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  1. "Gotta Lotta Erica" "Gives a Meal Erica-Appeal" "But I'd Rather Have a Bowl of Erica" "Four out of Five Dentists Recommend Erica." "You'll Never Put A Better Bit Of Erica On Your Knife." "This Is The Age Of The Erica."
  2. I never said that I needed immediate gratification but only that I enjoy it. Having said that, I can imagine how that probably seems when you consider the ridiculous path I took. When it comes to choosing what to pursue in medicine, I factored that part of my personality into the mix. I had to imagine what I would prefer doing if I was up all night. I knew that I would do best on my feet and using my hands.
  3. So you would favor government restrictions on private companies when it feels that the countries the companies deal with are behaving in an unsavory manner? This sounds more appealing to you than allowing the companies to police themselves (and expecting that they will)? I'm not sure that I understand your assertion that Microsoft has a moral obligation to expand its influence "in as much as it enriches the share holders." In my opinion, the fact that a company's actions are based on the interests of share holders does not afford some morality to those actions.
  4. When I was applying to medical school, I knew that I would face the question, "Why do you want to be a doctor?" Most of the other people I knew didn't venture beyond, "Because I want to help people". I refused to offer that up as my reason because it was untrue. My motivation for becoming a physican was purely selfish. I found the human body, its normal physiology, and all of its pathology fascinating. I loved learning how to evaluate problems, putting clues together, coming up with (ideally) the correct diagnosis, and taking care of the problem (if possible). My interest in going into
  5. Agreed except for there being nothing harsh about your statement.
  6. Well, the rest of the country wouldn't be responsible for rebuilding areas destroyed by "the big one".
  7. Instead of spewing propaganda, I wish Exxon would reimburse the government for the $92 million that it cost to clean up after the Valdez oil spill.
  8. It was fun thinking back, trying to remember what I watched way back when. I have enjoyed looking at everyone else's entries. As for House, I used to love it, but the medicine became far to inaccurate and/or unrealistic that I think I'm done at least for now. I may go back and try again. Well, here's my list if anyone is interested: X-Files - I miss Mulder & Scully. CSI - I'm completely addicted to this show. Iron Chef - Yes. Excellent choice. Family Guy - I never liked the Simpsons, so I was doubtful that I would enjoy this one. I was so wrong. Favorite on the show?
  9. Why should any business be expected to help the competition? Frankly, I think Microsoft should tell the EU to stuff it. I realize that's not terribly good for business, but the company would survive ultimately. I also suspect EU might change its position (perhaps wishful thinking). Let's not establish an irritating precident.
  10. As much of a pain as it must be, I'm impressed that you all go to such efforts to standardize (as much as possible) the grading between applicants. I would imagine that students from schools using the A=93-100, etc. scale would be quite reassured to know that.
  11. That's kinda how I thought of it, too.
  12. So, MatthewJ, what did she end up doing that night?
  13. I hate make it sound like a lost cause, but I'm not sure that this would work. Someone improving an aspect of him/herself to win my love is not a reflection of a sincere interest in changing, and the person may look less attractive in the end. It's a different story when someone recognizes a flaw and consciously works to improve him/herself. That can be very attractive.
  14. I am just curious to know why the military paid compensation to the victims' families but concluded in their final report that the deaths as the result of an IED. The military pays compensation only when it is responsible. This raised some questions in my mind as to whether there was a larger cover-up. If the soldiers are guilty, then they were wrong to do what they did. What bothers me so much about the military's handling of this is the fact that it thinks that ethics training is the answer to keeping this from happening again. Ethics training? Who is the teacher? Just what is it that
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