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I recently discovered this wonderful gem of a band. I was talking to a friend and he mentioned something about a Megaman inspired rock opera group called The Protomen, and for the sake of how bizarre that sounded, I decided to check them out. I was blown away. Not only is it some of the best music that I've heard in a long time, the lyrics are very pro-individual and anti-individual. I read somewhere that Atlas was one of their influences. I would definitely suggest that any fans of rock music give them a shot. (I would suggest that if you do listen to them, you should do it in order, as the music tells a story.)

"But men, they say a lot of foolish things, and in the end the only words I can find to believe in are mine."

"So I learned how to bend steel. I learned how to make it move, and I watched as it withstood all the hell we put men through. With hands of iron, there's not a task we couldn't do."

"I will not be told where to stand! I will not be told what to say. Not by man or machine, Not by you, not by anyone tonight!"

(Some examples of their lyrics.)

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One of my favorite bands by far, even if their second album didn't QUITE live up to the first.

If you ever get the chance to see them live go for sure, its an experience.

Never really heavily considered the lyrics from an objectivist standpoint before, but I can see the connection. Both albums really are about how much of an influence a single driven individual can have

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