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Immoral to accept an apartment without standing in the company queue (

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I need you opinion on a situation.


I know the owner of an apartment building.


Usually the owner find new persons to rent apartments to by using a queue that is free for anybody to get into.


I am not in that queue. But the owner has offered me an apartment anyway.


If I accept the apartment I will get an apartment before the persons in the queue without standing in it myself.


Is it immoral of me to accept the apartment? Immoral because I "cut the line".


This question has tormented me and therefor I would appreciate your views on this.

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Don't be an egalitarian. The owner clearly has faith in you as a tenant, and would prefer to have someone he knows inhabit his property, rather than gamble on a stranger.

To a great extent, success in life consists of taking cognizance of your "unfair advantages," and making the most of them.

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Thank you very much for your assistance. I see more clearly that the owner may see me as a preferable tenant compared to unknown persons.

It is not a company queue so I won't step on any company toes.

I now am willing to accept the apartment.

This is an important decicion for me so I am grateful for your help.

:thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

It warmed my heart to receive your help on this.

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