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  1. Santiago, (Okay, I'm $^&# late. hahahaha oh well.) Happy Birthday, San! Have a good time at the concert, you two! (It was nice to meet the both of you in Newport Beach last Summer.) Greg
  2. Santiago, I can't currently give you a technical answer about dealing with college administrative people in this regard, but the issue basically comes down to a practical matter which Objectivists can not do an end run around. The (Post-)Modernists hold the keys. They have tenure; they are the ones getting published in journals and editing the journals. (To also partially answer Thomas...) We don't have a choice in this. Either academic Objectivist professionals deal with dept. heads and journal editors et al. in ways that they appreciate and comprehend, or Objectivism doesn't get a hea
  3. Oh, but here's the kicker... THIS IS OLD NEWS! I remember reading about people falling LITERALLY in love with their computers several years ago. This is already past the point of being a trend.... it's now considered a sexual option. :-O _Now_ are you starting to understand why academia needs to be eviscerated and replaced? This is straight-up Post-Modernism in practice. "There are no values... no truth... no certainty.. blah blah blah... Everything is subjective....."
  4. I don't think any of us know nearly enough to be very certain as to what Allison could have or should have done, and really it's no one's business but the company's. Nevertheless, the "not at gunpoint" argument was tested over at Nicholas Provenzo's _Rule of Reason_ blog, and I didn't get the sense that there was much of a consensus there. I hope truth will out, but in the meantime... I'm willing to give Mr. Allison the benefit of the doubt. I think one of the possible various weaknesses in the "not at gunpoint" argument comes in the form of the question-begging fallacy. There is more t
  5. I'm one of the people that Matthew has in mind when speaking of starting this group. As I indicated to Matthew just tonight, there has been another Objectivist meeting group in Irvine viz. The Orange County Objectivists at meetup.com for well over a year, but I believe that this new group can offer something decidedly different. Those interested might even want to join both groups. I believe that both Matthew and I are particularly interested in focusing some of the group's time on studying Objectivist literature, but I don't think that either of us would be against other ideas such as
  6. Necrovore, Not that I think that the end result of your writings might come out very differently given what has been said in this thread, but it would seem to me that what you mean by "activism" really amounts to just straight-forward artistry. There are different aspects to doing artwork. There's making the work just to realize the work, and there's also getting the work to an audience so that the artist can get feedback. There's also another aspect of wanting to show an audience a new way of thinking, and that is as far as I'm concerned very much part of offering an artistic experience
  7. Necrovore, I think that you are onto a very good idea, and I think there are several ways that you could execute it. One idea is to simply start a Facebook group, and you could introduce the group using an overview similar to what you've just given. Not all of the details have to be worked out when a group is started. You _do_ want to try to get ideas as to what your group's guiding principles are. I have to also say a bit about the idea of "Objectivist fiction". First and very much foremost, keep in mind what AR herself discussed over the years: there's a substantial difference betw
  8. You've raised a number of interesting questions where some would deserve elaborative responses, so I'll only try to give a partial response to your entire post for now. (Just becuase I don't provide an answer to a specific question doesn't necessarily mean that I don't find it interesting or worthy of response.) First, I think that it's important to keep in mind how the most important terms in your discussion are used. You've invoked "Socialism" and "Fascism". Those are very broad terms, and those terms can mean different things to different people. (By the way, I believe that AR gave S
  9. No foul caused, but that concedes/dovetails with the relevant points which noumenalself made. Let me put it this way, if there was an organized effort to promote the book, and that involved things like press releases, interviews, and the like, then we might be talking... as it is... a spike in sales is, well, a spike in sales.
  10. Bold mine. That may be one aspect of the campaign mentioned here, and that would seem like an honorable reason in a superficial way, but (whether or not people here agree with what noumenalself has stated up to the point of your post) you're begging the question (or maybe several come to think of it.) For one thing, is this "book bomb" campaign the ideal way or even close to the ideal way of promoting the book? For that matter, I wonder if the money spent on the book in this context might be better spent as donations to ARI. I don't know because that last question isn't specific enough, b
  11. The key factor is that concepts have to be tied down to real existents. The chronolgical order of conceptual link discovery is undoubtedly very important, but that's still less important than making sure that the concretizations are reality-bound. Therefore, there ultimately has to be a basis in observation for concepts. For example, it's unlikely that the development of programming objects would have occurred without the development of programming pointers, but my point is that pointers _had_ to work in theory and in practice first if objects were to be developed in the way which they wer
  12. Well, for starters, musical evaluation and sense-of-life both involve cumulative interpretations, but those evaluations don't necessarily reflect each other in obvious ways (among other things.) This is a vast subject, but you asked, and I'm giving a terse response in order to offer an honest lead. Try thinking about where your focus of attention is when you think about music versus when you think about life in general... Do those evaluations fall lockstep with each other? --------------------------------------------------- I think that the "universal language" claim often involv
  13. O.K., _HONESTLY!!!_... for Greenspan to explicitly say what he said in _that_ quote... He's either a moron or a shill for the state... He didn't know??? What complete bullshit! For someone...ANYONE in Rand's inner circle to make that kind of equivocation is just unforgivable. ...so I suspect that he just sold out, but, I don't know, ...maybe he's a "special" kind of stupid. :dough: For him to have the absolute effrontery to talk about "frameworks" and still maintain that conclusion of his... it's just incredible.
  14. I just got home from taking a 3.5 hour final exam, and that was after, well a lot of other stuff. ... With this in mind, I'm going to be really brief, but I think you've raised a couple of questions that are fair enough. Unfortunately, I don't have the reference at hand, but AR did speak about government programs as far your concern indicates. It may or may not have been in the same article about college loans (among those that are government-sponsored i.e. taxpayer funded.) What I generally recall reading is that she indicated that if the government was going to tax and spend by force,
  15. This is nonsense. No one (not even an executive) is under some compulsory moral obligation or even a legal compulsion _to agree with_ the justification for a right in order to benefit from the relevant rights-protection, and this is leaving aside whether or not Cuban really is or is not in some professed alignment of a given legal or moral principle. If we were to hold society to that standard, then I'd imagine that an overwhelming faction of a given society would be headed for the courtrooms already. (Please understand that I'm not and wouldn't consider invoking some bizarre "lifeboat" sce
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