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  1. That used to be a very rare thing - to find a JW that is willing (and knowledgable enough in this area) to discuss politics. (I say that, having grown up in it and being a die hard one until I was in my late 20s). He is probably relieved to have a friend like you, because one can get in trouble in that religion for discussing politics so much, if it appears you are not being "neutral". So kudos to your buddy - and especially for not trying to convert you! I find that I am able to maintain friendships with my religious friends because we focus only on our common values, and agree to disagree on most other things. I will stand my ground on some things when necessary (as will they) but I don't think trying to follow Objectivism means you necessarily have to cut out others in your life that do not. (Some I have, absolutely - and when I left the JW church, well pretty all of them dropped me, but that is another story). The majority of my friends are Objectivist - but that is because we stumbled upon a great group of them (before I even knew who Ayn Rand really was or what Objectivism was). So we are lucky, living down in the Dallas TX area, we have plenty of opportunity to associate with more like minded people. Now, that being said - I have met a few die hards that absolutely do not seem to be even willing to cultivate friendship with someone that is not serious about Objectivism. I think that can be a mistake - who knows, you could be missing out on a friendship with someone that cares about so many things you do that may in the future be ready to consider the philosophy on their own? Edited to add: I have found that those "die hards" are not ones I enjoy socializing with. I have found them as dogmatic about Ayn Rand and Objectivism as my former JW friends were. Flash backs to religion - no thanks! But hey - for those that are perfectly happy not having friendships with anyone that is not 100% Objectivist...well that is your choice.
  2. It is my RESPONSIBILITY - not just right - to restrict my child from doing certain things. As a parent, I need to yes - teach them how to think for themselves, provide for them, and provide bounderies for them. I have 5 kids, and let me tell you - there have been several occaisions where if my husband and I hadn't restricted my children from wanting to do certain things, they would have found themselves in a whole heap of trouble. It is because (as others have stated) that children are usually capable of making correct judgements in all cases. Some very basic judegments. Until they reach that point (or move out of my house) I will restrict as necessary. By the way - even my 18 year old son has some restrictions placed on him, though not as much of course as his younger sisters, because he still lives under my roof and has to obey our rules. Sure - one could just look at that as a respect thing - but because I do require some things of him still, one could say some of his "liberties" are restricted.
  3. For those of you in the Dallas area that haven't had a chance to make it to NTOS - or those of you that have but its been awhile - a group of us will be meeting for Sushi in Plano on April 12th. You can find out all the details here: http://www.meetup.com/Objectivist-Society/calendar/10025735/ If you plan on going - PLEASE RSVP YES! I need to make sure I check in with the restuarant and give them as accurate a number as possible so we will have seating for all. I hope you can make it!
  4. I love Facebook, as it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. I personally am myself on FaceBook, and post notes, have a link to my blog, and connect with friends, family and some that I have networked with at other places (either face to face at business networking functions, or have worked with, or have gotten to know on business related forums.) I think it is a fun way to see the lighter side of people - especially business associates. For example, I had no idea how much I had in common with another recruiter that worked on the same project as me for over a year because we had only met in person for a week during initial training and had no real interaction after that (it was a huge project where we were broken down into sub groups.) This helps me because right now, this person, who is very respected within our org knows me a little better, and may help me get on another project sooner because she sees what I have been doing outside of work to stay relevant in my field and be productive, although I am currently "on the bench" waiting for a new assignment. For me, it is a much great social networking tool than say MySpace, because there is a little higher level of professionalis, as well as more mature people in general. But I agree - it is ONLY a tool. You can waste a lot of time there, or use it in a manner that can greatly benefit you. Also, I have friends that have used it pretty successfuly (in my opinion) to promote Objectivism. That is never a bad thing.
  5. Hmmmm....the list links to several different sites, both TOC and ARI. That is one of the reasons I was curious if anyone else had an opinion.
  6. Hey there - I have been doing some online research regarding parenting/Objectivistism, and came across http://rebirthofreason.com/. It looked for familiar - I am not sure if I have been there in the past or not. I usually bookmark sites that I am interested in reading further, and I didn't have it in my bookmarks, so maybe not. I was just curious what others thought about this site? Thanks!
  7. I don't think either is an "immoral" option. Nor would I think it would be evil for someone to work for a public school (K-12, for example). I agree with David's reasoning on this. In neither case are you trying to force others to pay for your education, or you working at the school.
