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The Horror Of New Orleans

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[i am keeping this post up for a few days. Scroll down for updates. This will be this week's Reason Roundup.]For days, the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing human tragedy have bothered me as it has millions of Americans. But something in addition has bothered me about the tragedy in New Orleans. The response, and I don't mean the help response, to the disaster has been just as horrifying -- looting, raping, shooting at rescue helicopters -- the list goes on. I have been in a state of shock over that and have been attributing it to New Orleans "culture". Apparently, the same thing has been bothering Robert Tracinski at TIA Daily. Here are a few excerpts, but you should read the whole thing:The reason is that the events there make no sense if you think that we are confronting a natural disaster. and...And journalists--myself included--did not...


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