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  1. You sound like you go on /pol/ too much yourself, considering the vocabulary you use. Then you call Epist alt-right. Are you trolling?
  2. Welcome! Spend some time in chat, I'm sure there'll be some interesting conversations.
  3. Been wondering this myself lately. I'm a big fan of gangster rap and electro-industrial, but there's plenty of negative elements in both genres; not just in lyrical content but in the overall energy of each song. Sometimes it's nice to unwind while listening to piano and violin, sometimes it's nice to rock out and get pumped, but it's probably best to suit the music to the mood. Rap's lyrics depict a lifestyle that some people actually live. Maybe they see more into it than we do.
  4. Thanks all for the welcome! Your posts, as well as some discussion in the chat have clarified some of the issues I mentioned. I look forward to trying to further apply reason, purpose, and self-esteem in my life.
  5. Hey there. Title says most of it; I used to be pretty left-leaning, but there were always a few doubts just as to what "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need" meant. I recently read The Fountainhead and am finishing up Atlas Shrugged, and was drawn to the prior due to the disdain with which my friends handled it. As with my previous beliefs, there seem to be a few dark areas that I'd like cleared up by talking to other people. Rand's characters seem to embody ideals more than represent actual people, so I'm having trouble imagining how to reach that perfect ideal character.
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