  8. Hmmm...I may have to read the book then!
  9. I thought Tommy Lee Jones character was wasted in the film. I didn't think his role added a great deal to it - though I understand why he was in it, but was not satisfied with where they took (or didn't take) the character in the movie. This movie actually gave me nightmares. The killer was so superbly played - and I think the Coen brothers did a great job showing how truly dangerous this man was because he had a code of ethics that was rigid and unbending. THAT is why he terrified me. He was a bad person, definitely, but was very true to his word. This man could not be stopped BECAUSE he did what he said he would and would not let ANYONE change his mind. To me, he was a personification in a way of rigid unyielding fanatical religion. Outside of Tommy Lee Jones' character (which I considered a side bar character, nothing more), I thought this was a good movie. However I loved and hated it at the same time because I wanted the ending to be different. But the plot played out logically, so I cannot really complain to much about it.
  10. HMMMM>..maybe it is invisible? I like the logo - didn't notice the missing arrow...is the arm in the way of seeing it?
  11. Regarding how people are to educate their children if there are no public schools and they cannot afford private - its called home schooling. Plenty of people in the US (and world) are doing it currently for one reason or another. And for many years before their were schools in American communities, that is what families did. If (and I DOUBT this will ever happen) the US finally woke up and realized that education and is NOT a right and did away with it, there are are plenty of reasources for parents to use to to put a curriculum together if they don't have the money for private schools or to purchase one. And there are already homeschooling groups in place to help with this, etc. etc. So even those without the money to send them to private school don't have to fear for the education of their children really.
  12. My husband and I had a really hard time understanding this when we first were exposed to Objectivism as well. We felt that since we had so many kids, we had no issues paying taxes since our kids were getting an education. However, some very patient Objectivists pointed out (as stated above) that it is wrong because the money was forcefully taken. Another thing to consider is that public education takes the choice and will of the parent out of the equation. When you send your child to public school, you have absolutely no choice in what or how they are educated for the most part. Even if you attend PTA meetings, school board meetings, etc., YOUR rights of how you want YOUR child educated can be ruled out. Which is very frustrating. Personally, I would voluntarily pay fees for my kids who are in public schools, and for using the public library and park systems in our city because we do use them. However, what about those that don't get the benefit from these services? Is it right that my neighbor who has no children help chip in so my 3 kids in public school (and one at a local community college) get educated? No it isn't - hey if they want to chip in, great - but no one asks, they are just told. And if they don't pay these taxes, they would lose their home, regardless of whether they own it outright or not. If that is not taking money by force - I don't know what is! Having said that though - there isn't anything immoral about Objectivist parents sending their kids to public schools. Most cannot afford private schools because of all the taxes they have to dish out, so they have to use what is available to them. I currently have 3 kids in public schools, 1 that just started a county community college, and just pulled 1 out that we are home schooling. I don't feel guilty in the least sending any of them to public school (though I would prefer private or home school) because we have paid so much in taxes in the last 10 years that more than covers their education.
  13. This thread is why I don't go drinking with my Objectivist friends. I do like to drink - I don't that often, but when I do go out, I don't want to feel like I am being watched to see how much I consume. I care for all my Oist friends dearly, but manner of them appear to view having more than a drink or two as immoral. I remember mentioning a few months ago to an Oist friend that I met some friends at a certain bar I had never been to before and I thought the bar was a bit skanky, but it was still fun. They looked at me like I was crazy and said something like "you go to bars?" When my husband and I go to a bar, perhaps to meet some of his friends from work, or to dinner, we may have a few drinks. If he has had a really stressful week, or if he is celebrating a work accomplishment, then I tell him - I won't drink and will drive - not because he is getting "stinking drunk" but will have just enough that he may have a buzz so it wouldn't be wise to drive. However, what is a buzz and what is drunk vary for different people. And sometimes he will only have a few beers over a course of a few hours so I can drink more - I am much more of a "light weight" than he is, and if I have more than 2 beers over the course of an hour I won't drive, even though I feel perfectly fine - just to be safe. I also don't drink if I have to get up early the next day, or if I am the only adult at home. Getting a buzz is not getting stinking drunk. Getting a buzz now and then is NOT being a drunkard, neither is it evading anything. There is nothing wrong with enjoying that buzz - in fact, I find alcohol, though not necessary, is a very lovely thing to include in celebrations. Enjoying good drink - there is nothing wrong with that at all. My son is soon to be 18, and over the past several years, we have allowed him to drink a little here, a little there - maybe a half glass of wine, or an occaisional beer. On New Year's Eve we allowed him to have a shot of whiskey. (Of course, he is not allowed to drink outside the house - hopefully he obeys that rule - and he is not allowed to have anything to drink when he has a friend over and neither are they.) In Europe many children grow up having a little alcohol, and they learn how to handle it. (Of course - many don't!) When my younger kids get older, we will let them have a small amount of alcohol here and there as well. By the way - for those with the sweet tooth: Chocatinis are to die for!
