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  1. Benevolent. In other other words, a woman should be kind-hearted and elegant. It is common a girl is sensitive and is intended to focus on some minor issues. However, a woman with a kind heart will be elegant that you will feel easy if you deal with her. For me, that's the most effective non-physical traits that attrats me.
  2. Thanks for all your resonding. I think till taday no one could excatly figure out how did the man think before he jumped into the water. No one is quallified to caculate out the possiblity that the man could be succeed in his "plan", neither did he. He took action, he sacrified himself, he is glorified by the society and media, in all, he deserved it. Definitely, there is no exact priciple to define the term "hero". However, hundreds of hundreds years, children are indoctricated that as a man he should be beneficial to the nation and society. It's a big dream. Yet, does "to be a hero" ser
  3. The plot is simple: A girl wanted to suicide, for her boy friend dumped her. The moment she jumped into the water, a man walked by with his wife and his 4-year old daughter. When seeing this, the man did not hesitate to take off the clothes and also jumped into the cold water to save the girl. Through hard efforts, the girl was saved, however the man was out of strength and fell into the bottom of the water, dead, leaving his wife and his daughter crying on the beach sadly. The girl was saved, however the man's family was broken. The man is a soilder, who always thinks the interest of the p
  4. hi, I have also just joined in this forum, where I found every interesting and meaningful. The topic is a hot one that everyone concerns almost all through the life. Bascically, I don't think it makes any sense to say ceratin country is the most happiest one in the world. Everyone knows that there are a variety of definitions of "happiness", therefore, it is a word for an individural, not for a big company or a group as well as for an entire country. It is ridiculous to make such comments or surveys. In my view, ''happiness" relates to the contribution that I made to the world which is benefi
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