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  1. You might be able to find The Objectivist in a library, perhaps through interlibrary loan. The link at online in my previous post leads to some other sources for the article. CORRECTION: Turns out you can buy it: The Objectivist (1966-1971) (Hardcover) – The Ayn Rand Institute eStore
  2. The Objectivist ran a 4-part article "Biology Without Consciousness - and its Consequences" by Robert Efron, a physician / neuroscientist, in 1968. (He's apparently still in practice.) It's available, paywalled, online, presumably the text that ran in The Objectivist. I gather that an Objectivist would say consciousness is an activity of a person and that a functioning nervous system is a necessary condition of this activity.
  3. Shirts on the left, sorted left to right from least to most recently washed. Pants on the right, sorted in the same sequence. Continuing to the right, around the corner: washed but not ironed, then worn but not yet ready for the laundry, neither in any special order.
  4. Ann Coulter came up with a great line: "'Pro-life' is the 'defund the police' of the GOP".
  5. The recent moves by big donors away from donating to universities (e.g.) is interesting, for one reason, because it's just what Rand was advising decades ago. She said it as far back as the 60s. Here's an example from 1982.
  6. A few years back on Quora somebody wanted to know what Aristotle meant when he said that the mark of the educated man is the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at once. Several people chimed in with what they thought were Aristotelian explanations, but the quote turned out to be from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Crack-Up. (They say that if you read the whole thing, Fitzgerald says that eventually you have to resolve the inconsistency.)
  7. Are you sure this is an accurate quote? It looks hinky to me. The Romantic Manifesto is a book-length anthology. Do you know which of the collected pieces is supposed to contain it? The Objectivist was a monthly. Do you know which month in 1969? I have all the 1969 issues except July. Tell me which month and I'll check it out.
  8. I agree that Measure 1 was a heavy-handed ad hoc attempt to maintain abortion restrictions and that we're better off for its failure, but a supermajority requirement for a (state) constitutional amendment might yet be an idea worth another look. Numerous 2/3 or 3/5 rules are already in place in our political system: both branches of congress to override a veto, states to ratify an amendment, senators to end a filibuster. California requires a 2/3 popular vote to raise property taxes.
  9. I see no inconsistency in the statement tadmjones quotes. It names two species of the genus freedom (among several others including religious freedom, medical freedom and the freedom to cross borders). "I bought some fruit: grapes, apricots and pears" is similarly not a contradiction, although "a grape is an apricot" is.
  10. Natan Ehrenreich at National Review (may be paywalled) has denounced Freedom Conservatism for its lack of religiosity, the very feature that would make the organization most interesting to this readership. Their statement seems to show a Randian influence, most conspicuously in its insistence that free will and human nature, not religion, are the origin of liberty. The long list of signatories doesn't contain any recognizably Objectivist names. I'll be watching them with curiosity.
  11. Reidy

    Top Secret

    In the 1940s Rand worked on Top Secret, a never-realized movie about the Manhattan Project (see Journals). Such a movie is finally coming out.
  12. If the experiment was the cause of K’s later behavior, wouldn’t we expect the same behavior from all or most or a significant portion of the other subjects?
  13. Rachmaninoff was a favorite. We can imagine Halley's music as similar.
  14. My own epiphany came when an online merchandise site hit me up for a tip.
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