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  1. World of Warcraft Server: Lightning Hoof (Horde) Character: Jizzica
  2. Sir Andrew


    I don't know how the exact procedures work, so I couldn't tell you. Then again, assuming it is delivered, who will care for it? I need to do some more thinking about this.
  3. I think in monologues all the time. It helps me order my thoughts and figure things out.
  4. Sir Andrew


    Assuming that there aren't any extenuating circumstances (where vaginal delivery or Caesarean section aren't possible), I say no. If the fetus is viable and exists as an autonomous unit that is currently existing inside the mother, then it is a person and has rights.
  5. HAHAHAHA! That's one of the funniest parodies I've ever seen.
  6. Atlas Shrugged without Angelina Jolie? Well there went the blockbuster.
  7. I recognize that at some point an individual has to choose to take drugs, but if their value system is impaired to the point of altering their means of perceiving reality, then it's no longer an individual choice.
  8. It's not entirely altruistic. The President has made it clear that for her to cave-in to the terrorists' demands would only encourage further attacks and end up with further loss of American lives in the future. As far as the policy to help Sengala, ending the genocide in Sengala would improve American security, because the dictator would not be able to fund terrorism using his country's resources (the diamond mines) Unfortunately, she doesn't know what we know about Jack, so she thinks that the FBI has nothing to go on to get the CIP device.
  9. But the addicted individual doesn't exist in a vacuum. There is a drug dealer who has knowingly made the person addicted and is profiting from it.
  10. Anyone else been catching Season 7? I've only seen Seasons 1-4, (4 is my favorite so far), and I must say that I think Season 7 is going to be one of the best. I love President Taylor, btw.
  11. I've been thinking about doing it to get a little background on Diablo III, will the demo work?
  12. Hey there! Good to have you on the forum! As an icebreaker, what's your favorite animal sound?
  13. While we're on the topic of money supply, I thought I would have a question understanding. If we existed in a laissez-faire capitalist system with the government divorced from economics, how exactly is money produced? I assume it would have something to do with banks ordering it from a minting company, but I'm not sure how exactly the process would work.
  14. I would buy one of those shirts. If he does not decide to make it, would you mind if I whipped one up?
  15. If an individual makes the choice to join in a war effort, how does that challenge individuality? The cause may not outlive him. America successfully defeated Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperialist Japan all in the timespan of 5 years.
  16. Is that why they signed a treaty specifically stipulating the end to rocket fire, and then broke it?
  17. Seeing a highway full of cars as far as the eye can see with buildings on both sides. I get a sense of awe and the feeling that nothing is impossible.
  18. Amanda Tapping of Stargate fame. I love her eyes and her hair.
  19. Ben Barnes. His face is well-proportioned. I like his eyes.
  20. That's assuming they're in a state of mind that views their addiction as a problem.
  21. Isn't that what a business is supposed to do? A business has no "responsibility" to pay American works an artificially inflated wage.
  22. And what happens when someone becomes addicted to that drug and are incapable of rationally rejecting it?
  23. That's not a very precise concept. The questions should be "Is it possible to defend ourselves without collateral damage?" and "Have we used proper restraint and done everything prudent to minimize collateral damage?". Furthermore, that argument already asks and answers the question "Are all civilians innocent?", which isn't necessarily true in a situation where militants are embedded in the civilian population. True, you can still feel the loss but the loss was justified. That is not an issue of collateral damage, that is flat-out murder. The drunk driver has already gone, and even then, if you were in a car accident, the threat of the drunk driver has passed.
  24. This one is probably my favourite:
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