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And The Man Did Science

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Pancho Villa

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Reuters: Australian Nobel winner was human guinea pig

CANBERRA, Oct 4 (Reuters) - An Australian scientist who jointly won the 2005 Nobel prize for medicine said he became a human guinea pig and drank a cocktail of bacteria to prove his theories that ulcers were not caused by stress.

Now thats a hardcore man of science.

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ahhh, progress. Everytime I hear about something like this, I can't help but feel invigorated. they cured ulcers! man when I was a kid it seemed like everyone had an ulcer! When I think about how many diseases that were so commonplace as few as 100 years ago, like measles and mumps, which are all but nonexistant now, one can't help but marvel.

I extend a hearty bravo to these pioneers.

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