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  1. Exactly. Should we be giving props to people in the past for having children that are more docile and easier to control? Is it really better to have children that don't question their slavery to the state but instead just do what they're told?
  2. How far back are you talking? My mother attended high school in the 1960s and not only were drugs very prevalent there was a school shooting that killed two of her classmates. I am very skeptical of the idea that in the past young people were less violent and more well behaved.
  3. Sadly because the rebate checks were purchased with debt they aren't actually paying it down. They are simply delaying it further into the future when they will have to pay it through taxes.
  4. Two years ago I could drive from my house to the grocery store and always have internet connection via unsecured wireless networks. Now less than about one in four of them are still open. I think this probably has more to do with companies changing the defaults to protect the customers than increased awareness about router configuration.
  5. I was a huge Pooh fan when I was a kid. I would make my mother put in the tapes almost everyday. Sadly I don't remember the storyline but I'm sure it had a lasting impact on my early life.
  6. Maybe that child would have invented a new energy source that can power the globe and produce less emissions. Now we'll never know.
  7. Try using VLC: http://www.videolan.org/ If it still doesn't play it is the disk and not your computer.
  8. I'm listening to Dragonforce right now. They never play anything this uplifting, exciting, or complex on the local rock stations. It is simply amazing.
  9. I don't know of any arguments in the bible against slavery either, but I do think it should be noted that a large majority of the people in the abolitionist movement were Christians. Perhaps it is something something unrelated to their religion, but it does cause one to think that maybe something about Christian ethics lead them to believe the suffering of slaves to be wrong.
  10. You laugh but you sound exactly like the majority of my vocal classmates here at ASU.
  11. So what happens when the state is abusing the children? I would argue that public school abuse children's minds by forcing them to conform to their warped ethics.
  12. Climate Audit is one of the most professional global warming websites you are likely to find. It deals with the problems in the climate record and especially with the IPCC studies.
  13. I believe the ruler in West Germany who got rid of the price controls was influenced by Austrian-style economic theory. I don't know of any link in Japan though. The Road To Serfdom -F.A. Hayek The Law -Frederic Bastiat Basic Economics -Thomas Sowell (It was published in the 21st Century...so sue me)
  14. It's not really an "Objectivist" city per se. It is just that the city is similar in many ways to Galt's Gulch in that it was hidden from the major population and inhabited by productive geniuses and had some form of highly capitalist economy.
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