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    30 years old, at a bonfire party having a debate, girl says...so then you've read atlas shrugged? i say "no, never heard of it". the next day i started listening to the audio book and here i am 4 days later wondering where the hell i've been for the last decade, more importantly, why it hasn't been right here. other than that grandiose self-discovery intro i'm just a regular guy who's always supported the republican party but often questioned both sides of that arrangement. both my involvement/servitude, and the GOP's definition of conservative. because of that i'm one of the few agnostic, pot smoking, conservative republicans in the tri-state area. some think my views are contradictory, i strongly disagree, and now i know why. onto the lame stuff...i'm into pyrotechnics, fishing, music older than me, RTS games, writing, buckeye/browns football (die hard sadist i know), and women who aren't psyco....hence the single tag above. i hope to learn more about rand and those, like myself, who instantly fell hopelessly in love with atlas, and i hope to read more of her work in the very near future. i hope i don't wind up making an ass out of myself with my randian noobishness, so be gentle, it's my first time.
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  1. read before you post McCain = no knife Obama = a shit ton of anchors see above, and see the constitution while you are off seeing things.. i f*cking hate McCain, but who's the better option? bob barr? like he stands a fricken chance. show me a third party who can can stand for something rational and stand a chance of winning the election. alrighty then, i'm voting McCain. as i've alreay said...i don't think McCain has the knife, but he's not loaded down with anchors. i'd rather vote for the RINO than the socialist nut job. blah blah blah therefore blah blah blah. blow it out your ass. there is a significant difference between McStain and Maobama. i'm voting for the least socialist one of the two. thanks for the flames there jacktard but you don't know facts. i'm the furthest from a "religious nut job" you'll ever meet and besides your mom, i don't troll for shit. i could care less about palin (other than she's hot and i'd put it in her), McCain, gingrich (lolwut?), savage, o'rieilly, ect... but back the hell off regan. he may have been backwards on pot but he had better ideals than any politician than i've seen in my lifetime. look at your post, look at your flames...what the hell is your problem. if i'm this supposed troll you speak of then why the F*CK are you feeding me? stop being such a drama whore and crawl back in your hole, nobody cares what you think. now on to more worthwhile posts. it's not a partisan line, it's just a line i'm tired of being pushed over. what choice do we have? what real choice do we have? should i hang my hat on some obscure third party candidate? no thanks, rather not shit on my ballot in spite of it all. i can live with the RINO's politics, because it'll be a republican in the office and libs running everything else. nothing will be acomplished, and thats a good thing for all of us. less laws passed = less infringements on our freedoms and liberty. maobama gets the office and it's unchecked power and control. no thanks, bye bye. oh yeah i smoke a little pot on the weekends...i must not know anything right. all hail you the moral superior who drinks his coffee, inhales his tobacco and takes his pills. hypocrite a little sativa goes a long way my sheltered brother. why wander around with so much bias and ignorance? "and having never smoked marijuana i can honestly say it has nothing good to offer society" nice, i truly value your opinion. tell us more. an angel from the wings. the lesser of two evils is still better than the purest evil before me. must mean i believe the earth is 4000 years old and noahs ark was big enough to hold hundreds of thousands of species...right wing nut job and all. this thread is epic. i've been flamed by an admin, got drama whores calling me a religious nut job even though i find it all laughable, and then in swoops the voice of reason. quite the development. much less than half of you even understand the premise here. yet you all continue to ramble. i'm a lib, i'm a religious nut job, i'm a lazy individualist pothead. congratulations, you all fail. with glorious exceptions.
  2. cool, so you still don't get it. i'm not planning on doing nothing, i'm planning on pretending to do nothing. catch up please. banking money for the next four years off the books, then going "legal" afterwards is not using one's ass when you consider that i won't just be relying on the government cheese and peanut butter for sustinance. i'll be working, they just won't know about it. McCain wins, i go to work and pay taxes like a good little boy. Maobama wins i make money off the books, not paying taxes, and drain as much money from the system as i can. either way i'm working, it''s just a difference of appearances and contributions.