  14. Totally black and white. It doesn't matter that they should base her on experience - the fact is that if a 2nd was required that is what the employer required. She lied. I have no sympathy for her either. I see this all the time with people that commit what we call in the recruiting industry as "resume puffery". It is nothing but lying. They deserved to get canned because they claimed to be something they were not.
  15. I think I get what you are trying to do here, and I do something similiar. However - one thing I would not (and do not) do is roll up credit cards with other loans that are backed by assests such as a car or house. While you are trying to simplify things, don't let the small detail of how much you are paying on your assets as opposed to just revolving credit. Those asset based loans will go away some day, but revolving credit can keep going, and going and going. I think it is always important that someone can take a quick glance at their budget and see what is going towards basic LIVING expenses, Revolving debt, and loans for assets they have aquired - and of course the discretionary things, etc. This snap shot budget can give you a quick idea of how you are doing - whether "in control or not" so that you have an understanding of how much you have going out towards so called "good debt" and "bad debt". By the way - there is an interesting personal finance blog called www.getrichslowly.org that has a lot of great information on it.
  16. Actually, one could view it as a parent child relationship - the tree keeps giving because the tree values the brat so much. That's my angle with it and I am sticking to it. =) When my kids and I read it, we discuss it in that regard, but also ask them what they think about it. This is one of those books that I think people love or hate, and most of those I know that have studied Objectivism see it on the bad end of the spectrum. I don't believe that has to necessarily be the case at all.
  17. I think that would come out very well, actually. I also think they could get the book across very well in a cartoon - with the hyper romanticized/exaggerated. In a Frank Millerish way. I was speaking with the husband tonight and he said he would love to see the The Worchowski (sp) Brothers write it. They did they screen play for the 300 as well I believe. I also think they could do Atlas Shrugged justice in a very exciting way that would draw numerous teens and young adults to it, possibly more so than it would as a straight live action film.
  18. Glad that worked out for you David! =) It is always nice to see someone reach their goals. I guess you can now say "mission accomplished!"
  19. Okay - I am not a paid member at Atlasphere, but I do like to read the articles over there, and don't understand what the problem people have with the site. It is for Ayn Rand "admirers". I have NEVER read anything that stated that they are for Objectivists per se. Yes - people can actually love Rand's fiction and admire her without being an Objectivist. So what is the big deal? Sir Andrew - I find that comment funny (in a good way). Haven't seen too many single girls (over the age of 13 that is) at NTOS lately - why don't you bring some friends that are girls? We could use so more women there. Most of the woman that attend are already taken - so, good luck with that! =) By the way - I don't see an issue with them charging membership either. If people don't think it is worth it they wouldn't pay.
  20. Great - thanks for the tip! I am on a mandatory, unpaid "vacation" so the thought of being able to get sushi that cheap sounds great!
  21. I think the cops blew it on this - I am sure they were not trying to pressure the kid, but they should have never asked him incriminating questions at any point without a lawyer or his mother or another legal guardian present. That was just foolish. And really, the kid was NEVER free to leave at any time, even before they started the incriminating questions. Would they really just let an 8 year old get up and leave out the building if he said he wanted to go if he wasn't under arrested? Absolutely not. I wonder if what the kid said was true - that he was just putting his father out of his misery. So far what I have read in the press was that was how he explained it. It seems like they are going to drop the charges on one if the killings - though I am having trouble pulling up the latest news on it (this is what I remembered from the other day). I hope they get to the bottom of it, and actually uncover what really happened before too long. I cannot even imagine what the kid and his family is going through right now.
  22. Definitey a selfish choice for me. I knew I always wanted kids, and well, we have 5 so it worked out. I hope my kids have kids of their own, because I think it would be fun to have grandkids. (And. as my mom said to me when I was young "My revenge will be that you have a child exactly like yourself." That came true haha.) If the minions decide having kids isn't for them - well, I will be disappointed, but I would rather they live their own lives and be happy. I have plenty of siblings that have (and will have I am sure in the future) little kids I can dote on should I feel the need. And there are always the kids of friends. I never try to say to my children "when you have kids of your own" but try to say something like "if you decide to have kids when you are an adult..." instead. I want them to understand it is totally a choice, and not an obligation to have kids. But oh, do obligations begin when you do have them! haha. I get a lot of joy out of having kids (even despite the obnoxiousness, and hassles - the good really outweighs the bad), but I don't believe that one has to have a kid to have a great life. I have friends who have purposely decided NOT to have kids, and some that want them badly but either have to adopt or just cannot have them for one reason on another.
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