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Reblogged:Biden Unleashing Card-Check Goons

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Writing at The Hlll, Mark Mix warns of a bureaucratic rule change by Joe Biden's National Labor Relations Board that would have union goons making recruitment calls at the homes of American workers:
[T]he NLRB, at the end of August, effectively mandated the "card check" unionization process by bureaucratic fiat. Never mind that numerous union-backed measures in Congress to require this abuse-prone unionization process have failed to pass into law.

Card-check drives occur when employers, usually in the face of union-applied political and economic pressure, waive workers' right to a secret ballot election. During these drives, union officials are allowed to demand union authorization cards directly from workers using coercive tactics that would be unlawful during a secret ballot vote. [bold added]
This is being done in part because nearly 60 percent of workers are not at all interested in joining the unions the President would foist on us.

For good measure, Mix provides examples of what unions have stooped to in the past to avoid the secret votes that incessant propaganda would have you believe are slam dunks:
It's for our own good, according to this guy. (Image by John Simmons, via Unsplash, license.)
Union organizers can show up at workers' homes over and over again demanding signatures, in some instances requiring workers to call the police to get organizers to leave. Workers report being misled about the true implications of signing the cards, and some have been told they would be fired if they didn't sign just before the union successfully took over.

Some workers even face threats of violence. In one SEIU organizing drive, a worker reported being told that the union would "come and get her children" and "slash her tires" if she didn't sign a union card. [bold added]
The NLRB is the same agency Biden hopes to weaponize against contract work and the franchise business model. Aside from enforcing legal contracts and providing the legal infrastructure to adjudicate disputes, the government has no legitimate say in the daily operation of business.

The NLRB shouldn't exist in the first place, but these blatant uses of it to directly violate our right to work on our own terms underscore the need to abolish it as soon as possible.

-- CAV

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