  3. well i seem to have struck a nerve, and with an admin no less, i'm humbled. no need to be insulting about it. i've been sucessfuill all my life. i've lived on my own since 17, never had problems. this is the first time i've ever been on any sort of assistance, and it's a dirty, slimy feeling. i think you misunderstand the premise here. i can, i want, and i will. but i won't if obama wins, i just refuse to support such a vile excuse for a human being as president. what makes you think this is how i've always been? this is a reaction, not a lifestyle or a path in life i want to walk down. i'm deciding to do so on a moral stance here. i can adjust my lifestyle to earn and prosper off the books. it's not necessary to be involved in the system to run a business. it can be done, who's to say i can't do it? my point is i'm withdrawing from the tax system. i will not allow that douchebag to steal from me. i could have lived with McCain, but not him, anyone but him and his ilk. hell bob barr, ralph nader, cynthia...uhhh...never mind she's a kook too. point is why should i participate in the system the "right" way when the man running things is going to be doing his best to keep me down? how is this not exactly what was done in atlas shrugged with the exception of existing in the system, in spite of the system? i'm standing up for whats right, yet here you are, telling me that i should just swallow my pride and participate in the bullshit you pretend to preach against. so which is it? cake, or eat it too? ohh lookie...someone who gets it. i do want a business, it's something i've always dreamed of and aspired to. i've come so far, and worked so hard to get to this point (right on the edge of taking the leap to start something) only to have the timeing work out to the worst possible scenario imaginable for me. starting a business is a huge risk, it's not easy, i've been in on the ground floor of many startups and worked hard to help them be sucessfull. i'm ready to do this for myself instead of someone else. now here i am with an idea, some capital, some customer base, some research, and some knowledge/experience and i find myself up against this massive pile of shit thats still wet. i'd rather wait till the rain washes it away than start digging into it with my bare hands. instead i'll just find other means to be sucessfull and earn money but it'll be tax free. in the mean time i'll be getting all the government assistance i can. screw em, they aren't screwing me.
  4. the company i worked for brought in 250k a month on slow months. this was a small mom and pop contractor with a staff of around 30 people. making 250 a year is nothing, especially with the type of business we are going to start. i'm not delusional enough to think that the day i start my website i'll be a millionaire. but the road gets much longer, rockier, and steeper with obama in office. i've waited 30 years to start a business, i can wait 4 more till things are open to prosperity. i can keep myself busy. might just go back to school on the taxpayer dime to deepen the wound, to draw more blood. why not, everyone else is doing it...if obama wins i won't have to worry about putting money in my gas tank, or paying my mortgage (according to that rather enlightened woman in the link above).
  5. http://fantasticcontraption.com/ much like othello, a minute to learn, a life time to master. this game is crack for people who enjoy tinkering with gadgets and machines. only 5 types of objects to play with, but the possibilities are endless. the first 20 levels are free for everyone.
  6. there is another side to this coin. aside from the apocalyptic discussion at hand, the Tunguska incident could have been caused by this. Tesla was hard at work try to prove his machine could do what he claimed. this could have been Tesla tinkering at Wardenclyffe. this could have been the inspiration to his "death ray" that he was looking to make for the military to shoot down planes and missiles. i'm just sayin... if anyone was able to do this, it was Tesla.
  7. no it doesn't answer itself, because doing what i plan on doing, as a willing non-participant is like a pacifist being a photographer or medic in the war. i have no choice the way i see it. it's either to A: go get a 9-5 and contribute much more in taxes than i can stand, B: go start a business doomed to fail under the crushing economic bullshit the libs intend to impose on business owners, or C: become a drag on the system i despise. i can either let them destroy me, or i can do my part to destroy them. if i choose C then i'm confronted with yet another set of options. A: get into politics to bring it down from that angle, B: go all nuts and psycho and get extremist about it and do something violent, or C: just walk away from it and not give them anything to take while taking from them. well i'd never make it in politics due to a lot of reasons (past drug use, criminal history, propensity to curse like a drunken sailor), and i'm not a violent person so i could never flip out and get all radical like some of obama's buddies did back in the 60's and 70's. so again...i'm left with C what have i done from 2004-2008 to "stop" obama? not a damn thing. i worked my ass off every day 40-50 hours a week, i have put together a venue to start a business or two, i paid off my car, i paid off my credit cards, and i went on as usual hoping my fellow citizens wold never be stupid enough to vote for an admitted socialist. yet here we are. what i plan on doing from 08-12 if the worst happens? well i'd imagine i'd do everything i could to encourage my fellow like-minded americans to follow suit and to go on