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  1. I suppose in a state with no taxes there would be no way to illegally reside in the country, unless you didn't own where you lived. Point taken, no need for illegal immigration.
  2. If the constitution of the Free State limits government and protects individual rights, then a chimpanzee could run the country through a series of button presses illicited by lighted signals. In my opinion the function of a leader in an Objectivist society is to ensure on the case by case basis that individual rights are protected and the borders are kept safe from intrusion (Including illegal immigration -and- invasion) then the country will be fine on its own. Police and Army, that's all that's required. Perhaps another role of the leader may be to maintain diplomatic relations with other c
  3. Vast number of scientist paid by the UN to read a bunch of papers published by other scientists paid by the UN and come to a consensus (read a bunch of people agreeing on something which makes no sense ((religion))) that the Earth is getting a tad hotter, and it's definitely us. Let's listen to them, instead of the -larger- number of scientists, who actually studied this, as opposed to reading papers on it, and mostly agree that when you learned in Bio class that we all breathe out carbon dioxide, and it's really not that big of a deal. Also, the argument of global warming has existed for 4
  4. Jackethan

    Animal rights

    I'd like to post my opinion as a person who has considered animal rights and veganism. I will be trying to respond to many topics here and I do not know yet how to use quotes so I will attempt to make as much sense as possible. On the topic of soy protein. I am going to have to call you on using personal experience to dictate your reasoning behind the fallibility of anti-soy dieting. Simply because you are 22, you have mentioned that you were not born a vegan, and it would take many years for a specifically soy based diet to affect your body. I also would like to go into the scientific reas
  5. Will Earth survive humanity? Yep. I can honestly say I cannot see mankind doing -anything- that will destroy the earth. Even launching a barrage of nuclear missiles and blanketing the crust in radiation will not destroy the earth, and natural things such as plants and animals will survive. Not all of them, but hey, action -> reaction. Even if all life on Earth ceased immediately, it would begin again, as it did before. Earth is fine, it is not angry at us. Do I think it is a good idea to cause mass extinctions? No, probably not. We are getting tons of health improvements based on research i
  6. What parts of my personality enabled the integration of Oism into my philosophy? I have always been an environmentalist (don't worry, I'm not nuts, just listen) I love animals and nature, and when I love something I am driven to understand it. In my quest to understand nature, I learned about evolution, which led me directly into the Objectivist philosophy. One of the things that I always understood better than anyone I talk to about evolution is that Darwin didn't say 'the strongest survive' or 'the smartest survive.' Darwin said he who adapts survives, to make sense one must equivocate survi
  7. Jackethan

