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  1. Separation agreement reached with employer of 21.5 years, January 2022.

    (i.e. laid-off.)

    Spun-off division I had worked for, reaches out for assistance March 2023.

    (i.e. part-timer)

  2. [Phaethon] looked left and right. On shelves and in glass cabinets surrounding him were other memories. But the other memory boxes, caskets and chests in the Archive Chamber surrounding him all were clearly labeled, marked, and dated. They bore no cryptic riddles. — The Chamber of Memories

  3. Without a word or signal to anyone, [he] departed, and he walked across the silent lawns and gardens by moonlight, accompanied only by his thoughts.

  4. As seen on Facebook:


    Reality: If you lived here, you'd be home by now.


  5. When people are rapacious or terrified, they develop the weapons they need; when cooler heads prevail, the weapons rust in peace. — Steven Pinker, The Better Angels Of Our Nature.

    Atkins hardly let his weapons rust in peace.

  6. Here Is A Clue

    (What to do when the blues hit you hard)

    Poem by Thomas M. MiovasJr.


  7. My asparagus patch, as of March 15, 2022. The Dixie cups mark the crown locations planted May 15th, 2022. 280390764_5708894379138920_8440856256708

  8. The Never-Ending Narrative.

  9. Healthy Dogma

    Supplies to keep your pets healthy!

  10. "I never thought that any plane would attempt to drop within seven hundred feet of the ground." — John Galt

    Terminal Airspace, Class E reference?

  11. Michigan Lays Out a Detailed List of 'Entitlement'

    Rearden to the man for the State Institute to go into the mill and take as much of the metal as he wanted. 

    When the process is blanketed by tiers of bureaucracy, the result is more insidious.

    Meanwhile, the headline writers for the papers and those holding the microphones and cameras continue to flood their network of radio and television, desensitized to the effects of the slow acting poison being distributed.

  12. On this The Golden Transcendence eve, Charles Koch mentioned his book being available November 17, 2020, “Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World” in a recent WSJ article by Douglass Belkin.

  13. Some upgrade issues resolved as Invision continues to upgrade and improve their software. Thanks @JASKN

  14. Most world maps show north at the top. But it doesn't have to be that way.

    Dr. Jayasuriya . . . "I don't agree the Mercator projection was designed to belittle non-white people."

    When ignorance of how a standard may have been formed exists, the 'predominant narrative' can attach itself to most anything.

  15. A convenient time to remind folks that officer Darren Wilson was innocent using headlines like: No Charges Against Ferguson Office Who Killed Micheal Brown. <sigh>

  16. People dressed in white robes strolled the halls. A few sat on marble benches, and others knelt at squares with a stone and bell, meditating. All wore the same perpetual smile of the divinely deluded, the peaceful countenance of those self-assured in their fantasy of certainty and understanding. Truth was only a shifting fog to them, to be burned off by the light of their convoluted reasoning. Followers, disciples, of Darken Rahl, one and all. Most paid the three no attention, giving them no more than a vacant nod.— The Sword of Truth: Wizard's First Rule, by Terry Goodkind.

  17. In diatonic music, even in the greatest symphonies, the chord must be resolved to the center. Choirs must follow strophe and antistrophe and end the play in catastrophe. — Ao Aoen, The Warlock

  18. AynRandCon-LIVE

    Zoom link - event started at 1:00pm to 4:00pm + 1 hour q & a thereafter.

  19. Daphne said, "Darling, I'm getting edgy. Nothing is beginning to make sense"

    — The Revolt Against Reason

    The Golden Age

  20. "With all due respect , my tradition is older than yours, older than anyone else's. My profession was the first one man ever made, and it'll be the last one to go [in response to being called a Silver-Grey]. It's the one that makes all the others possible. So what do you say?" He held up the card [of the Warmind's instructions] for the third time. "Does our civilization deserve to live, or not?" — Marshall Atkins

    The Golden Age — John C. Wright

  21. "Social pressure cannot be used to defeat those who shape society" — Warden Lacedemonian

    The Golden Age — John C. Wright

  22. What would you ask Dr. Tara Smith if you had the chance to exchange pleasantries with her over a cup of coffee?

    1. StrictlyLogical


      When can we anticipate being able to buy your next book, and what will it be about?

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