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  1. Why so silent?

  2. That's a really cute pic, Ravane! Ranil:Weren't you Concerto of Atlantis before? Good to have you back! As everyone else is posting family pics here's mine.
  3. I thought Jack Black did pretty well for his first serious role. I agree with styles that it was too long. At one point I had to get up and move. I can't sit still for that long. But the action sequences, the effects and even the story was well done. I thought they didn't lean too much on the animal rights stuff. It seemed like an odd love story between gorilla and woman more than anything. Especially with that last line "it was beauty that killed the beast".
  4. Haven't seen it yet but am also looking forward to see it. I only recently became a fan of Johnny Cash. They are saying this movie has Oscar-worthy performances. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at home sick with a cold! =(
  5. Early this year, in Speech class, I had to argue on a controversial subject. I chose to speak about the expansion of LAX. As this affects people in this area I thought it would make an interesting topic to debate/comment about. Pros: 1) Enlarging the airport will make the runways bigger and avert all those close calls they've been having. It seems that the two major runways, where one plane is going westward and the other eastward have had close calls where the tips of the wings came very close to colliding with each other and causing damage. 2) It will also update the technology (e.g. tower/pilot communications) that is years and years behind other major city airports. 3) Enlarging the airport's runways would allow the new Airbus airplanes to make LAX one of its stops. It currently isn't. http://events.airbus.com/events/a380_reveal/event/index.asp Cons: 1) People of the surrounding communities (El Segundo, Inglewood, Marina Del Rey) complain that there is already too much airport noise/pollution. The last thing they need is a larger airport that would accomodate more airplanes. 2) People are also worried about how much tax-payer's money will be going into this project. They don't think it will be administrated properly. Finally, talk of LAX expansion has been going on for over ten years with nothing having been done yet. Back in January former mayor Hahn had made a commitment to expand LAX. However, then candidate Villaraigosa won voters from the LAX area over by his promise NOT to expand LAX. For more pros, cons and articles, check these out. "Residents have their say on LAX expansion plans" http://www.laane.org/pressroom/stories/lax/lax041215wsj.html "Close Calls on LAX Runways" http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-me-lax24n...-home-headlines What are your thoughts on the subject?
  6. Something similar to this happened to me in high school. A girl I was good friends with asked out the guy I had been flirting with the day before I did. I was not aware that they had just initiated a relationship the day before. I let him know how I felt about him the next day. I was completely crushed when he told me he was already taken. It was weeks before I could look at them together without tearing up a bit. It was also hard because the three of us had the same circle of friends. I did have to distance myself for a while (a couple of weeks). However, after a few months I had found someone else I liked even better. So I suppose that helped me get over him. I was still attracted to him and had he been single I would've gone out with him in an instant. I was glad that I had at least told him how I felt because it's worse when you never even let them know how you felt (IMO). The interesting thing is that months later that same guy wrote in my yearbook that he thought I was one of the most attractive girls in the school and that he considered it an honor that I even thought of him that way. He was really sweet. Since then we went to the same college and have gone through similar life experiences and become closer friends. I'm glad I was able to get over him and instead found a lifelong friend. I don't know if this helps you any. All I wanted to say is that you can get over it eventually and you can become friends with that girl. I hope everything works out for you.
  7. Go to the following website. http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi Type in your name. Let us know what slogan you got. There are a lot of funny slogans that come out. I had fun with this yesterday inserting every name I could think of. Have Fun! P.S. These were the slogans I got for my name! "You Can Do It When You Isabel It." "Don't you just love being in Isabel?"
  8. My favorite new band is Death Cab for Cutie. I love their song "Soul Meets Body".
  9. Hi Sophia! Welcome to the forum! What particular area of LA do you live in? I'm in the South Bay, Torrance area. It would be awesome to get in touch and stuff. My screen name is dagnytaggart19 if you ever just need to chat. Isabel
  10. Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the forum!
  11. Just found this thread...here are my votes: Proposition 73: No, because I don't think but yourself should be able to decide what happens to your body. There are plenty of parents who for religious (or otherwise) reasons would never allow an abortion. Proposition 74: Yes, because I'm tired of all those REALLY bad public school teachers. I went to public school and can attest to the fact that there are plenty. Proposition 75: Yes. It required consent of employees before unions use dues or fees for political purposes. According to the website Milton Friedman is for this as well! Proposition 76: Yes. Will finally get state spending under control. Proposition 77: Yes. Even my political science professor, last year, agreed that California need redistricting and she was Democrat! Proposition 80: No. Restricts customer's ability to switch from one private utitilies company to another provider. Proposition 78 & 79:No. I haven't had time to read about or research these as well as the others. Most likely I'll vote no as it sounds like they're having a state department regulate prices between pharmaceutical companies and customers.
  12. Perhaps they're referrering to Ragnar. He was a pirate but would probably be called terrorist now. It's just a guess. I am just thrilled to see this get made! Wooohooo!!!!!! I never lost hope.
  13. I must be an oddball to my gender then because I am a VERY visual person! When I fantasize I visualize the person, the situation, the setting, everything! It helps that I have a great imagination. I'm going to stop here because this thread gives me the giggles!!
  14. I was surprised to see Keynes there! Not that I like him, but its good to see so many other people dislike him as well. My econ professor was always going on about how all his theories were adopted by our government and how he is the reason the govt. is in the state it is financially. Also if the Nazis loved Nietzche so much how come they had the Catholic Church on their side?
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