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Aristotle Reaction Chronicles - Feedback

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I received a suggestion that I start a separate thread for input on ‘The Aristotle Reaction Chronicles’, so the story flow is not disrupted with comments.

You can read the story from the thread:

The Aristotle Reaction Chronicles

I have worked diligently to make the best story I can, but I know a good round of editing would make it even better. I assume this story is outside the interest of mainstream publishing, so I am posting it here for input; good, bad or otherwise.

Those that have read the story start to finish have given a very favorable response; however, once swept into the story they lose a critical eye, and just want to find out how it ends. I am hoping those reading it a few chapters at a time can give their reactions as they occur. Your input is appreciated.



An addictive Internet game is spreading through the country with viral efficiency and captivating players with its provocative questions. But who created this game and for what purpose? When the establishment suspects it is a recruitment tool for a new breed of terrorist, a nationwide man hunt ensues to stop the perpetrators. California University students Jake and Tori are swept into an epic struggle for the hearts and minds of America's youth. To the end, this page turning thriller will keep you guessing… Who is corrupting America?
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