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  1. Exactly. I still don't understand why so many people on this forum are suddenly Bush supporters. Don't you know the Objectivists are too few in number to hold sway against his true constituency?
  2. Capleton slurred- If a person were to come to different conclusions than Ayn Rand it would probably mean they started out with different premises. Do you have any examples of people who come to different conclusions, or is this another case of random (and senseless) claims that Objectivists are dogmatists?
  3. Areactor wrote: It opened my mind up to how much I want to vote against John Kerry. Every time he opens his mouth, I become more strongly opposed to him. Is anybody on this forum not planning on voting for Bush? If so, why not? I've heard that Leonard Peikoff and Michael Hurd have been very critical of Pres. Bush. and may be leaning toward either not voting or voting for Kerry. Does anybody know what their reasons are?
  4. Danielshrugged: I agree. I would like to see what examples he pulls out of his hat. I think I might know who Mr. "Pericles MBA" is talking about, and I disagree. I know he is of the school that says if you moderate a forum then it is unfair to the trolls that choose to spit there. Doubtless he views the zoo at h.p.o. as the ideal forum. Pericles(MBA): Examples of dogmatists posting here please?
  5. BobbyT

    What Is Evil?

    If evasion isn't the root of all evil, is it the most commonly practiced evil? For example: if it were not for evasion would a man like John Kerry be able to run for President? His supporters are certainly evaders.
  6. Interesting post. I've been reading a lot of your posts on here, and am wondering if I might pose a question based on something you said during our last exchange. You had told me that you thought Objectivists worried too much about the spread of the philosophy. You said you did not plan to participate much in Objectivist forums. Yet here you are. Why? I also notice that you have been spending time on #Aynrand. Despite the fact that you labeled Bearster an "anti-Objectivist" and said you had turned him in to 'the Objectivist authorities' years ago. So do you still think Bearster is an anti-Objectivist? Your presentation style has not differred much since we last met. I notice you claim a degree you do not hold, and write as if you were a seasoned Objectivist. In truth you have not even attended a single Objectivist conference. Do you intend to continue on with claiming to be an Objectivist and yet also claiming no interest in the philosophy? Do you still think activism in politics is more important that philosophy? I would be interested to see your reply.
  7. Don Watkins wrote- I'm not at liberty to say right now. I'm pretty sure it does not involve anybody you know.
  8. Bold Standard wrote: I have been lurking on this forum for about six months now, and I have not seen much duplication of trollage, except maybe the argument by trolls that we are violating their free speech. I think our hosts do a good job at keeping off trolls. I would also be careful about differentiating from the newbies, and the trolls. I don't think an honest newbie would have any interest in reading about fallacies. If they are new to the philosophy and cannot understand it, there is no common area of confusion. That is exactly why an entry quiz would fail as and attempt to weed-out undesireables. I am much more concerned about Objectivists and their personal feuds, and the damage that might cause to the spread of ideas. I usually post on the Capmag forum and have seen a lot of personal conflicts between the moderators and other Objectivists. I've also been around Objectivism long enough to know that some people develop a weird thing about their position in the Objectivist movement. . I guess you could say that the power goes to their heads. I speak from personal experience because I have a friend that helped me better understand the philosophy, before he started to get weird about it. I'm still hoping he will snap out of it and go back to being a good person to know again. Anyway, I may start posting here more, if I find this forum more to my liking.
  9. So are you a Republican or an Objectivist now?
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