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  1. Your statement is not provable. That's my point. It's absurd to try and gather data on it. I suppose you just accept it on faith since you have claimed you have no concrete evidence to back it up. We don't need evidence though.. You have made that very clear. What would you have me do? Go to every single college? Count every single student I see?
  2. This is an opinion based upon your own interpretation. What proof backs this statement up? I could give a specific qualifier to every circumstance and shape it the way I want to as well. Also, OSU is not the worlds largest campus. Not by enrollment nor area.
  3. Perhaps you would like to back this statement up with some type of evidence? Or just proclaim things as if they are fact.
  4. Is there not also an equal chance that they're not? Whats the point of this statement? Are people more idiotic in college?
  5. Peter Schiff has a nice little video on his blog talking about this. Peter Schiff Blog
  6. In the same boat, kind of. I am 21 years-old, I do not like my job, I make enough money to eat and put gas in my car to get to work, My father pays my rent (which is depressing), I don't like my one friend who is probably the biggest a-hole on the planet. I have my degree, but it will never make me any money. I am rather miserable like you. I spend most of my time thinking about what I'm going to do and how I'm going to get from A to B and I never end up acting. I believe if I think about something long enough the answer will magically pop in to my head and all the dots will perfectly align. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. I can honestly say though, that if I didn't have my job. I would be a lot worse off. My job sucks, but sitting alone in my room is absolute torture. Probably why I also use to have a World of Warcraft subscription (Hey! My Troll Hunter just got a sweet piece of gear, see I'm achieving things...) I complain about going to work, but on my days off I am so bored I end up calling work to see if I can pick up a shift. Anything to get out and do something. I have made new friends since starting my job. I may not have a lot in common with most of them, but they are at least good people. Set goals for yourself and get crazy about them. It will make you much happier. Take something that you really want badly and work on achieving it. For me, getting in really great shape is my goal, so its all I do when I'm not working. I monitor everything I eat, I exercise everyday, I take supplements, I read up on new products that can help me get to my goal, I do everything and anything to achieve it. This has brought me happiness I haven't experienced in a long time. I hope this helps you in someway. Just get out and do something. Sitting around will make life seem hopeless. Nothing is going to fall in to your lap and most things don't happen over night.
  7. What is the point of burning a bunch of qurans if you arent even going to roast a nice, plump, juicy pig over it?
  8. I Don't mean to laugh at your situation, but that just made my day. Thanks for sharing. My advice would be to try to enjoy the class. I use to have a Documentary teacher just like this. I took advantage of the situation. I got a good laugh and I met some good friends by just watching other peoples reactions to the non-sense coming from his mouth.
  9. I suppose making out with someone other than your partner and then deceiving them speaks nothing of character.
  10. Suggestion. Run. I'm going off a very limited amount of information, but take her previous actions, extrapolate them and you will have a good indication of how she will act. I really like Ben, I mean I'm dating him and all, but Fabio is a modern day Mozart on the keys. Flash forward. I really like Fabio, but Pieare really knows how to handle that whammy bar on his guitar. etc. Just plug yourself in to the equation. You say she is only dating this guy because he was there for her after a break-up. Not a good sign. Sounds like your average high school girl. As Kevin said. "I have a suspicion that this lady is a master of having her cake and eating it, too."
  11. I think the North Korean people have been through enough already. This crosses the line.
  12. Not much information given, but apparently the previous director of Atlas Shrugged is trying to sue. Atlas Shrugged Ex-Director Suing the Film
  13. Obama doesn't shake hands, he "fist bumps." He fists many things. His supporters, his wife, America. Needless to say I feel as though I've already experienced the "fist." I've had my fill.. I would never willfully consent to being "fisted" by him.
  14. Sure they can, but you've already bought your B and C level cast and crew because you never had a budget to begin with.
  15. So they are shooting it on the Red Camera with an ARRI Geared Head, not a cell phone. Surprising. They even have a focus puller!
  16. A 5 million dollar budget... I guess they will be shooting this on someones camera phone. Dagny Taggart. Up close, shakey and out of focus.
  17. That's because Obama is still a student in the ways of Communism. He has a lot more rights to destroy before the master will bow to him.
  18. I think his Philosophy would look something like this. Metaphysics: Reality is whatever I repeat enough times. Epistemology: You can eat your cake and steal another one from whitey Ethics: Man exists to serve others. Politics: Give me free internet, an Xbox 360 with Gold subscription, Nike High Tops etc. or give me death.
  19. I will refuse to pay a fine for not having health insurance and I have no intentions on going to jail. That's awesome.
  20. Nothing this man does anymore surprises me. If he wanted to take over Burger King tomorrow because his ass liked the Rodeo Burger they got rid of a few years back, it still wouldn't surprise me.
  21. It is obviously wrong to harm innocent people, but excluding that factor. I have a hard time really caring that the IRS building was attacked. Either I am a terrible person, or I understand how evil taxation is.
  22. Instead of creating a new topic I thought I would ask the question in here since it is related. It’s probably not the smartest thing to organize your life around a lover, but how do you keep them in context of all your other values? I seem to be the most happiest when I'm spending time with my girlfriend rather then working (who would have thought), so how do you not allow that person to consume your time and become the center of your life? I seem to derive more happiness from my relationship then from my job, so shouldn’t it become a higher value?
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