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  1. Greatest Movie You Have Ever Seen

    Remember The Titans Dangerous Beauty The Edge The Shawshank Redemption Hidalgo The Contender
  2. So I did not like the godfather

    Most gangster/mafia movies are hyped to cult status in several languages and cultures all over the world. There is no "art" in this. I have seen several adaptations and direct copies of The Godfather. In several 3rd world countries, mafiosos are given a celeb status by the populace and the media too. The inane and the irrational rules most cinema.
  3. Who is better than Barack Obama?

    Inane topic, oughtta be scrapped by the mods
  4. The Origin of the universe

    Hazardous? How?
  5. Laissez-faire

  6. Outsourcing with Costa Rica's Call Center.

    Richard, Please note that this is not a forum to advertise your products.
  7. Concept Formation Problem

    Use Reason.
  8. Tibet

    Tibet has been a cauldron for many magic potions. History has been witness to that. So is Kashmir. And several more. I have been there. I live in China at the moment for my business. There is fear so potent, it hits you in the face. China is a whole new ball game when you see it from inside. The way the mind is destroyed in its formative years - well, those in "power" have made a profession of doing precisely that. Seeing things in the right perspective makes a difference. I do not think most folks talking here are qualified to comment on it without actually knowing what's going on - you can merely guess!
  9. Do Not Vote

    The methods! The methods!
  10. Objectivist Party

    Doesn't require forming a political outfit, though. No.
  11. Monkey-men with maturity problems

    There, I believe that you are quite wrong
  12. This might be of interest to Objectivist gamers.

    Turing AI, are you proposing to address the issue of the ban on online gaming in general inside the US of A - specifically poker/casino?
  13. PM blames Unbridled Capitalism

    And you think that HK is better?
  14. Yes Though it need not be said vocally, it's implied by most of the members of this forum. Each, in his/her own way is already doing it.
  15. The question begs to pop out. How?