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Purse strings resemble those that control a marionette in more ways than one. (Image by Icons8 Team, via Unsplash, license.)

Way back in grad school, I knew a leftist architecture student who would occasionally spam me with political email. This ended shortly after an email she sent me in an effort to prevent de-funding of some government art sponsorship program by the new Republican congressional majority. I usually ignore email like this, but something about this one caused me to realize I had a teachable moment on my hands, so I wrote her a short note, something like: "Government funding of the arts means government control of the arts."

Did I change her mind?

Only on the issue of whether it would serve her purposes to spam me, or so it would seem.

Knowing what I know now, I can entertain a faint hope -- that, yes, I should have kindled a bit at the time -- that my note precipitated the first step of a journey towards a better understanding of the corrupt bargain too many of us make by accepting government funding.

All I am likely to know about the matter, though, is to try to do better next time.

-- CAV

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