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  1. I'm finishing my last year of school and in doing so I am taking Philosophy and Economics (a Howard Zinn Socialism fan, whoo). Recently in the Philosophy course I noticed something that didn't seem right in a lecture regarding Euthyphro by Plato. "The response is why must the gods have a good reason for loving certain acts? I like ice cream, but I don’t have a particular reason for liking it. The idea is that some things (such as likes and dislikes) are not always subject to rational standards of evaluation. There is no right or wrong with respect to liking certain things (like certain foods or finding something humorous, etc.)." In Euthyphro basically Socrates is questioning Euthyphro about defining piety in order to help defend himself against Meletus. The Socratic method is applied and the definition comes full circle to which Euthyphro leaves after not stating a good definition. This text from the lecture is regarding some criticism the Professor applied to Socrates in one of the arguments. I'm wondering if something isn't subject to rational standards, then can that thing even be used in an argument (I.E. Gods loving certain acts is not subject to rational standards)? Perhaps his analogy to ice cream is throwing me off, because I would think that liking ice cream could be subject to rational standards or I'm just confused. Thanks
  2. I find myself in a life enjoying mood most of the time when I'm being productive. Granted, it isn't some intense adrenaline spike but it is a passive life is good and I'm happy with things sort of feeling. Along with this feeling I try to keep the positive spikes high and the negative spikes low.
  3. Companies are going to start to require an internet connection to even operate some of their products soon.
  4. I work in IT, but most of my projects are working pretty closely with other quality / mechanical engineers in a medium - larger manufacturing plant. I would suggest taking a look at what data they collect to see what kind of quality assurance and product traceability they got going, or check out how they handle material defects. My guess is that with a fairly stable product already your function would be to correct any mistakes and keep the quality in the product consistent. If your shop isn't really all that familiar with six sigma or lean then I'm sure there would be plenty of projects in those areas.
  5. My guess is that if you want to keep well-paid to find a American based company that has international operations and just apply through their web application process. Of course this would really only pertain to fairly larger businesses.
  6. This is what I was looking for, thanks for clarifying.
  7. My brother used to get pirated software from one of his friends, and his brother pirates everything under the sun. Once I found my brother playing games that I had paid $50.00 for and I would give him a bunch of shit for it. I don't see him with any newer stuff any more and he has been buying his music/movies/games now. I guess it's easy to guilt trip someone when their dad and brother are software engineers and they are about to pursue a degree in CS as well. I don't make it a big issue with my friends but I will suggest open source alternatives to them if the issue comes up. Then again I don't have many friends who pirate if at all because people who feel entitled to another's products rub me the wrong way. Some people I knew thought it was weird because I would listen to all my music from Youtube from a band's official channel. I eventually settled to getting a ZuneHD and my account with that allows me to listen to all the music in their 4 million + song library and download 10 DRM free songs a month for $15.
  8. I was participating in one of the more liberal biased forums recently (Fark) and I was arguing with some people who claimed that in order to live in society you have to give up individual rights. Amongst my disagreement one of them brought up disease control. I couldn't think of many good reasons off the top of my head against this, so I thought I would get some input here. Thanks
  9. I agree that the need for national defense is valid, I'm just curious why the posts for joining where related to fighting Islamic Fundamentalism. I don't see how that is valid unless it involves national defense.
  10. I don't think analytical evidence is useful in regards to the effectiveness of military health care. My father was also an officer in the Air Force and throughout all my experiences they were mostly good.
  11. Black Wolf and crosby1616, in response to your answer on question 5 do you think the Military's purpose for being over there is to fight Islamic Fundamentalism? And even if you do and it is; do you feel that it is moral to alter the lives of Islamic Fundamentalists who have not acted negatively towards others in coercive manners (not abusing women, etc)? How is this related to national defense?
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