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  1. I just heard to opening of Sean Hannity's radio show (which is not something I usually do, but thought I'd give it a listen today) and heard the following quote from Mr. Obama after talking about how McCain/Palin are casting him as a Socialist/Communist: (Use a very sarcastic voice): "John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic. You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness." Here is more: "...we’ve made a virtue out of selfishness, there’s no virtue in that." I don't think there is any coincedence or accident in that turn of
  2. NBC removed it from from their site, but here's a link to a .wmv of a great sketch: Bailout Sketch (BTW, kudos for spelling "humour" properly.)
  3. Weyoun42

    Phish Reunites

    Well, I'm not going to try to deny that the vast majority of Phish fans are stoners! That would be rediculous. A is A, right? And, I completely understand where you're coming from on only enjoying rock from a certain point of hardness and up. I've always been a more mellow kind of guy, so it was very easy for me to fall into Phish. I used to hate metal and harder rock. Only within the last year or two have I made the effort to listen to bands like Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, etc., and found a lot of enjoyment there. (I was turn
  4. Well, Kalamazoo is a double-college town (Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University) and it's Obama signs as far as the eye can see. What little goodwill McCain had scraped out of me--that part of the convention speech about freeing education--has been more or less flushed with this bailout fiasco. I had even put out a McCain sign in my yard just to be difficult since there are ZERO that I've seen in my neighborhood, but yesterday I threw it in the garage in disgust. It's nice to see that McCain agreed with me on that and was essentially doing the same thing for the rest of the stat
  5. Weyoun42

    Phish Reunites

    Well, I've never done drugs in my life. My freshman year college roommate did enough for both of us, and the only addiction I picked up from him was Phish. And the whole not doing drugs thing is probably what made it so I needed about eight years before I learned to appreciate their live stuff. While the Grateful Dead leans country, Phish leans rock. But, it's just a generally more mellow, jazzy rock. If I just want to relax and read, I find jam band music is the way to go. I've got all of AC/DC, too (and Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc.), but that's why men invented the iPod. Easy access
  6. Weyoun42

    Phish Reunites

    Not just the hippies. I did a fair amount of rejoicing, myself! For a long time I would only listen to their studio stuff. By the time the switch in my head flipped and I "got" their live music, the band had broken up. Now, I finally have the chance to experience one of their live shows.
  7. Weyoun42

    Phish Reunites

    I've been having a discussion of music appreciation with one of my friends over the past couple of weeks. Basically, I've been comparing my perspective on his favourite band, Collective Soul, and mine, Phish. A couple quick points: I also enjoy Collective Soul very much. Their songs are generally very upbeat and catchy. They're probably a top ten band for me. And, yes, their name is taken from that conversation between Roark and Wynand in The Fountainhead, but the leader of the band says he just liked the sound of it and not to ascribe any real meaning to the choice (though I could, by c
  8. Blues Traveler - The Gunfighter Lyrics
  9. You'll have to pardon me if this topic is trite. I've been watching the widespread mocking of Barack Obama's touted years as a community organizer in Chicago and having my little chuckle along with the crowd. However, I want to know why I'm laughing, so I've been trying do some research to nail down just what being a community organizer means. It's about as nebulous and slippery as one would guess. There are all sorts of undertakings he has been a part of, but why and for whom (besides "the people") is not precisely clear. I've come to one conclusion, on which the precise reasons I cannot
  10. Weyoun42

    Videogame Music

    My first post on this board and I choose this topic? One should talk about what one knows best, I suppose. Anyhow, here goes: 1) Yasunori Mitsuda cannot be denied as one of the greats. He came up through Square as a protoge of Uematsu. Besides the actual soundtracks to his games, never forget that Japan usually has the good taste to release an "arranged" version of each quality game soundtrack. The Chrono Trigger arranged album, "Brink of Time", is smooth jazz arrangements that are well done and grew on me over time. Xenogears was his masterpiece, and the arranged album "Creid" is phe
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