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  1. I don't generally go for the buff types, but I do likes me some Jason Statham (he's the one on the left)
  2. I never have been attracted to Tom Hanks really. When he was younger I thought he was attractive enough but he didn't really do it for me. My tastes in men are odd I guess. I think that picture I posted was not very good. Like this guy just love him. though I can't say why. that's christopher eccleston by the way.
  3. Actually I heard too much about it (the ending though not in specific detail) which made me avoid seeing to movie for months until my father rented it. The first half-75% of the movie I found incredible enjoyable. Especially the relationship between Swank and Clint, it reminded me of Roark and Cameron's interactions.
  4. I did like that touch. Swanks character maintained her personality and heroism despite her situation. Now thinking about it I really liked that line Swank delivered, something like : I fought my way into this world and I'll fight my way out. Perhaps I was wrong in my judgement. I'd like to see that movie again.
  5. OK I really want to like Rachel Weis. After Enemy at the Gates and About a Boy I had really high hopes for her. But then I saw the juror and saw that she was in Constantine and now this? To be fair I haven't seen the movie, but I think I get the message of it-- Pharmaceutical companies are evil. Am I right? Has anyone seen it--is it even out yet?
  6. I just saw this movie tonight as well. I fully enjoyed the first half. Obviously there was a shift, and while I enjoyed the character Swank portrayed throughout the movie I feel like Clint (as a director) didn't quite get the message across that she was still a hero. It almost had (I felt) an ambiguous tone-- like they weren't making a judgement on the right to die and the implications of that choice on a once heroic character. Even if Clint implied his judgement. Still a well made and acted movie.
  7. Agreed. As well as another Hepburn-- Katherine. I think it's mostly her personality but she has a hard edge look yet still so feminine. I also think Jodie Foster is beautiful as well as Gwyneth Paltrow who I used to not like but now do admire her quite a bit. She has a very classy look.
  8. Haha. I can really just hear the contempt you have for tourists. Honestly I don't have a clue what it takes either. All I know is that Colorado is one of the few states she can do it. Some thing to do with licenses etc.
  9. Why exactly is Estes Park great for small business owners? My mother was thinking about moving out to colorado to start a dental practice, so I might be able to point her in the Estes direction...
  10. I've heard that Hong Kong is pretty close to laissez-faire capitalism. Any truth to that? If anyone knows.
  11. this one reminds me of my own mental image of what the Lost Liberty Hotel will look like if it's ever built
  12. Where do you guys think would be the most ideal town for an objectivist to live in and why? For example maybe in states that have no personal income tax?
  13. Oh also the guy from Run Lola Run Moritz Bleibtreu. He has very masculine features (minus the plump lips) And his mouth is the very essence of contempt. I never quite understood what Ayn was talking about until I started watching german/dutch films.
  14. For me the ideal man has been Cary Grant for a long time. He always seemed confident, like he knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. Most of his characters were unapologetically egotistical. He is certainly handsome but I never would have noticed him if it wasn't for his personality. I do believe that the roles an actor choses reflect their beliefs-- which is why I could never be attracted to someone like Brad Pitt. By the way I totally agree with JMeganSnow on Peikoff. I think he is very attractive.
  15. I imagine that if Rand could have heard some of the Prog Rock that came out in the 80s and beyond she would have some good things to say about it. No obviously it doesn't have the same value as a symphony, but the artists proficiency with their instruments and often symphonic melodies are valuable. And music that makes you happy and want to dance--she definitely valued.
  16. What I have come to learn in my many many arguments with faithful people is that you cannot prove that god does NOT exist, when they have not given even a satisfactory definition of what god is. Most will say: he can't be known, his ways are mysterious. There isn't one shred of physical evidence -not sight taste sound touch or even effects of his presence that cannot be explained by science. It isn't your job to prove he doesn't exists, it's there's to prove he is since they are asserting he does exist.
  17. I'm always shocked when I found out that married couples didn't discuss children--if they want them, how many, who will work/raise them, is spanking OK...
  18. I have to say I've watched it, and thought I've loved that guy since his blackadder days I hate the character of House. He just seems to absolutely despise life and only works there and teaches because it's his duty as a genius. And I'm also not a big fan of sarcasm as one's major element of humour, sarcasm is usually a viscious style of humour meaning to degrade the intelligence of another.
  19. I agree with Randy Newman. How do you feel about the lyrics to "The World Isn't Fair"? I always interpreted that as Pro-capitalism dis towards Marxism. But by roomie thought it was apologetic--for wealth and ignoring the poor. Also one of my fave songs (i actually heard about from one of Ayn's short stories) is "My blue heaven" by Gene Autry Whippoorwills call, evenin’ is nigh Hurry to my blue heaven Turn to the right, there’s a little white light Will lead you to my blue heaven You’ll see a smilin’ face, a fireplace, a cozy room Little nest that nestles where the roses bloom Molly and me, and the baby makes three We’re happy in my, in my blue heaven <instrumental> You’re gonna see a smilin’ face, fireplace, cozy room And a little nest nestled where the roses bloom Just molly and me, and the baby is three We’re so happy in my blue heaven We’re happy in my blue heaven We’re happy in my blue heaven!
  20. I think maybe what he's saying (but I could be wrong) is that nobody really owns the land ever. All you do is hold the rights to use and develop the land, and any developments you did make are yours and your alone to reap the benefit of. In your example, the investment you made on the land was your mind's effort to know that the land would gain value regardless of you doing anything to it, the original capital you bought it with and the time you spent without selling the property (you could have sold the land earlier and used the money but you chose not to). So it is perfectly right to reap a profit. You didn't create the land but you did create value simply by sitting back and letting time roll by.
  21. I saw the movie and while I have to say I was incredibly irritated by the mood, I liked in general the fact that the children were able to escape danger by using their brains. Personally when I was a child (about 8-10) one of my favorite books was a collection of greek mythology. Man I wore that thing ragged. The specific book I read was "the greek gods by evslin, evslin & hoopes" HAHA looking at it now, the pictures are really funny--it must have been published in the 60's or 70's. There may be better collections out there of greek myths but I liked the organization of this one. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde may be good (you may want to read or re-read this first). I know I enjoyed that one and it is quite short but the writing as I remember is outstanding. Actually stongbrains.com reccomended Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You may want to check out the website http://strongbrains.com/
  22. Don't worry about when to adopt the title "Objectivist" you'll know when it's right. It took me about 5 months after reading atlas, vos, ctui, and some of OPAR. But I was lucky because I had a friend (the one who introduced me to Objectivism) who was very experienced and talked with me very often before I discovered it and while I was first acquainting myself with it.
  23. I am seriously considering going to grad school in Irvine just so I can go to all of those free ARI lectures. II wish they'd do more in NYC. Arg! There's going to be something in Philly the week after I go back to school. Damn the luck. http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pag...ents_ari_events
  24. Oh come on -- I say Philadelphia. Home of the constitution and um...a great symphony orchestra and me
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