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  1. I know we usually talk about how obnoxious and illogical liberals can be, but this time they're making me seriously angry because they are directly trying to destroy my livelihood. I work at an architectural firm who specializes in houses on Nantucket, serving a client base that is largely comprised of millionaires. We've had to lay off more than half our employees due to the lack of work, and now they're going to greatly reduce the disposable income of our clients and more or less completely starve us of any work. Same goes for all the contractors and other trades that work in the high-end residential business. And for what? So we can all die of curable diseases on waiting lists for the government to decide whether we deserve health care? How can these liberals possibly claim they are helping anyone when they're throwing us under the bus and expecting us to thank them for it?
  2. The Eagles came away from the draft pretty well on paper. They got the #2 WR in Maclin (thanks to Al Davis being a moron- more on that in a moment), which adds another speedy playmaker/kick returner to complement Jackson. LeSean McCoy was also a steal of a pick in the 2nd round, a quality RB to share the load with Westbrook. They also got a TE in Ingram, who fell far further than anyone expected. My favorite moment was when they picked up Hobbs from NE for 2 5th round picks (the Eagles had 6 of them at the time...), which gives them an extra potential starting CB if Brown gets his way, whining himself out of town. Thinking of Sheldon, I find it funny how players sign long-term contracts and then want them reworked for more money if they perform. If they perform under expectations, they never offer to give any money back or have a lower salary. I'm glad the Eagles' stance is "You signed the contract, trading potential money for long-term security. Deal with it." As for the Broncos, I have no idea what the hell their thinking is. They don't use their 2 #1s to trade up for Sanchez; instead they take a RB which gives them 7 at the moment (and no good quarterback!). McDaniels then seems to think he can copy Belichick and get a stud QB in the 6th round (yeah, right). They get a quality DE in Ayers from the Cutler trade, and then throw the other first to Seattle to draft Alphonso Smith. It works out to Cutler for Orton, Ayers, and Smith. That looks like a huge win for Chicago. The Raiders have to get some kind of an award for the worst draft possible. They pick the #3 WR in the draft at #7 overall when they easily could've traded down 15 spots and still gotten him. They then pick a guy in the 2nd round who was projected to go undrafted or in the 7th round. Then again, after Al Davis decided to waive his only Pro Bowl defensive player in the middle of the season, I expect nothing less from them. I do find it funny that the Lions threw $42 million guaranteed at Matthew Stafford. For every Eli Manning, there are plenty of Ryan Leafs, Akili Smiths, Tim Couchs, David Carrs, and even their own Joey Harrington. Young QBs tend to fail when they have weak o-lines to protect them, bad coaches to learn from, and no players to throw to. That doesn't stop history from repeating itself.
  3. Thank you, that is the same thing I've been thinking about the music industry the whole time. Napster was started in 1999, iTunes in 2001. The music industry tried to fight the digitization of music rather than adapt to the changing market. In order to stop the rampant piracy that ensued, they were forced to start attacking their customers, which only became an ever-growing PR nightmare. The piracy was still immoral and illegal, yes, but I find it akin to a store leaving its back door open a night and then suing people for taking their stuff. The subsequent success of iTunes proves that people were willing to pay for music. The only people I know of now who actively pirate music are true Marxists who think that all music should be free. Everyone I know with a conscience pays for it. Looking at the present- it is nice to see that the music industry is seeing the potential that videogames have as a means to distribute music. I don't know exact numbers, but I know that the download system for Rock Band has been a tremendous success and bands are increasingly seeking it out as a means for getting people involved in their music.
  4. “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.” -Putin
  5. I just love how liberals forget that Pelosi and Obama are different people in their hurry to get offended and play the race card. I'm willing to bet a decent amount of people outraged by this cartoon are the same ones who did things like compare Bush to Hitler.
  6. If I remember correctly, Google threatened to use anti-trust laws against Microsoft if they ended up working out an agreement to buy Yahoo. They all seem to think that the government is a tool to use to hamper their competition.
  7. I'm actually kind of happy that the Eagles didn't beat the Bengals. The Eagles problem since they went to the Super Bowl is that they are content being 8-8 almost playoff contenders. They always enter the year thinking they can be a legitimate playoff team but then can't put the pieces together. They certainly show flashes of excellence, a 38-3 drubbing of the lowly Rams and a 15-6 defensive domination of the Steelers, one of the best teams in the AFC. Then, in three different games they lose because they can't convert 3rd/4th and 1. This is the way it's been but the ownership has been too afraid to rock the boat because they keep seeing the possibilities. If the Eagles had won 16-13 in overtime, people around here would start deluding themselves again that the Eagles could be a good playoff team. I think it speaks how terrible the Bengals are that McNabb throws three interceptions, fumbles it on his own 10, and yet they still can't put together a win. When you're +3 in turnovers in the NFL, you're supposed to win.
  8. Paint drying is still more unpredictable than Andy Reid in short-yardage situations
  9. The Eagles are so predictable. They look good for a couple of games and everyone gets excited and then they just don't have enough for a tough divisional game. Andy and Donovan still, 10 years later, don't know how to run an effective two-minute drill. I also wish I had started keeping track of the number of times the Eagles have unsuccessfully run it straight up the middle on short-yardage downs this year. They've become so predictable and the rest of the NFC East has passed them by. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me 10 times in a row, I am just an idiot following the same playcall over and over. At least the Phils are world champions!
  10. I apologize if I didn't make it clear- I meant that statement to be very facetious. I'm emphasizing the point that the government said $700 billion (an arbitrary number) and now they say "let's just throw in $50 billion more for automakers." There seems to be no end in sight for the Emergency Economic Insanity Bill of 2008
  11. Now they want to expand the bailout to the automakers http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/11/08/...in4585951.shtml What's an extra $50 billion between friends anyway?
  12. I watched the first 45 minutes and it seemed like the characters were just giving overdramatic monologues about all of the spoilers for the first book. Another thing I disliked was that none of the characters except Kahlan were how I pictured them from the book. Zedd especially seemed horribly miscast, he didn't have any of the eccentricity that made the character so entertaining in the novel. Why wasn't the first thing he said to Richard to ask him if he brought any food? They obviously aren't going to follow the novels closely at all, changing the characters and plot so significantly they bear little representation to the original. The acting is really hard to watch as well, none of the actors seem to believe in the material and feel like they're practicing poems for a high school drama performance. I really wanted to like it since the books are so wonderful, but not even that can make me sit through the show.
  13. On page 97 they have a list of the top ten videogame politicians. Number 9 is Andrew Ryan: "Can't quite swing your wacky new political paradigm in the real world? Go ahead and build your own little cutthroat free-market utopia to reign over-and demonstrate to everyone that Objectivism can do a heeluva lot more damage than turn anyone who reads Atlas Shrugged into a complete jackass for a month or two" I understand it's in a part of the magazine where they typically try to be humorous and ironic, but it is still sad that they used it to take a cheap shot at Objectivism.
  14. I wish Andy Reid knew how to throw a red flag. Buckhalter was clearly over the goal line in the overhead shot. Oh well, it'll probably be another 9-7 or 8-8 year for the Eagles. They can't do anything consistently. At least the Phils are doing well at the moment...
  15. Vote yes on Amendment 47! Amendment 47 prohibits the unions from forcing all workers to pay them dues. It's called the "right to work" amendment because it gives workers the ability to take or keep a job without being forced into a union. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Colo...itiative_(2008)
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