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  1. Welcome to the forums! It is always a wonderful thing to spread Rand's ideas beyond the English-speaking world Living in Texas, I understand the importance especially of reaching out to the Spanish-speaking communities.
  2. Atlas Shrugged is a wonderful read! It's also not that expensive...why not buy another copy? When you are finished, it makes a perfect gift Welcome to the forums btw
  3. In actuality, Greece was an Eastern civilization. Most early Greek art was influenced by and learned from Egyptian sources. Similarly, astronomy and mathematics came from Mesopotamia to Greece. It is true that the Greeks took the basis provided and dramatically improved upon them, but nevertheless the Greeks were Eastern. Greek religion was eastern, and Greek fascination with "mystery cults" and other extreme forms of mysticism were Greek responses to Eastern ideas. With the death of Greek culture in the 300s came a resurgence of these Eastern influences. If one were to look for the first true Western civ, one need look further West...to Italy...
  4. Mustang 19, There never will be a time when the world is quantitatively Objectivist. We are not missionaries. But there can be a time when the world operates under the basic principles (politically at least) of Objectivism, in which case it makes no difference whether someone is a Christian or an Objectivist. Under such a society, the merits of one's actions will correlate to their success in life. We are not here to win by numbers--we win by principles.
  5. Thank you for sharing your information. Of course you would know better than me about the conditions in Russia, but from some of my readings I have gained the impression that the majority of those 30+ have become so acclimated to Soviet living that, though their situation might have improved, their memory of what was clouds their judgement. I've seen similar incidents in China, where the younger generation is critical of Mao, but most of the older generation still venerates him (60 million dead aside). What can you share about this?
  6. I'm actually quite interested in a + account...I've grown tired of FB over the years, especially since they added so many adds and spam in my stream. [email protected]
  7. Is that why you are sitting down? The belief that homosexuality is not natural homo sapien behavior reeks of Christian and Enlightenment ideas concerning "nature". I don't know if you realized, but since that time this little-known theory called "evolution" has proven this idea to be bunk. You really should self-analyze your concept of "normal" and ask yourself upon what moral basis a person can claim to normalize a population.
  8. Nigel, To be honest with you, I would give up on psychiatrist and psychologist 100%. I don't want to get too much into it, but will safely say that they are bunk "Dr.'s" who attempt to use medication and mind games to normalize your condition to their view of a healthy population. This is not to say that mental illness is a fantasy, but rather that "psychosis" has become an excuse for quacks to dress up and hide behind the sanctity of the medical community. Bring your problems to a real Dr.--trust your PCP over them any day of the week.
  9. I qualified it with non-voluntary (so keep that in mind). A system of regimentalization is a structure in power or control which seeks to regiment a group's behavior. A voluntary example is the Christian Church, with the Priest as the "Shepherd" who must watch over the conduct of his "flock". The sheep may graze or herd within certain parameters, but any sheep that strays from the flock must be reeled back in by the shepherd. This translates into a non-voluntary system, such as Western Liberal Democracy, which gives a wide field of grazing grass, but still seeks to regimentalize the conduct of those who stray too far. The nature of a group is to normalize, even though I don't like that word. It is why all groups exist; your book club is normalizing you into the same books that you guys read; a soccer team normalizes you to the standards, rules, and structures of the team; a religious community normalizes you to the conduct of the group--and to prove this is non-malicious, something as simple as paying in dollars at the gas station is a group normalization...these things exist mostly to facilitate the interactions of like-minded people. My firm belief is that human beings ought to have the ability to choose which group, which interactions, they want to become engaged in. But when a shepherd reels you in from birth, adding you to the flock and regimentalizing your conduct, the proper role to take is to destroy said system. The immoral system, from Feudalism to Nazism, is the one that strips away an individual's right to their own life. [edit for silly grammar mistakes ]
  10. Funny but full of conviction, so I respect it. But are you telling me that it's okay for my work to be stolen from me so that more people can die in wars not of my choosing than the terrorist act on 9/11?
  11. I understand that people elect their governments, and that their decisions lead to shaping the society that we live in. My point is that their decision ought not be a noose around my life. Of course there is a difference between things as they are and things as they ought to be, and I am not trying to conflate the two; rather, I am saying that things ought to be such a way as to where each individual is responsible for his own decisions. If an individual voluntarily joins a group, and that group goes to "war", then yes of course they have made that decision.
  12. I vote we throw a party in honor of the rapture. Don't worry about BYOB-Jesus can always provide as long as we have water
  13. There is no possible way to "ban" violence. Groups will form, of course, and some groups (ie. individuals) will act violently. In such a situation, it is only moral for those who were wronged to seek justice. That is not a noose on somebody else to force them to support you.
  14. And government, or any type of non-voluntary system of regimentalization, is immoral.
  15. But especially in the United States, the government they "deserve" is defined by simple majority, or 50% + 1. That means that 49% are subjected to the whims of the other 50%. Is this a support of individual rights? So I am responsible for the choices of others, even if I didn't make it myself? Where is this "social contract" I signed by being born?
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