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  1. Extra information: The talk should be ~40-50 minutes with an open Q&A afterwards.
  2. The Students of Objectivism at Georgia Tech will be hosting an event that is free and open to the public. No RSVP is required. Capitalism Without Guilt: The Moral Case for Freedom Who: Dr. Yaron Brook, president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute When: Tuesday, November 3 at 7:00pm Where: Instructional Center (IC), Room 105, 759 Ferst Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 Description: Many regard the financial crisis as a failure of the free market and “greedy” businessmen. But is capitalism really to blame for our current economic mess? In this talk Dr. Yaron Br
  3. My philosophical path was also from buddhism to objectivism (with a bunch of liberal academia in the middle). I eventually rejected the Buddhist world view but continue to practice meditation for the same reasons many people have listed here. The act of concentrating on your breath (breath meditation), walking (walking meditation), or any other action (what most people just refer to as concentration or focus) is just a mindfulness exercise. I value being able to focus on the task at hand, and therefore increasing my productivity. I casually practice meditation, especially when stressed or
  4. I value the physical health of my body as much, if not more, than productivity. Therefore I sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night. There are nights when I break these rules such as midterms, but I've made the conscious decision to rank sleep highly in my personal priorities.
  5. We viewed this lecture today (3/02/09) at the weekly meeting of the Georgia Tech Objectivist Club (unofficial, there is no official one as of yet). What does John Allison mean about the failure of mathematical models? Is he referring only to contemporary, modern, or popular mathematical models? He specifically calls out normalized financial models that inherently under represent the far reaches of the probability distribution, but I doubt that BB&T ignores modern financial mathematical models.
  6. I've had personal experience relapsing into habitual video game playing during spells of boredom in my life as well. Usually about halfway through the semester after the grind of midterms. There is achievement in many things, but you have to consider why you desire this achievement. If your goal is to "have a good time" then by all means continue to pursue the hobby, but if after rationally considering your values you find that other things are more important to you the video game hobby will likely fall to the way side. Edit: I would also like to add that DaveOdden's advice is excellent
  7. I've personally tried to "manage this dichotomy" by trying to forget it. Similar to career choices and sexual relationships, friendship should be an off shoot from your values, not a value in and of itself. Not raising your standards, but now in accordance with your true standards. Depends on the situation. If I really like conversations with my boss, and he introduces me to such and such because we are really friends then I would call it moral. If I evade the idea that I'm not being myself and continue to barrage my boss with a person that isn't me, and therefore fake person g
  8. The moral advantages of working at a private school are outweighed (in my opinion) by the average pay being significantly less at private schools. As a side there are some private schools that pay well more than a public school, and it is my eventual goal to find employment at such an institution.
  9. I am interested in other's thoughts about this topic. In the next year I will start work on my master's in education, my undergrad is in nuclear engineering. I aspire to found a private school, but from my analysis the best job in association with my values is teaching secondary high school (physics) for a number of years. I had an unrefined/casual conclusion similar to Odden's, that as long as I wasn't the police or lawmaker forcing the school attendance, I could teach at that school and still live in accordance with morality. Am I in denial?
  10. My tone was not meant to be accusatory. I re-read my post and can't recognize where you drew this conclusion but I am very open to constructive criticism. This wouldn't be the first time my intended meaning or tone got lost in the written word. I accept your premise that it was "malevolent and destructive in intent", and that it "snarked at any kind of benevolence, affirmation of the beauty of life". But I don't draw the same conclusion that a bad motive/intent/meaning makes for a bad movie. On the contrary, if the Coen brothers WANTED you to be sad or disgusted and they succeeded wou
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie experience. I usually judge a movie initially by how well it keeps my attention/focus and the Coen brothers do this masterfully. Movie-making: 10 out of 10 Moral of the story: Depressing The topic on this thread seems to be veering towards something along these lines: can a work of art have a theme of evil, sadness, etc and still be a "good" work of art. I'm not sure how we'd want to define good. From your first post Jaskin it seems like you don't enjoy looking at the sad side of humanity and, though the "moral of the story" is still being argued, th
  12. The idea that millions of Americans take Obama's word as scripture saddens me. The solution to our economic woes may end up being a revolution. Can you provide the link for the top quote?
  13. Thanks for the responses. I'll try to center my arguments on individual rights next time and see where it leads. Today's status was [ME] is leaving a big carbon footprint. No bites yet.
  14. Along with my new year's resolution of being more mindful of my words I've also resolved to partake in more activism. Not wholly unattributed to http://www.titosays.com/2009/01/why-be-activist.html from objectivismonline.net. I'd like to work on some LTE and more mainstream activism but I have to start somewhere and today offered that opportunity. My facebook status: [ME] is scared of socialism. [Friend]: If that is a reference to the current Obama administration, then you have a pretty loose definition of socialism. [Me]: In a 2005 commencement address, Obama described the con
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