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  1. Sounds like slanderous postulating. In addition to what Andrew said he also doesn't recognize animals rights (stating they would never recognize ours) and is critical of environmentalist.
  2. It still lacks the cohesion of a single goal. Too many hands in the pot as it were, all with different goals, values, and objectives. One of my favorite stories of the iphone is when the development team at Apple gave Steve Jobs the first iphone prototype. After inspecting it he proclaimed " I just can't talk myself into loving it" he then promptly told them to start over from the beginning. This is the kind of vision and oversight that Android lacks. There may be a team of engineers working out the details but at the end of the day they still take their marching orders from the vision and objectives of a single architect who has a master plan. No alliance or committee can ever match that.
  3. The open source freedom you hint at doesn't work. That's why Linux isn't popular. Nothing designed by multiple teams and committees can compete with an individual goal and idea. Perhaps the next Android phone should be called "The Courtland". Also I don't think its unreasonable for a consumer to demand that a product work seamlessly out of the box without having to worry about defects or security.
  4. Android is the flag ship OS of the OHA or Open Handset Alliance. The OHA consist of over sixty different companies each contributing to the design. There is also no quality control for the android or its apps. Its ripe for viruses and security flaws. Here is a article from today's Wall Street Journal about the security flaws: Dark Side Arises for Phone Apps
  5. The Android platform is design by committee. This type of thing never ends well.
  6. The left would spin it. Tomorrow's headlines would read: 'Rand Paul vows to Fight to the Death for Segregation".
  7. You don't contact them. They derive their numbers from conducting an over the phone poll. Is it accurate? Probably not. Especially if you compare the numbers to the payrolls of companies.
  8. They can't..... The dogs could be bombs.
  9. Why would they take a truck load of possible pipe bombs to the police station...
  10. From his campaign page: Immigration The Fed On Taxes:
  11. Just about every philosophy and philosopher had their own ideas about these things. Does that make every school of philosophy a cult? Sound like your friend is incapable of differentiating religion and philosophical thought.
  12. I'm not saying that it wasn't a great catch. You just have to come up with your own name (The Steel Trap?). People have been refereeing to Montana to Clark catch "the catch" for nearly 28 years. Besides if the phrase could be replaced it would most likely be the Manning to Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII that would claim it.
  13. Hold on here...What catch are you talking about? In the NFL "The Catch" is the one made by Dwight Clark from Joe Montana in the 1982 NFC championship. There can't be two ["The Catch"] that would be confusing and inane.
  14. How about Switzerland? I often thought of moving there.
  15. Yes, but that's what Apple does. It doesn't invent new categories but rather takes existing ideas and makes them better. For example they didn't invent the MP3 player, Cellphone and music player but expanded their roles, improved the quality and made them easier to use and include them in their architecture of other devices. As for the Asus EEE its a completely different animal. Have fun walking around with a 10'' clam shell in you arms. Not to mention its flimsy plastic pieces and lack of flash memory. It only has a 1024 x 600 LED screen resolution vs 1024x768 IPS on the iPad. The Asus comes with Windows XP which means you can now crash your laptop on the go. Its what you would expect in a netbook, compromises in all corners. This is the type of thing you get from design by committee.
  16. The contrast between Peter and the other two is striking. He also clearly showed he was the better public speaker.
  17. Yeah, the chart is great if you include the banking and finance sector. Here is the chart for manufactured goods. Happy skiing. As for the industrial production and capacity utilization index its completely relevant seeing that its a measure of the change in the production of the nation's factories, mines and utilities. It also includes a measure of their industrial capacity and how much of it is being used. The fact that the same factory in the us that are being used today are producing less and less over the last two decades is reviling. I take offense to that. What facts are suggesting I'm making up? Lets try and have a conversion without slanderous postulating. After all many of these theories that you attribute to me I've taken from various Austrian Economist. Remember at the end of the day we all want the same thing.
  18. Yes, I see your point however like I said how do you measure industrial production? Though the GDP? Like I showed on the previous post those numbers are artificially risen by counting foreign inputs so they are not an accurate way to measure industrial output. That's not real production. They only reason they piece them together here is to avoid tariffs. These things could be assembled anywhere. The only way you can really judge us production is through the Manufacturing capacity utilization rate index, the level of industrial employment, and the deficit in trade all these things have fallen not just in the last year but have been declining in the last twenty. The utilization of industry, the increase of industrial jobs and exports are rapidly rising in most of Asia but falling here. Look at the deficit. It rises as our utilization of industry falls.
  19. Its hard to say because one of the problems with the way the Fed calculates industrial production is that it counts all inputs as if they were produced here in the US. For example if GM imports its Carburetors from Asia (as I believe it does) along with other parts once the car is finished the Fed counts all parts of the car as being produced in the US and the manufacturing of the Carburetor is counted as part of our GDP. This isn't much different then me buying a table at Ikea assembling it my self and saying I produced the table. Here is the production output for the last ten years: Here is a chart showing the Trade balance This chart shows the change in labor in the last six months
  20. I couldn't help notice you didn't mention the manufacturing capacity utilization index which I posted. The index has fallen nearly twenty percent since '82. Here's the chart again. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION AND CAPACITY UTILIZATION: SUMMARY for 2009. Keep in mind these are the Federal Reserve's numbers. God knows they have a history of changing rules and inflating numbers to make their numbers seem better ie Unemployment, GDP, CPI. However, if these are their improved numbers I'd hate to see were they most likely are.
  21. Ask and ye shall receive. According to the EPI (Economic Policy Institute): between 2000 and 2003, annual manufacturing employment in the United States declined by almost 3 million jobs, and has been largely flat since then. The level of manufacturing employment is the lowest since 1950. According to the Daily Capitalist in the last two years construction employment declined by 27,000, manufacturing employment fell by 41,000, and information industry jobs fell by 17,000. The Daily Finance:U.S. industrial production falls, factory use hits record low
  22. Seeing how very little is produced in the US anymore anyhow I fail to see how they expect a VAT to collect much money. It would however help to diminish what little production capacity still remains.
  23. I guess its they think its easier than thinking and dealing with reality. I can't take such people seriously. My response would be "yeah, good luck with that".
  24. Does anyone know if CNN or CNBC has covered this story? I tried looking for it but could not find it. It seems they are trying to keep it under wraps.
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