strike with me. might even make a website or print up some "on strike till 2012 stickers"... not sure. but i damn sure don't want to bust my ass to have my hard work and dedication leached off of for the next 4 years. i'd love to start a business, but whats the point when i'm going to be punished for my success? the more i prosper and grow, the harder they begin to punch me in the face. thats a crock. i'm in no way advocating violence. i would never do what those radical nut jobs did. some taxes are necessary....police, fire, sanitation, other infrastructure...but to take from the ability of me to provide to the need of others is wrong. so they can't take from me anymore, screw em. maybe if a lot of people took up this cause it would show the country that the democrat ways are wrong for america. and this could inspire a true conservative to rise up and take it all back. they've already begun to attack those who speak out against them. the media has attacked joe the plumber, they attack sarah palin, they've even gone as far as to publish the names and addresses of people who vote against gay marriage in california. today they've announced that they kicked 3 news agencies off the tour because they take pro-republican stances on certain issues. talk radio is finished...the necromancers are resurrecting the fairness doctrine as we speak. whats left for those with a free mind? we can't listen to people who disagree with obama, the news is basically an obama campaign front, and people who do speak out against them get harassed and threatened. so...back to my plan. sit back, hurt the system anyway i can, and have discussions like this for the next 4 years till people get the point. nothing will drive this point home more than when their precious little social programs are so underfunded...the only choice is to ruin the business that keep this country running. either that or some sort of Wiemar republic/Zimbabwe type economy where poor people are millionaires and loafs of bread cost what a nice dinner costs now. nope. i could start the business tommorrow. but my business partner feels the same way. he's not risking any money during an obama economy. the fact is we hoped to make more than 250k per year. hell we'd like to do that per month. but why do it? why create yet another avenue for stealing peoples money? i'll just go right ahead and wait it out...not the whole time...it'll take probably a year before we start making big money, so i might wait till like early 2012 to start the business...by the time we get going obama will be gone. no way people will make this mistake twice. his plan is suicide. so i hope to be ready to go just after the 2012 election. if McCain wins i'll just co ahead and have it started within a few months. if not...there's no freaking way i'd set myself up for that kind of pain and suffering at the hands of a socialist with ties to domestic terrorists, racist seperatist religious leaders, criminals, and communists. nah. i'm looking to get out of the work i did all together. i'm bored with it, looking for something new. i'm looking for that passion. if it takes me 4 years to find it then all the better for me, and that much worse for the moochers, looters and leachers. in my off time i'll most likely do construction work under assumed names under the table, or work for friends in their business the same way. can't tax that. i'd probaly work a few deals out on my own with a off the books retail type business selling goods to people i know. i'll accomplish plenty. i'll be tax free and making money. all the while refusing to contribute to the corrupt system that will be further corrupted by the messiah. nono...i don't advocate flipping burgers. i mean quit it all. i'll continue with my life as is as far as i'm concerned, as far as obama is concerned, i'll be a happy little sheep getting turned down for job after job presenting myself as a huge worthless idiot not worthy of employment. extend my unemployment to it's fullest, get on welfare, maybe grab a little chunk of this nice little bailout floating around. hell maybe i should hurry up and buy a house i can't afford then cry foul when the bills start coming in. in other words...behave like an obama supporter. like a fledgling bird awaiting momma to fly into the nest and puke some chewed up worms down my gullet for sustenance. mmmmm, worms. they don't need to know i'm hiding a nice rib-eye under my wing. screw em. well hell why not? i can only stand so much, obama is too much. i mean we are talking about breaking the law here. if i'm going to take that risk, then i can only justify doing so if things get much worse as they will no doubt be if obama gets elected. if McCain wins, i'll gladly become the contributing member of society i was proud to be before i got laid off in july. if not, then whats the point? self immolation? no thanks...i'll just sit this one out. i'll catch the next elevator. i'll just pretend to be retired, go fishing a lot, take up some hobbies, develop my business off the books... i'd keep myself busy. but i'd keep myself from donating to the system i wish to fail. look, i'm not the only one feeling this way. states are talking about succeeding, gun sales are up %30, the stock market is TANKING in fear of an obama presidency...i'm just following suit. bye, see-ya, no monies for you. i still don't see a reason not to do this. i mean i could just drop off the face of the earth and go live in the mountians somewhere, i could pull it off, i'm an eagle scout. but i'd much prefer the comforts of home, and the ability to hit up taco bell at 2 am when i get the munchies. so back to plan C. on strike till 2012.
