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Is there a mysticism pertaining to the successful Capitalist?

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In the minds of many people, is there an irrational belief that the leading, successful, entrepreneurial businessman (and most are men) can do no wrong and can speak no lie, just because he's rich and he's created all that wealth with his own mind and work, and because he's created jobs for other people, and because he's created valuable and interesting services and products for many consumers, and so on?

Does this lead to the Capitalist taking on the aura of virtual divinity in the minds of many non-rich people, leading to those non-rich people deferring to the leadership of Capitalists in all circumstance, and leading those non-rich people to apply a much-reduced ethical standard (a so-called "double standard") to Capitalists, thereby allowing Capitalists to "get away with murder" (at least metaphorically speaking) just because they are rich, powerful, and productive?

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Anybody who holds such a belief is blatantly irrational.  I don't know how many there are.

There seem to be some people who make the opposite error, believing that the leading, successful, entrepreneurial businessman (and most are men) can do no right.

Certainly the altruist morality has poisoned many people's minds against businesspersons.


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