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INTRODUCING "The Objectivist Study Groups" FORUM

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About this Forum : "The Objectivist Study Groups"(OSG) is for serious students of Objectivism from various age groups and professions. The study is specialized and involves particular texts(not necessarily Objectivists), mainly in the fields of philosophy and history. The student, after studying the text can give summary, outline, or detailed analysis and synthesis of select sections(referred to as chewing by Ayn Rand). Rigrous etiquettes, timebound schedules for various sections, and advance notice enables better discipline, and therefore productive study. Based on personal experience, I can vouch for the same.

Purpose of the forum : These study groups intend to achieve for Objectivism, what various intellectuals and philosophers did post Acquinas in the West. Explore various writings to understand rational philosophy across length, breadth and depth of intellectual spectrum, and unleash the new era of Renaissance and Enlightenment. Spiritual awakening that begins with the minds of participants, fulfilling their lives with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and therefore joy. Unleashing "The New Intellectuals" into current ruins of philosophy, to redeem its lost foundations and for cultivating the seeds for future movements.
To put it succintly, this is the stock exchange for trading rational ideas, one text at a time.

General approach to the study-groups : So there will be one study-group at a time in this forum. I will be announcing it 2-3 months in advance in "Upcoming study groups" threads, and also create a closed thread for the study-group. Closed thread here meaning a thread where no one else can post. Then I will advertise it in relevant forum of objectivismonline.com and other outside sources like facebook, twitter, Harri Binswanger forums etc. The text will mostly be a chapter from a book. And announcement will also contain exact schedule, including the sections and the week they will be studied in. On Monday of each week I will write a post to kickstart the study activity for corresponding section.

The interested participant should post their intent to participate in the objectvismonline.com thread used for advertising. One week prior to the participation, the closed study-group thread will be made open to the _forum members who had volunteered_. They can then start posting related text in the thread. After the study-group begins, we will try our best to stick to the section being studied for that week. Last week of the study-group will be used for posting concluding text, and followup study material. After that the thread will be closed forever.

Prior to the study-group thread being opened, the participants can post preparatory text in advertisement thread. The thread will be linked from the study-group thread. Preparatory text can involve study of Preface, Introductory chapter of book, related text from some other book etc. For example for "The Foundation" chapter from "The Logical Leap" by David Harriman can have first few chapters from "Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology" as preparatory texts.

Looking forward to have engaging, fulfilling, and knowledgeable interaction with participants.

Contact : Please contact me over messenger, or send mail to [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions.

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