    God exists

    Speaking of equivocating, what about a new Objective definition of God? What if the universe is God? It is obviously not omnipotent, because the universe cannot make a rock into a spoon (man can though, neener neener) it's mostly a course of action which led to our creation thus we could say that Earth and the Universe are our creators in the same way that H2O is the creator of the grand canyon. I present this argument not in the hopes of creating a new sort of deity that I 'need' to blame uncontrollable things on, but more just an understanding, that whenever an Oist says 'thank god' or 'plea
  8. I think we should identify certain words as 'hot words' such as selfishness, altruism, etc. If we can devise a group of statements that includes what these words -really- mean, without mentioning them, once people understand how we mean them, they can be stated. Honestly, altruism has so many meanings that it will be difficult, but you could also start by asking the person what altruism and selfishness mean to him or her. Some people think of altruism as giving a gift in general, some people see it as a gift without expectation of -material- gain, so it's okay to give your girlfriend flower
  9. I'm Tom and I live in Tustin, right next to Irvine.
  10. I am glad there is an objective standard for when a country has gone too far, and AR makes very good points as far as what a dictatorship is. One thing I think she did not forsee in the creation of the first point (1) One-party rule) is that it is possible and historically precedented to use a one party system masquerading as a two party system, which is exactly what this country seems to be headed for, thus giving (forgive the matrix quote) "The illusion of choice." My question now is to what extent do these requirements have to be fulfilled, because as far as I can see they are already ta
  11. I think this is close to a conclusion that I have come to, that by voluntarily giving up thought and philosophy the general public have allowed themselves to be hypnotized, in effect, by each other. Once an idea is polarized beyond reasonable recognition the two sides of the 'spectrum' are told where they fit into the scheme of things, or their political party, until finally all that is left is the uninterested, the idealistic, and the pragmatic.
  12. Every time I hear something new in the news, listen to a new opinion from a collectivist, or a nihilist, I feel more trapped in a country that really isn't mine after all. The role of a just and free government is to protect the borders (military) and prevent people from inhibiting other people's pursuit of happiness (police). This is not where I live. I live in California. I can't walk across a street with no crosswalk without becoming a criminal. There is a law that I can't talk on my cell phone while driving, enforced in the form of a non-moving violation. The government just decided that i
  13. All my favorites have been named. I also kinda dug Mass Effect's music.
  14. This is a topic I had thought about as well, and I have come to the conclusion that if I became a soldier it would be to protect my freedom and the freedom of those I care about. In other words, if I became a soldier it would be for an army controlled by an objectivist state. The USA government is very far from an objectivist state. I cannot in good conscience sign that I will give my life for someone's right to my money, my time, or my thoughts. Now, say I did join a military, and it was forcing me to do things which violate my moral code, it would be my moral obligation to defy those orders
  15. It is in your self interest to surround yourself with a network of friends, as has been said, to trade knowledge and benefit from others' intellectual pursuits. As far as people who have not been awakened to objectivism and thus do not offer you very much in that area, think of it this way: We could round up all the retards in the world and decide that since they can offer nearly nothing to society, they will either be forced to do manual labor or be sterilized. This is an example of irrational selfishness, because #1 you cannot make the blanket claim that all retards will not offer you any ki
  16. I also tend to think well having a relaxing coffee, smoking a pipe, or anything which to me places me in a calm aesthetic. I find myself happily sitting outside a coffee shop having a smoke and a latte thinking 'more than half of America doesn't know how to relax like this.' That aside, I also have the restless legs problem, though not actual RLS, I tend to keep in motion. Many people think I'm nervous or impatient, but it's not the case at all. I think well while moving my legs or tapping my fingers in a musical beat. Still with all of this, and barring the walking on a treadmill with a
  17. There are many ways in which the common American has the wrong idea. I think one of them is sexuality. To me, sexuality is the easiest way to find proof that objectivism knows the truth about humanity. For example, society, history, religion, and their established 'moralities' have labeled many private acts as 'deviant'. Though society has become slightly more accepting, I think the underlying belief in 'virtue vs. perversion' is still prevalent in most people's views on sex. These views commonly cover acts which don't really hurt anyone, or affect other individual's lives. For example, Bon
  18. I too bought the comic after seeing the trailer. It is definitely an example of an author taking 'extreme' sides of various issues and saying 'see, if we let the extremists have it they'll screw the world up!', much like V for Vendetta was a commentary on Fascism vs. Anarchism, where the author meant for you to simultaneously identify and be disgusted by both sides thus taking you on the train ride down the 'middle path' where compromise of 'moral rigidity' and 'amoral collectivity' makes you think that balance makes a perfect world possible. Fortunately for anybody with a brain, Moore fail
  19. When I'm in a car, everyone is quiet, music is playing, and speed is constant, I can develop huge creative fantasy worlds with interesting and unique characters, all of which die when I sit in front of a computer with Word open. When I am on the phone with someone and I wish to really engage in the conversation, I have to walk around my house. The only way I can really get to writing is when I have visual activity i.e.: a roleplaying game on the computer, when I am physically with people listening to me, or when I am very interested in a topic. The only other time I get a good imagination g
  20. I think that it'll be found the final numbers of the poll match the statistics of population in the US and various other countries belonging to specific religions. That is to say, I don't think any religion lends itself very closely to Objectivism, and I think all organized religions equally attempt to thwart the faithful from attempting to gain personal philosophy other than that prescribed by the religion. I think of Objectivism very much like the matrix, it does not matter where you came from, at any one point the premises you thought you had can be washed away over time revealing reality a
  21. Well howdy, I also happen to be a gay person and an objectivist. I personally see no conflict between homosexuality and objectivism, and I'd like to say that while I don't think over-population will ever be a problem for the reasonable man, I do think that homosexuality is an unsung factor in many predictions of future dystopias. When humans reach the point where previous societal training on sexual behavior, (ie.: Sex is bad, wrong, gross, shouldn't be done in certain ways, mostly a dirty secret, very similar to expelling waste) then the world will be a much better place. As far as labelin
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