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    RichyRich got a reaction from 2046 in "Moshing" at concerts   
    You realise that "moshing" is about as mindless an activity that could be invented? I'm not sure how it could be a moral thing to do (from an Objectivist perspective) unless one was intoxicated and had their judgement impaired.

    Again, sorry to be harsh about this, but if you want to run around in circles play baseball! This will involve developing skills and is most certainly not mindless fun.
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    RichyRich reacted to Axiomatic in Inglorious Bastards   
    Absolutely fantastic movie. Made me smile at all the right places. My only disappointment was with regard to the Good characters being a little dim-witted. This is surely a movie most O'ists should appreciate. Justice is served with a side order of

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    RichyRich reacted to liberal in Congresswoman Giffords 14 others shot in AZ   
    Well, I consider myself an average lefty (who is well versed in ayn rand's books - read them all more than once) and I don't jump to all those conclusions. But based on the 5 videos on the shooter's youtube account, he appears to be a strict constitutionalist, which, as you well know, the Right argues the Left are not. Couple that with the fact that Gifford voted for the health care bill and her office was the target of vandalism at the time. And she just won re-election in her district, taking away that spot from a tea party candidate. I don't think a Left wing extremist would target her, if that's what you're suggesting with your accusation of "propaganda".

    By that assertion, do you claim it would be more accurate reporting to conclude the shooter was Left wing?

    I mean. let's look what we have so far about the shooter:

    1. Possibly strict constitutionalist (except of course his violating of human rights)

    2. Seems to advocate a return to the gold standard suggesting he is in favor of pure Capitalism.

    3. His target was a dem who voted for the health care bill and recently won re-election, taking away that district spot from her tea party opponent.

    4. His reading list, while it includes, The Communist Manifesto, is varied and also includes a title by Ayn Rand - We The Living - as well as mein kampf and Siddhartha. So let's just say the reading material cancels out.

    5. It is possibly him burning the american flag in a video he favorited on youtube. However, that is easily because of his disillusion and dissatisfaction with the nation not moving in his preferred direction of a "strict" application of the constitution, and not from any leftist agenda.

    So the question should not be : Was he a tea party advocate? But, What made him go nuts and what did he shoot people over?

    The answer to that seems to be because politicians weren't conforming to his strict interpretation of the constitution and that made him crazy. It was ideas, strict constitutionalist ideas that weren't being acted on fast enough for him, that drove him nuts enough to kill.

    Based, on who he shot and his videos, are you going to suggest he shot people because the government was applying the principles of the constitution too well?
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    RichyRich got a reaction from 2046 in Arrogance   
    An example; Glenn Beck, the darling of the right, LOVES Rand. Obviously he doesn't agree with her atheism and such things but he manages to look past that because essentially he is cut from the same cloth.

    There is no-one on the left who admires her since the left and Rand are completely alien. The closest I can think of is Christopher Hitchens and he doesn't so much as admire her, as mockingly acknowledge her existence.
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