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  1. If not by "surprise", what then? An attack contrived with Israeli help? (Gives them justification for entering Gaza...etc.etc.) Denialism of the horrors will arise predictably - the blame will shift onto the victims. An eyewitness account to put the record straight https://rumble.com/v3za1om-warning-graphic-description-of-the-massacre-by-the-gazan-arab-muslims.html
  2. The common talk is of what cause justifies what response. And then descending into "proportionality", and moral equivalence - and legitimacy - of the two parties, where there is none. I think it's true that part cause of Israel's reactions is retributive by nature, but its enemies mistakenly and deliberately see only this quid pro quo. Anything more has to be deliberate "genocide". The greater cause is to ensure that this (and the earlier hostile outbreaks) will not be repeated - permanently. To also send a signal to Hezbollah forces waiting in the wings, testing for irresolute weakness from Israel and its allies, to invade. The tunnels are offensive/defensive. As the IDF is discovering (and always knew). Apart from command posts, caches of arms, training and building rockets etc., for these many years, terrorists can emerge from one of them within the civilian population, assault, ambush and hide. Taking them out in advance of troops requires huge ground demolition. All to the good for visual propaganda. (and still no official word about Hamas casualties - as one would expect, they have to be extensive, at least half of the given numbers: so far, the Gazan "ministry of health" lists all deaths within "civilian casualties" - and mostly women and children - in order to signify Israel's genocidal intent. Believe the figures of an organization under terrorist control, you will believe anything)
  3. https://sonar21.com/the-west-pushed-ukraine-to-war-and-now-it-is-paying-the-butchers-bill/ How, in fact, with the cover-up emerging, the Western bloc's total evasion of reality - those all too-predictable consequences we can see - directly caused massive self-sacrifices and the sacrifice of a country. They could have made and received Russian concessions from early. But their priorities and ambitions lay further afield.
  4. https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/the-truth-about-the-hostages-and-the-israel-hamas-ceasefire-colonel-richard-kemp-atlnow-5539835?utm_source=NS_ATLNewsletter&src_src=NS_ATLNewsletter&utm_campaign=2023-12-01&src_cmp=2023-12-01&utm_medium=email&est=fQLt0pnGRFRXAGYFrmNp3XzkzKanyTCSq9sQSwOGCFTYxGaXyUTobiRU4VmrS78DNNoPDQ%3D%3D?utm_source=ref_share&utm_campaign=copy
  5. Good basics on 'Rules of War' from Onkar Ghate.
  6. Their not-so-secret weapon against Israel. The "human shields" element - one that's vehemently denied by Islamic militants and scorned by their virulent supporters, despite all evidence- has lost its impact in the usage. The pattern repeats from several previous go-rounds against Hamas provocations that intentionally invited Israel's retaliation. The "shield" has two parts. 1. Self-protection: placing terrorist positions (etc.) alongside or under civilian infrastructure (knowing that the IDF has been always reluctant to injure/kill innocents, even when that means suffering casualties to their own soldiers' operations - which in itself is a tacit admission by these nihilists of the higher Jewish respect for any lives). More importantly, 2. PR propaganda: Collaterally killed and rescued children (some of it pure theater, posed for the news cameras) make for compelling pictures and headlines (as in previous wars, numbers falsified), the inversion to the perceived moral high ground for a provably barbaric terror gang and an outpouring of sympathy, which translates to world support, the mass vilification of Jews anywhere, and pressure on Israel to cease/suspend hostilities while Hamas (in a desperate state at this moment) can take the opportunity to regroup, set up fresh assaults and ambushes, or escape. "Babies" cold-bloodedly used as human "sacrifices" is more to the point.
