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  1. I'm sorry but I've met more messed up beautiful people then I have overweight people. It's merely a matter of taking care of yourself. People these days sit at their desks every day in cubicles, go to Mc Donalds four times a day and ride in their cars while never walking and they don't think about this because if is busy. I honestly don't think being overweight creates immorality.
  2. And even if what Tom said was true, wouldn't mean anything if you ask me. Things change.
  3. No doubt there WILL be a sequel. The movie was cool, subtle, nothing to squeel about though. You could drive a truck through some of the plot holes and many times it seemed like a lot of random stuff kept happening. It seems that a lot of the movie was made to satisfy the lovers of the comic. I recommend a good viewing though.
  4. I actually remember watching Captain Planet all the time. Never bought into the whole enviornmentalist agenda. Maybe I was somewhat Macabre and strange as a child but I always wanted someone to murder that Captain planet. I remember sometimes wondering why the "real" plans of the "eco-terrorists" weren't revealed. This were just destroying the enviornment for no aparent reason. Just if the trees they were cutting was a house being built for a homeless shelter, helping people get back on their feet. Once I asked myself that, I turned to something more worthy. As for Ducktales, I loved Ducktales. I loved how enormously huge Scrooge's house was, and his safe full of gold. Gosh, we are greedy!
  5. Recently I was given a warning about my last post in this thread. I apologize for offending anyone who may have read it and was appalled. My message wasn't intended to shock nor mock, but sheer curiousity of that which wasn't being regarded as relevant to the topic of discussion or the initiator of the discussion. And again, I apologize.
  6. It's alright. It wasn't what my friends and others are making it out to be. I heard plenty of rave reviews for the movie before I saw it. I expected it to be one of the greatest comedies but was let down. It has it's moments. The movie was made by mormon's after all...
  7. A lot of the students I know from High School are familiar with Anthem, yet after Anthem, usually no one decides to go further in Rand's philosophy. I was introduced to Rand by my teacher because I expressed such a liking towards Emerson.
  8. My technique is to argue with someone never mentioning Ayn Rand, once I realize I have the upper hand and their somewhat interested in where I conjur my ideals from, I give them a couple of essays.
  9. I was at my local Barnes and Nobles and they were promoting Ayn Rand and the new editions, headline was "Try Something New" and it had a mountain climber under it.
  10. I honestly hate Wal-Mart. No, it has nothing to do with anti-corporate rhetoric, I just don't like it because Wal-Mart provides horrible service, doesn't bother to put anything in the right place, kids run up and down screaming and crying like crazy as if their parents suddenly disappeared when there right by you and you always find some of the strangest people there.
  11. To be honest, I don’t know if there is a definition that can literally package cyberpunk. But right after I get from work, I’ll try to sit down and gather my thoughts down and try to pin you something unless Thoyd Loki can do better for you. Until then, maybe this page I found from Wikipedia could help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyber-punk BTW: I understand most Objectivist will not be "Cyberpunk" friendly. A lot of the genre itself is post modern philosophically combining enlightment elements with Japanese belief like say Confucious.
  12. Wow jeez Thoyd, if I want to give him a definition I will. No need to prophesies my actions. Is your paragraph correct, yes, in some ways that’s what certain authors focus on. Cyber punk can relate or refer to a book genre, movie, hackers, or culture. The only thing I’d find wrong with the genre is it’s post-modern elements. Though may novels I’ve read from say William Gibson, I wouldn’t describe as entirely hero less, yes there’s usually no caricature we can all “look up to”. The genre usually has an element of pulp detective noir novels combined with only what I could say japanese anime. (For example Ghost in the Shell)
  13. Cyberpunk would refer to William Gibson, The Matrix, Lawnmower Man, among all the popular images I can conjure. More of an appeal to science fiction then anything. Future technological advances with a dash of Quentin Tarantino. As for the art work, I believe the designs provide excellent symbolic imagery almost reaching to the depths of something sci-fi and philosophic. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the previous art work, but I was simply bored by it.
  14. Happy New Years May we all have less taxes, less terrorists, less government interferences, and less troubles and tribulant times. Any Resolutions?
  15. Okay, one thing that's been bothering me for a long time. Does Objectivism and Objectivist promote Conservativism? Just a question.
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