I see it about a person who is a total individualist with specific goals and a (sort of) plan who is willing to risk everything Looking forward to seeing this one. opinions? trailer: <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758758/traile...play-E33388-314" target="_blank">http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758758/traile...play-E33388-314</a> sammi
  9. read the fountainhead about 4-5 times atlas 2x got the audio cds of atlas at the library-awesome-there are about 30 cds in all -broken into parts one and two the librarian said they are always being loaned out! s
  10. things have been ironed out and i am now a member there-i like what i see so far VERY much thanks for listening sammi
  11. I am getting kind of annoyed now... I signed up once and forgot to add my email address to the sign up-I wrote them and they said they had no record of me signing up. (It took almost 2 days to get this reply) Signed up AGAIN about 8 hrs ago and am still not authorized to login, sent them an email awhile ago still no reply. I have an authorization # which I sent in the email. If I get one more email saying I am not signed up I am not going to try again-this plan costs $ and to me this is shoddy service especially considering this is an individual trying to help themselves. Will post on the outcome. I expect this runaround from mental health professionals - I shouldn't but I do-this case is just completely annoying! s
  12. i thought dennis miller was a liberal! guess not will listen thanks
  13. but there is an M and an E another good one
  14. yes hedonistic pleasures not pleasures that come from living your values and reaping the rewards of your efforts not that at all excess drinking, gambling, drugging, obessions with sex, overeating-all those pleasures that are basically physical and mindless they still have not let me "in" to the site I signed up yesterday and sent 2 emails, not a good sign s
  15. no i don't know any more about them-i do have the book rational recovery which i am 1/2 way through-it is pretty good i like the theories I have read so far-the writing is geared toward a large audience. i have read archives of their bboards and understand that it is not that they are saying pleasure is BAD-it is when pleasure is your main focus in life above all others (no self control) that things turn out badly. A person who has a night out with the boys once in awhile is not the same as someone who drinks excessively daily - the first person has no problem to "recover" from s
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