  7. https://jewishworldreview.com/jeff/jacoby112023.php
  8. Thank you, but way off. My first consideration was for Ukrainians and what I anticipated could only be great bloodshed, however the war turned out. I could never have predicted its present scale. If only those "defenders of Ukraine" had had their best interests at heart. It apparently has not occurred to many. Ukraine was set up to be the convenient "punch bag" on which Russia would eventually ~have to~ expend itself, so "Weakening Russia" was always the motive. The largest propaganda coup in history, convincing everyone that an insane Putin could not be reasoned and negotiated with and his invasion was unpreventable, even 'fated', with Russia's aims on wider invasions and occupations. Russia and Putin were/are not a terror gang, to which there is only one response and zero diaogue.
  9. https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0yMzQyMjY1NDI0MzA3MDI5Nzc3JmM9bjZzNyZlPTIxNDYmYj0xMjM0OTI1Njg1JmQ9ZzNwMGQxYQ==.voazWm3K59_hy0m7qMtBhK-U980UNQxgKovJ88puAws Those fabricated and deceiving figures
  10. That poison was the product of people being treated with a few 1000 years of racial-religious contempt, repression and murderous cleansing. Jews obviously felt "set apart", for all that they had been (in recent centuries), the most assimilated and loyal French, German, Polish, British, etc., subjects. Right, "based on blood", born into by (maternal) ancestry and not simple for outsiders to convert into. That most (Leftist) Jews politically and socially, are or purport to be non/anti-racist is a contradiction in convictions. Earlier Christians of course condemned the Jewish faith's perceived 'selfish arrogance'. Like the Fundamentalist Muslims now, as we know, they were aggressively proselytic, explaining why race was unimportant to them: They want ~everyone~ converted eventually, by preference or force Anyway, if one is to observe individual rights, a person's "freedom of action" and choices is not one's concern and business. One can and will blast religion, as religion, and equally respect a person's right to practice one. Rationally, the Zionists wanted their invaluable freedom to act within their self-determining nation, it seems to me: For the religious Jews - and atheist/agnostic Jews - and any other types. Who were ALL without distinction - as now - treated with bigotry or in danger for their lives In Europe -- merely "by virtue of blood". First, they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew and did not speak up, then they came for the Christians, but I was not.., then they came for the collectivist non-believers, but ..., then they came for the individualist non-believers ... and there was no one left to speak out.
  11. A potted version of Zionist-Israel history; nation-building, yes. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjAx4H8kLKCAxXsU0EAHXdyABMQFnoECAsQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vox.com%2F2018%2F11%2F20%2F18080016%2Fisrael-zionism-war-1948&usg=AOvVaw0UKMFc6edw8W7xKNQ6XFsn&opi=89978449
  12. Trouble is, in broad strokes, the Israelis have been made victims of their own (initial) tolerance and benevolence. First, they needed to win every war to survive. The defensive wars they were forced into meant they were unprepared and unwilling to be conquerors of land - and - the people who came with it. "Total victory", could entail evicting all inhabitants back into the Arab host countries - who'd initiated the war - but that they would not do; or settling Israelis on it and try to *share* the land (specifically, Judea and Samaria). They offered the "land for peace" deal which succeeded with Egypt's Nasser: he accepted the bargain to regain the Sinai - but refused to take back Gaza, administered by Egypt before '67. By "Total Victory in self-defence", Israel again might have legitimately emptied the Gazan population into Egypt, and did not - humanely one may say. Israel introduced some thousands of settlers and businesses and kept open borders for a period, until Hamas was elected, and the Gvt ordered their pullout. Not one "settler" was left. 2006 marked an "inflection point" after which Gazans could have moved to complete autonomy and coexistence. Hamas and continuous wars were their answer. The weak point has been the religious West Bank settlers on their "holy land", who receive condemnation for trying to expand their land-share with Palestinians - but have an undeniable argument: if Israel makes a deal to pull them out for a (pretended and temporary) Two State solution, the West Bank will vote out the PA and become, rinse - repeat, another Hamas-run (or any terrorist) entity sponsored by Islamist nations. Palestinian refugees have been directly the victims of their own people and own hatred for Jews.
