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Could it be ethical to sacrifice the life of another human being to an aggressor in order to save one's own life?

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I just saw a news report about how certain historians now believe that a man in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands gave the Nazi occupiers a list of persons living in hiding, and he did so as part of a bargain with the Nazis that would prevent him and his family from being deported to a Nazi concentration camp in Poland.

But a consequence of this man giving the Nazis this list of persons in the Netherlands living in hiding is that some of the people on the list were arrested by the Nazis, sent to concentration camps, and did die there.

So, what is the ethical view of the action of that man who sacrificed the lives of strangers in order to save his own life and the lives of his family members?

Was his action a justifiable way to deal with an unjust aggressor?

Could the deaths in the concentration camp be viewed as being 100% the fault of the Nazis, with the man who turned over the list being morally innocent in this matter?

Or, does that man who turned over the list bear some ethical responsibility for taking a unilateral action to swap his dark fate with other people?

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