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Productivity Rankings

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These data are from World Bank. Evidently, it takes two years before data of actual performance can be accumulated.


~GDP 2021 (Countries with at least $1.5 trillion GDP)~

USA            23.32 T$

China         17.73 T$

Japan          4.94 T$

Germany     4.26 T$

Britain          3.19 T$

India            3.18 T$

France         2.96 T$

Italy             2.11 T$

Canada       1.99 T$

S. Korea      1.81 T$

Russia         1.78 T$

Brazil           1.61 T$

Australia      1.55 T$


When I gathered the results three years ago, which had been data for 2017, there was little difference between this ranking according to flat Gross Domestic Product Per Capita and a GDP per capita that takes into account purchasing power within the country.


USA            69.3 K$

Germany     57.9 K

Australia      56.3 K$

Canada        52.1 K$

France         50.5 K$

Britain          49.7 K$

S. Korea      47.2 K$

Italy             45.9 K$

Japan          42.9 K$

Russia         32.9 K$

China          19.3 K$

Brazil           16.0 K$

India             7.2 K$

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