  13. I could show loads of facts about how monolithic the belief of Palestinians/Arabs has been. There is an 'inborn'* racial superiority over Jews, with the Muslim texts commanding they be killed, mixed in with rage that these inferior Jewish infidels have always defeated them. Their leaders, Arafat on, have been a reflection of fanatical populist beliefs. The majority support for Hamas, on the West Bank too, demonstrates this. Although Fatah is more pragmatic; the leaders realize they depend on Israel's patronage. The right and left in Israel are not so far apart - neither moves from the basic principle, the nation's survival. Their methods and policies will vary. Among those who vote for each, I think one can find vast numbers of individual nuances. So the comparisons are chalk and cheese. What is this about "the settlers"? Overmany views of Zionist-hating Youtube channels? The Israelis are no more "settlers" than say, the Americans are today. It is only that Israel, some postmodern intellectuals might say, is a recent "settler/colonized" addition - that they catch all the guilt fallout for older ones and for all the European nations that had colonies. Israel's "right to exist" is the only one apparently questionable, ongoing perhaps 100 years from now. *Taught and inculcated into most young Palestinian minds, I mean.
  14. For the end of those pro-Israel US lobby groups, I couldn't agree more. (Not for "the end of Israel"). I've always said there should be "some daylight" between Israel and the USA - exactly because I value and have affection for both, I believe their tight relationship isn't healthy for the independence of each, yet fine to maintain a lasting friendship and dialogue.
  15. Again, the tacit expectation now applying Objectivist standards (- "collectivist" or individualist) that the Jew has to somehow and consistently be 'better' than other people and countries. "Unreal and impossible expectations" ? Although that is a sort of backhand compliment to their levels of success, they are human beings not saints. As compared to lower standards (i.e. "They can't help themselves") expected of the Islamist enemies of Jews - (which tacitly indicates an inherent lack of free will in attitudes towards Islamists especially by their Leftist fans at large). Certainly: An assessment of acts should not be prejudged by "expectations", all parties must be held to an objective standard. (the Leftist ideology never departs from the deterministic, binary "victim-victimizer" mold, which Leftists seem to relish. And that's how leftists are the loudest supporters of Hamas/Palestinians, for all that they are proven to be brutally violent. I guess the perennial "victim", the Palestinian, is uplifted by them in order that he remains "the victim" permanently. I imagine their disgust if Palestinians were to volitionally and rationally opt for the good life and made peace with Israel. Back to the Zionists. They did what they deemed essential in order to survive as individuals and a people of an increasingly repressed race-religion in Europe. I'd say it was rational and moral to move out. Later and present events proved them right. Evidently, the general vilification of Jews - by "tribe" - doesn't ever cease, only its justification varies. "Collectivist" cooperation was dictated by the Jews' necessity for survival. Once in a secure nation, they who chose could be "individualist".
  16. It's directed at that and many such opinions I see here, that I wrote "The harsh bigotry of impossible, unrealistic expectations" (leveled at Israel). Israel IS imperfect, by unreal (- and mystical -) expectations. The issues and problems that other, free-ish nations have been struggling with, it appears by its detractors, that Israel ought to have easily overcome. Despite huge obstacles and many enemies around a small land, a spot which is the microcosm of the world's hopes and fears. By its enemies one can judge it. You need only look at and contrast the civilized standards, liberty and achievements of that country with the range of suppressions - theocratic, monarchist, etc., - in all the countries in that region and Israel stands apart. For the fundamentalist terrorists like Hamas against that nation, they are not on the same page, morally, humanely or democratically. BUT, Hamas with evasions and moral equivocation, are given equal, even superior status, by outsiders who despise Jews/israelis. Access granted to any and all incomers to flood into Israel would eventually, or rapidly - by genocide - end their national identity -- or greatly reduce Jews' numbers. (The internal population of Muslims certainly are not leaving Israel, the immigration applications from Palestinians to domicile there is continuous). By playing on demographics and "the right to return", do the PA and Hamas keep the issue incendiary: "No negotiation, no recognition", from Abbas - when given the most equitable terms for a separate state . I repeat, Palestinians want it all, and are prepared to be patient, awaiting Israel's downfall, by force and any means. Abroad, with pro-Palestine fervor, the sentiment I noticed decades ago has been exploding: Israel is the root cause of Islamist hatred of the West and its terror assaults there. There are over a billion Muslims and only 20 million Jews in the world. Simple equation. Get rid of that little nation which causes our troubles, allow its sacrifice, and we will placate the Islamic world and end our fears...
