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  1. wow they just ruined one of my favorite songs as well. "The Light" by The Album Leaf.
  2. Awesome teacher. I remember my teacher told me not to read Rand when she saw me reading VOS. Film student huh? Glad to hear I'm not the only Film geek on here. Welcome to the forum.
  3. I know what you mean. I'm sick of CNN telling me every 10 minutes that hes black. Believe me I have not forgotten since you crammed it down my throat in your last segment. I can see the poster now. Three young teenagers of different ethnic backgrounds laboring in a field. The white boy lingers in the background slightly out of focus. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
  4. I didn't watch it, but I bet I know what his message was. If he had one at all. blah blah blah altruism.
  5. So by that logic if someone only injected a little bit of heroin or snorted a little bit of coke it would be ok. As long as it didnt stop them from being completely rational.
  6. So Marijuana doesn't inhibit your rationality?
  7. I've decided to turn down my fathers offer and look for a part time job (or several) and save my money. Hopefully I'll be able to get myself some equipment in the near future and begin work on my demo reel and website. Thanks everyone for your input.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I definitely have a lot of thinking to do. I'm a bit worried about getting roped in to a contract which would prevent me from other opportunities that may spring up, but at the same time once I finish working for my father I can pretty much move any where in the country and have a job that I can fall back on. Which is very important in the Film industry given that finding steady work is almost impossible. Also as K-Mac brought up, its extremely difficult to get in and it may never happen. In response to your question Myself. I went to a tech school where we focused more on the equipment and technical side of things. I'f I would have went to a traditional college I probably would have received a BA, but those kids just sit in a class room and talk about theory all day. I can figure that out on my own.
  9. I'm at an extremely confusing time in my life and can't seem to figure it out on my own, so after months of constant frustration of not being able to figure out my future, I decided to post my little problem on the forums in the hopes that I can get an opinion from a rational person. I'm 20 years old and I just recently graduated college in September with a B.S in Film. My goal was to move to New York City and try to find work after college, but reality hit me, and I was forced to make the depressing move back home with my dad. Now I'm stuck in this situation where I'm dependent on my father for everything. Food, rent, water, transportation, etc. I really hate being dependent on my father for everything. It really drives me crazy, but I don't feel as I have much choice right now. I really want to get a job in the film industry, but there simply isnt any work out here. I've tried to explain this to my family, but its like talking to a brick wall. They keep hounding me to send out resumes to New York City and L.A and eventually something will hit, but I've tried to explain that the Film industry does not work this way, and that you really have to be there in person. I mean my teacher even told me not to waste my time sending out resumes because you will never land a job like that in this industry, but I do it to make them happy. The past month I've put my dream on hold for now as I look for a part time job and I've bascially just been hanging out doing my other passion in life which is skateboarding. My dad has offered me a choice of working for him, the money is good, but its not a job I would be happy doing, but it would allow for comfortable living where I would be able to indulge in my other passion which is skateboarding, but this job has strings attached. It would take me a year or so to train to do what he does and than my dad would want to put me under a contract for a couple years, but the money from this job would put another dream of mine in to range. I've always wanted a warehouse where I could build my own skatepark designed to my specifications where I could skate whenever I want. This has always been a crazy dream of mine and I've never really given it much thought untill now. I've looked at the pricing of warehouses and it's not impossible. I mean it would take a few years, but it could happen, but now Im at a crossroads. Do I take a full time job, save my money and split for an unknown future? Or do I take my fathers job, save my money and in a few years hopefully have enough money to build my skatepark? or atleast be financially stable.
  10. You're thinking of Australians
  11. Even after convincing people that the primary purpose of government is to protect individual rights and that in order to do this the government only needs to run three things, the police, army, and courts. I generally run into these two arguments when discussing a donation system. Any input would help. 1. The cost of a single F-22 Raptor costs 137 million dollars according to wikipedia. How would a donation system cover the tremendous expense of the police, army, and courts? 2. It would have to be a perfect society where everyone donated vast amounts of money, but what makes you think you can create this perfect society? What makes you think people will donate money with out being forced? What if people act in there selfish interest, but don't come to the conclusion or don't think they need to pay for such services? For instance, whens the last time you called the police for help? or needed to use the courts? People wont pay for what they don't use or don't think they need.
  12. wow I had the same exact quote running through my head.
  13. This is the first election I will be able to vote. I was wondering, is it electronic or paper ballot? I only want to go if I can wipe my ass with the ballot.
  14. This is why I don't believe voting for him will spur anything other than more hatred for capitalism. People are willing to elect another Wilson or FDR into office. When the S#$& hits the fan again, all the economic problems will be blamed on Capitalism. Much like the Great Depression.
  15. Geoff


    Would I be justified If I were to forcefully take back all the money that the government has taken from me by force? Keeping in mind that the government was the one who initiated the use of force.
  16. I'm a college student with very little money and I'm interested in getting a cartoon character that I have created copywritten, but I'm unsure how to go about doing it. I've heard mixed things from different people. Some have told me that it will cost as much as $150 dollars. Which is insane. I've also been told to mail my drawings to myself, but I don't know how well this will hold up in court in the event that I must take legal action. Is there anyway to protect my work without forking over $150 dollars?
  17. This topic reminds me of a little documentary I helped make for school. It's about a homeless guy trying to make a living as an artist. I did the cinematography. The Art of Herbert Freeman
  18. 1. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2. Star Wars V 3. Star Wars IV 4. Blade Runner 5. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 6. Once Upon a Time in the West (Sergio Leone's masterpiece) 7. Casablanca 8. Touch of Evil 9. North by Northwest 10. Dazed and Confused
  19. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Flight of the Conchords The Office 30 Rock SNL (writing has been lacking lately) Arrested Development (when it was on t.v)
  20. I thought I would post a video me and a few of my classmates made for the 2007 Apple Insomnia Film Festival. We had 24 hours to develope a story, shoot it, edit it, and submit it. This is what we came up with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMRc8DkzwWQ If you like it, and you want to help us students out. You can vote for it at http://edcommunity.apple.com/insomnia_fall...php?itemID=1760
  21. I am a current film student in Winter Park, Florida. I'm attending a school called Full Sail. You may have heard of it. It is a private college and I believe it is currently ranked in the top 5 film schools in America. If you are looking for a place to get hands on experience and graduate with a bachelor's in 21 months than you should look in to this school. I personally love this school. I get to work with the best equipment around, and I get to graduate with a bachelor's at 19! They also offer other degree programs besides film, and I believe they are ranked in the top 5 in all the degrees they offer. You should really check this place out. As far as prerequisites, I believe you only need a high school diploma, but that may have changed. www.fullsail.com
  22. Friday Night Lights Requiem for a Dream The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  23. This kind of relates. Last month I was flipping through my text book, that I received from my Behavioral Science class, and there she was. A good four pages outlining her philosophy. I was amazed.
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