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  1. In Ominous Parallels, Leonard Peikoff points out that the ivory towers in Germany helped set the stage for the events which unfolded upon it. The vast majority of individuals do not wax philosophic if you will, nor do they see the need for it, and consequently are the ones which are most helplessly caught in its power. Ayn Rand has shattered the old philosophical paradigms and provided in its place an approach to epistemology which is unprecidented in history. The seeds of what made America possible (also unprecidented in history) have been traced back to ancient Greece. Both the wheat and
  2. Good boy. Down boy. Bad doggie. Roll over. Play dead. Oh - you're not playing . . .
  3. The Canadian government is penalizing its citizens (subsidy->farmers=taxation<-rest of population) in order to provide a gift (less expensive steaks) to the Americans ? At the same time, freeing the cattle ranchers up to pursue more productive endevours? Oversighted, if the price of Canadian beef is at the same price the domestic beef has been at - how is this asking the American ranchers to lower their prices or else go out of business, if they cannot raise their prices? Is it the same quality? If the American rancher has been supplying beef at the market price up to this point, why
  4. The best way to counter arguments is to understand the argument. A nihilist is someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief. Given that, what conversation could possibly prevail?
  5. Granted, it is not the equivalent to the Law of Identity - but the relationship between the proposition A is A, and the proposition that A=A: both state that A is whatever A is, epistemologically, and in mathematics which is the language which the universe is written/read. The crux of the illustration that was being made is - there is the law of identity, and the law of causality. Invoking the law of identity - an answer was provided to a question containing the expression A=A. Causality - reviewing my response and observing the oversighted commas to separate the thought A is A, or A=A
  6. A is A or A=A is an expression of The Law of Identity. The changing is captured under The Law of Causality. In order to change, presupposes that it was something (identity), and that it became (causality) something else (identity).
  7. <snip> The law of causality does not state that every entity has a cause. Some of the things commonly referred to as "entities" do not come into being or pass away, but are eternal—e.g., the universe as a whole. The concept of "cause" is inapplicable to the universe; by definition, there is nothing outside the totality to act as a cause. The universe simply is; it is an irreducible primary. </snip> Time is a relationship between existents, not an attribute, which rely on man-made standards based on observations of what the universe is<does>. Eternal is outside that purv
  8. Did you 'uncheck' the box? see http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...ghlite=%2BTesla
  9. Silver and Gold - How do you measure its worth! Some older figures here. In 2004 the population was estimated to be 6.4 billion people. With 153000 tonnes estimated mined in history and 32150.75 oz/tonne yields 4,919,064,750 troy oz or a smidgeon over 0.75 troy/person. Compare that to 80 trillion Federal Reserve Notes divided amoungst the US population yeilding 269,896.06 FRN's/person, we can see that they just do not make dollars like they used to! Again, to try and extrapolate this world wide would be ~48,076.92/person. In addition to being homogeneous and divisible, another desirab
  10. That would be an undertaking. In undertaking it, one would be surely enhance their grasp of Objectivism.
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