  17. A diatribe. "Oddities", mystical pamphlets and anecdotal 'evidence' from a few maniacs of the same type found on the edges in any religion, who most Jews (I am sure) would state do not represent "the Jewish religion".
  18. "Religious wars" - not quite. Religion wasn't the primary element of early Israel, a safe sanctuary and self-determination was. It's a common mistake to reify the Jews into a single category. They are about as disparate as all individuals in all groups outside of Judaism. Judaism is "ethno-religious". Part ethnicity, part faith. One may choose to drop the convictions entirely and still identify "Jewish" in one's own eyes, or not, especially in others'. When Jews came under social/legal/religious repression in the European early 20 C, some, who happened to be Socialists and irreligious, began to realize they all, collectively, needed a secure homeland; so some early settlements in part of that large Ottoman territory - known later as Palestine- bought from the Turkish owners - were encouraged, financed and farmed. The Zionists' prescience of the increasing dangers to all Jews was completely vindicated in hindsight. A flood of Jewish refugees from post-War Europe and many Arab lands where they, the original Spanish Jews, had been barely tolerated under "dhimmi" status for 500 years found a place they could make their own. Internationally - *legally* - granted/partitioned for Jews - before anyone forgets. The attacking Arab countries in '48, onwards ~were~ motivated by religious fanaticism, and the "Zionists" or Israelis, now an ethno-religious-nationalist entity, responded in their common defence. So not then -or presently - are they considered by Israelis as "religious" wars. This now is a proper nation, equal citizens of several 'groups' (including 2 million Muslim-Israelis) and individuals threatened by a terrorist group posing as 'a government' with the goal of eliminating them all. Terrorists make no such fine distinctions. Leftist and secular Jews who usually sympathized with Palestinians are finding out to their horror that they are as loathed by their fellow Leftists, and Islamists, for " being Jewish" as the religious ones, and as likely to be picked upon and isolated in western nations or be murdered and abducted in Israel, as many were.
  19. It is really simple. Hamas has been and is, explicitly, dedicated to wiping out Israel. Never the reverse; with ample opportunity, justification, and overwhelming military power. Until now, with many provocations, several defensive minor wars and skirmishes, and almost daily rocket attacks since Hamas came in in 2006 --Israel did not wish or attempt to reciprocate. They thought with the carrot and stick they could civilize Gaza to be responsible and independent. All Palestinians steadily rejected a 2-state solution. They want the entire land with no Israel. Now, when Israel decides "enough" - the world cries Foul! The weak 'victims' have unlimited license to 'defend' themselves, the strong are allowed very little. That egregious moral double standard the Left in particular has normalized.
  20. Number of Hamas soldiers/terrorists? 30-40,000 Hamas fighters, officially. Reuters says 40k. Many more 'irregulars' can be added, the untrained and youngsters forced to bear weapons, carry out suicide ops, etc. Therefore, the "genocide" alarmists/Israeli-haters can expect (base minimum) 30,000 "civilians" killed, if the war runs its full course. And prove their point. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjK5NupvKeCAxWAT0EAHVbeCacQFnoECBsQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.axios.com%2F2023%2F10%2F21%2Fpalestine-hamas-military-power&usg=AOvVaw1XKLUPkwdQZr4d1nohaiZm&opi=89978449
  21. Slipping into "moral equivalence" needs to be watched out for. Everyone of the global "pro-Palestinians" is doing it. One signifier: Relative "numbers" of casualties, already "disproportionately" in Israel's 'favor' is obviously going to greatly increase before this is done. "They lost x people, we are losing x++ people". Unfair! Genocidal! What everyone evades: this is a war of retaliatory self-defence. "Existential" - for Israel. First, to end the immediate assault. Israel has briefly done that many times with Gaza, then stood down in order to save civilian lives, and bought a short period of non-hostilities.. It did not work--self-evidently. Second and extended stage of their self-defence, to ensure a repeated attack cannot ever recur.
