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Reblogged:Red and Blue Governors vs. Golden Geese

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This Floridian has been watching, stunned, as its self-proclaimed pro-freedom governor, Ron DeSantis, has pursued a vendetta against the Disney Corporation simply for exercising its free speech rights.
Image by Milo Winter, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.
Rather than hold Disney's sock-puppet ESG wokeness up as an example of the need to get the state out of investing, DeSantis has been attacking Disney as a corporation and making threats that, if realized, would rightly cause the company to rethink further investment in his state.

And if you think I am daft to say that, we can look a little bit further north to Tim Walz, DeSantis's leftist twin, whose particular moral crusade -- "accessible" medical care -- threatens one of Minnesota's golden geese.

According to Power Line, legislation backed by the Democrats' labor union masters, will be onerous enough that the Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic has warned that it will not expand there if it becomes law:
Among much other awful legislation, it also has passed irrational health care bills that are so onerous that the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota's largest employer, says it will cancel several billion dollars of planned expansion in the state, and divert that investment elsewhere.
I have frequently compared Ron DeSantis to Gavin Newsom, but Tim Walz is another funhouse mirror image of DeSantis from the left that should give pause to anyone a little too excited about the prospect "Trump without the baggage," to ask What aspect of Trump would we be getting, anyway?

Trump's obvious "baggage" is hardly the only thing wrong with the ex-President. It follows that Trump without the baggage isn't necessarily a good thing.

-- CAV

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