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Capitalism is supported by the bible

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Capitalism has proven throughout it's history to be an originator of abundance.

How do we make sense of this in terms of the bible?

Deuteronomy Chapter 28 begins with blessings for obedience, and ends with curses for disobedience.

If capitalism produces abundance, that might be a sign that it is the correct system.

If communism was a failure, and is not a source of abundance, that might be a sign that it is the incorrect system.

If you are an Objectivist, you might not like the bible.

However there is nothing wrong with finding truth in the bible even if you are an Objectivist.

Just a thought.

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I do not spend much time thinking about the Bible, let alone applying it to economics.

There are legitimate academic reasons to study the Bible. It also contains the occasional sensible idea, since it is a primitive hodgepodge of superstition and common sense.

That said, I would not go to the Bible for "truths," for any number of obvious reasons.

Did you have some reason for posting this?

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