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  1. Vocabulary question: I thought a visa was an authorization to enter a country. If you're trying to leave your home country, don't you want a passport?
  2. I second your analysis. If the Republicans get control of the House we'll be in for two years of rancorous, bad-willed divided government that won't be able to move any big legislation, and that's the best we could have hoped for. Another piece of good news is that the state-level abortion initiatives went the way I hoped. At National Review they're already trying to rationalize it away.
  3. The AtlasSphere was in that business several years ago, welcoming both straight and gay. I don't know if it's still active.
  4. Squadster Cori Bush wants to be rid of police forces, and she's a client of a private defense agency. Murray Rothbard must be smiling from wherever he is.
  5. Reidy

    Win Some, Lose Some

    Say what you will about Dobbs, the recent EPA decision is shaping up as very good news. Here's an example of just how happy we should be.
  6. Part of the reason for increases in autism diagnoses, I suspect, is simply that it's become a fashionable diagnosis, like gender dysphoria and ADD. Fifty years ago it was hypoglycemia. It will always be something.
  7. Apparently it's not available online. The cheapest edition is a $5.95 booklet.
  8. Maybe times are changing at the Post. A year and a half after the New York Post and a week after the New York Times, they got around to admitting the truth about the Biden laptop. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/the-washington-post-finally-gets-around-to-confirming-the-hunter-biden-laptop-story/
  9. This brings up a related question: how does the novel's historical setting affect first-time readers today? It was a bit of a period piece in 1957 (execs no longer took cross-country business trips by train; network radio was no longer the primary news and entertainment medium) and a bit more when I first read it. For most newcomers today it's a book of their great-grandparents' era. Does this make it harder or easier (or neither) to get into?
  10. Historical question: What did Peikoff and his circle find wrong with Kelley in the first place? What touched off the Schwartz piece that in turn elicited Kelley's reply?
  11. Side point: Rand got one detail wrong about The Best Years of our Lives. On p. 367-368 of Journals she says that the movie shows a rich businessman bouncing a war hero from a flight, when in fact the opening scene establishes that the businessman has a reservation while the vet is on standby. Most Americans of the era would have recognized that this is what "space available" means. She asks "What is the point of this episode - if not the implication that the vicious, unpatriotic rich are grossly indifferent to war heroes?" The point might be that the military is ungrateful to its vets for not buying them reserved seats, but more likely it's simply a way of heightening the character's tension, and the audience's, about seeing him safely home.
  12. Dominique could also ride a horse. The main point about Rand’s not being a driver is that she had time and energy for her work that would otherwise have gone for shopping and commuting.
  13. She settled on her characteristic hairstyle sooner than I’d realized. The scarf in the second photo looks like it would have been a terribly avant-garde futurist design in its day.
  14. Reidy

    House for AR

    Angi has posted digital realizations of some of FLlW's unbuilt houses, including one for Rand and her husband. Unfortunately it's only still pictures, not a 3-D walkthrough. (For a great example of the latter, see the Imperial Hotel.) I'd hate to have to open and close all those louvered windows each day.
  15. Here is the "major UK newspaper" article Lomborg mentions in his column. I have a sizable collection of links like this one.
  16. Wars, coups and political collapse have accomplished this: Germany, Japan and (some of) their allies and occupied territories after WW2; eastern Europe and the USSR ca. 1990; the military coup in Chile in the 70s led in the short run to dictatorship, but this in turn gave way to freedom.
  17. Yes, Youngkin has said nothing about privatization, but he's not the only one talking about schools. Betsy DeVos is using the election to sell school choice, and I doubt that she'll be the last. She's not hard-core herself; what she wants, rather than privatization, is private schools alongside government's, as we already have for universities.
  18. Bienvenue à OO. Vous connaissaiez beaucoup d'Objectivistes en France?
  19. I expect that Newsom will survive but that the closeness of the outcome will end any presidential prospects he might have had.
  20. Similar history here. I heard the story as gossip and found it too weird to believe, so I didn't until BB's book came out years later. The two published In Reply to Ayn Rand a and sent it to the Objectivist subscriber list. He said that what finally, irrevocably broke them up was his telling her that the age difference was "an insurmountable barrier to a romantic relationship". We took it to mean that she wanted to start it, not revive it. The text used to be at his website and perhaps in one of his books.
  21. What you're asking about looks like what happened in several eastern-European countries, and finally the USSR, 30 or so years ago.
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