  8. i will agree that McCain is in no way "the answer" to the problem at hand. but i've simply had enough. the way i see it is this. we are on this boat, we already have these anchors cast overboard holding us down. we need a guy with a knife to come buy and cut some ropes. McCain doesn't have the knife, but Obama has a shit-ton of anchors. i'm 30, i've been carefully considering this situation for a long time. each election cycle we see more and more intervention. either a little bit more or a whole lot more...these are our choices. this time we have the choice before us where one of the two options is the most socialistic bastard the political factory has ever rolled out. he's leading the "polls". i've got a business ready to go in case McCain wins, but if Obama wins i'm done. i refuse to just say "here take everything i have, whip me, beat me, break me, rape me." not going to happen. if McCain somehow pulls this off i'll do the best i can to make something for myself, if not i have no kids or wife to worry about, i can live on next to nothing. and i can do so happily for the next 4 years. it'll be a little vacation for me, and i'd gladly roll out the business the day Obama leaves office. i figure this is a much better option than running away to Canada like everyone else is claiming. i will agree that i am angry, and i will agree that often decisions made out of rage and anger are rarely wise ones. but i'll make a "bad decision" and take the next 4 years thinking of all the "good" decisions i'll be making once our dear leader steps down. it'll be like a very long minimalistic vacation i don't think smoking meth and being the guy on strike in this situation are comparable. for one, meth is a mind altering addictive substance... ... wait, ok you may have a point. but as for "my life" and "my needs" i have all i need. i can survive on ramen and family packs of frozen burger patties, i've done it before when i first ventured out on my own, i can do it again. i've also heard that government cheese makes a mean grilled cheese sammich so i've got that going for me. which is nice. there are other parts to the plan which i should have mentioned. the plan doesn't involve sitting at home being a lazy, mentally stifled, servile, individual. it involves me presenting this as a front, and working under the table. basically welfare fraud... working under the table for friends or business sympathetic to my cause. starting a "off the books" type venture or two. also getting everything setup and ready to go for the day i decide to start my small business and achieve my dream to sign the front of multiple paycheck instead of the back of one per week. i'll still be maintaining my life to a livable level i'll be just fine. but i'll be able to maintain the moniker of "not contributing to those bastards" without sacrificing to much of my personal respect. not self-destructing and living on my own sake is my plan, therefore i am encouraged to not abandon it. i don't imagine that day one for *shudder* president Obama will be the instillation of communism. but enough is enough. this is my breaking point, this is my last straw. if he gets in office, i'll be getting out of servitude to the moochers. i won't allow someone like the woman in the link i posted to profit from my hard work and dedication any longer. not because of the color of her skin, but because of the words coming from her mouth. that clarification may not have been necessary here, but i feel it's important to concentrate on the audio, not the video. if this person were bright green it would sound just as shameful and hopeless. please, continue to discuss this. i'm on a moral fence here. i kinda want someone to push me onto the side of reason but you didn't push nearly hard enough (not asking for flaming, just a stronger point). thank you for your reply, but i do still think i'm in the right here from where i stand. this is my atlantis, the only way i know how.
  9. this is my first post here (not counting a brief hello in the local forum), and i'd like to start things off by letting you all think i'm quite mad. i'm currently unemployed. laid off back in july when the place i worked for went under. since then i've been trying to start a business, had one within my grasp but things fell through at the last moment, so i was going to start from scratch. then i saw the polls, and i made a rather rash decision i'm prepared to stand behind. if obama wins, i will refuse to contribute to this mess. i will become an order taker, a cog in the machine. a rusty cog that slows the mechanism. one that that causes the motor to work harder, one that causes the machine to labor beyond it's original intention. i will remain unemployed as long as possible. i will apply for and attempt to recieve as much state and local funding as i can. i will become one of the lazy servitude masses. i will refuse to devote my mind, spirit, and energy to those who will do nothing but steal from my efforts. i will deny them the right to loot and plunder my ability and i will become one of the need. i will become this woman: i've just finished atlas shrugged. if you read my profile you'll see what's brought me here. the book speaks of atlantis and all the great producing minds retreat and withdraw from the world to watch it crumble. i'd be nice, but it's not practical for someone in 2008. i'm not about to go all communal on life and run away to idaho and join a cult or something, but i do wish to contribute nothing to what i see coming. so i say this: if obama wins, if obama becomes presidenet and has controll of all branches of government... i am on strike. now...here's my question. does this make me a member of atlantis...or does this make me one of john gaults former co-workers at the factory doing as little as possible and expecting to take from ability? on a base level this makes me feel as a moocher. but what if i'm not alone? what if all the dedicated working people out there, in my situation (currently laid off) decide to just not go back to work. decide to not support a corrupt system. decide not to allow maobama and the obomunists to rely on people of ability and drive to support those who do not wish to contribute. does this make me one of those people? or am i one of those proud atlantians who bask in the glow of the golden dollar sign in that magical valley? prop me up or tear me down, i await your replies.
  10. ST1DinOH


    toledo checking in... been wedged in this lidhole my entire life. the city with so many liberal democrat socialists we've now split them into two teams. rather than have republicans vs democrats it's Ateam dems vs B team dems. not kidding. i am in hell.
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