  22. From a recent Times of Israel story. This not meant to confirm my numbers-deception hypothesis. It shows for the first time I've seen anywhere, a little push-back against what the "Hamas-run health ministry" puts out, accepted by all as Gospel Truth - does not distinguish between civilians and terror ...exactly. They are all "civilians". Not one, or one thousand - or e.g. 5000 - of the (purported today) 9000+ deaths 'a fighter against Zionism'. The Hamas terrorists simply disappeared into thin air, the IDF can't find them anywhere in that tiny territory. According to the Hamas-run health ministry, more than 8,700 Palestinians have been killed in the war, and more than 22,000 people have been wounded. The figure, which could not be confirmed, would be without precedent in decades of Israeli-Palestinian violence. Hamas has been accused of artificially inflating the death toll, and it also does not distinguish between civilians and terror operatives. The terror group has pushed back against such claims, releasing an unverified list of names it says represent those killed. Some of the dead are believed to be victims of Palestinian terrorists’ own misfired rockets.
  23. Try to stay with the program; my estimate was not meant to be accurate. A rough device to reveal the Hamas b.s. The claim: 8000 "civilians" killed <-> NIL Hamas terrorists killed, per report. The absurdity should be plain. There's no doubt terrorists have been getting hit regularly for weeks. By conflating "citizens" and terrorists in one statistic, Hamas has enormously a). inflated "civilian" casualties b). covered up ANY of their operatives' losses. The object evidently to depict abroad how brutal the Israelis are, and how ineffective their forces are. That an obvious deception goes unchallenged by reporters and aid agencies who obediently passed the Narrative down the media chain, and considering what this kind of news has been doing to ostracize and incite violence on Jews everywhere, shows their professional dishonesty and moral cowardice. (E.g. on last Sunday the IDF reported "hitting 600 targets". They don't release much but what there is is usually genuine. At a low figure, if just a few terrorists were killed per target that's already over 1000 - for any who believe the "targets" were hospitals, children's creches and old age homes there's no hope for you).
  24. That burning question going unasked by journalists: "How many of those "at least 8000" killed were civilians?" Assuming that figure is factual. Every news channel parrots the same figures without analysis. The inference to the gullible non-thinkers, the IDF is so inept and-or "genocidal" that few/no terrorists were killed. Mainly civilians. They couldn't find Hamas operatives, anywhere... But only Hamas terrorists were its stated objective. I'll venture a certainty, the terrorist casualties have been (at minimum) 6-7000 of that number. The IDF have the Intel, surveillance and observers to be sure of Hamas locations and movements. Their surface to surface and air-ground missiles are top notch and are pinpoint accurate. Past conflict experience showed how the Gazan deaths had been fabricated (by Palestine media and medics too) by an order of magnitude, and were always blindly accepted in the msm. The civilian deaths therefore are likely little more than a thousand, so far. Where that leaves the vicious illogic of "3400 children deaths" is as a "blood libel" against Jews/Zionists calculated to inflame hatred and assaults against millions of Jews in the world as well as isolate Israel. With lies and appeals to emotion, Hamas/Gaza has again won for itself the moral high ground among a disturbingly large number of the world. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiDnYStyaCCAxUPVkEAHQAtC10QvOMEKAB6BAgLEAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2Fnews%2Fisrael-war-hamas-says-gaza-death-toll-8000-idf-ground-troops%2F&usg=AOvVaw3YFPoqX6QEG-4zDaPZrRpB&opi=89978449
  25. The bad news for a peaceful transition to self-rule. Most Palestinians feel Hamas represents them. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/20089/hamas-represent-palestinians
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