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  1. Here's a companion piece: https://spectator.org/capitol-riot-fuhgeddaboudism/
  2. Your illustration is reminiscent of Taliesin West, F Ll Wright's winter home:
  3. I hope you're right. We'll see. Several people, mostly Democrats, invoking the slogan "too little too late", have observed that Republicans should have repudiated Trump years ago and that they aren't credible coming forward now. In that case, a lot of senators, congressmen and governors are going be swept down with Trump himself. Cruz is the first who comes to mind. He had a golden opportunity to distance himself from Trump in the 2016 primaries and at convention time. The path may be wider open than it looks.
  4. Are people here able to get into aynrandsociety.org (Ayn Rand Society of the APA)? I keep getting a message that my firewall has blocked it.
  5. FLl Wright built a house in Jackson in the 40s. It incorporated a natural spring, so he named it Fountainhead.
  6. NBI Book Service used to sell Bowra's The Greek Experience. Prices on Amazon range for some reason from a few dollars to several hundred.
  7. Several of the California ballot propositions, not just 22, turned out well - racial quotas, tax increases and new dialysis regulations among them: https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/11/good-news-for-conservatives-from-california/. Oregon voted for a big drug decriminalization.
  8. Wednesday's Tracinski Letter linked to an article in the New York Review, which led me in turn to a Wikipedia article about the Solovki prison, the first Soviet death camp, originally a monastery and close to the Finnish border, facilitating escape. Rand's Red Pawn, a movie treatment that was her first literary sale, is set in just such a place. Solovki was first known in the west in 1934. I hadn't known how close to the facts Rand's setting was.
  9. Seikan in Japan is 14.5 miles. Daishimizu is 13.8; people died of carbon monoxde while building it but not while traveling in it. Simplon is 12.3.
  10. Looks like it might be interesting. Let me know what you think or, better yet, give me a copy for Christmas.
  11. I'm skeptical of anybody who writes about "Objectivist economics", but maybe the editor had nothing to do with the publisher's blurb. We'll see. Somebody will, but, at those prices, not I.
  12. Another interesting fact about Jackson is that in 1948 FLl Wright built a house there that incorporated a natural spring, so he named it "Fountainhead".
  13. I haven't seen the movie, but as people on this thread are describing the character he seems to have more in common with Robert Stadler than with Howard Roark.
  14. I got into Merwin & Webster a very long time ago at the now-defunct Acres of Books in Long Beach CA. Favorite of the ones I've read is Comrade John , at once a satire and an adventure story that pits an architect against a flimflamming prophet based unmistakably on Elbert Hubbard. I suspect it was where Rand got the idea for the architectural ghosting that Roark does for Keating. (In the NYT interview that Boydstun mentioned, Rand also said that Dagny and John would marry. One of the Objectivist forums once had a thread on what practical difficulties the characters would face in picki
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