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  1. I'm not appealing to anyone to justify my position, and all life still remains sacred to me.
  2. I feel the same .Personally I do not beleive in an eye for an eye. I always think that theres got to be a better way. Give him a life of hard labor. I too would find hard to take a life unless it was in complete self defense and there was no other way out.I consider all life to be sacred. If we really lived up to "an eye for an eye" imagine the number of drug company executives that would be going to the gallows for knowingly passing out "medecines" that actually kill people,not to mention those who poison the food with chemicals that have been causing disease in people and eventually premature death. Besides, taking the life of another even if they took anothers' life sounds more like revenge than justice. kublakan [Mod's note: The pharmaceutical company part has been split to another thread. -sN]
  3. For the same reason you are, to learn,to "try to figure all this out". Or have you already in this short time been able to embody the kind of patience that Ryand showed in the face of ignorance when she was on the Donahue show?It takes alot more than just reading books to follow a philosophy, it takes alot of probing into your own mind, which is what Ryand most likely did and which is why she was able to come up with a Philosophy of her own while others just follow it .You read her books,correct?and yet you still ask others to give you advice on how to be unaffected by your peers, when and how to be indifferent.Perhaps you ought to reread Fountainhead or Atlas to remind you of how to find your own independance like Rand did or the characters in her books.Meanwhile I will when I get a chance make a topic explainig my world view and shall present my reasoning.I do like the feed back.I am on a quest. "the pursuit of my own rational self-interest & of my own happiness is the highest moral purpose of my life" Kublakan
  4. Pehaps you have misunderstood me, or rather I have not made myself clear.The answer I gave was in the context to what Robert mentioned about feeling a certain impatience with people like Donahue and peers who do not seem to be living up to certain standards. From my own experience I had to dispell with the idea of wright and wrong when it came to how others perceive life, their philosophy, theirwayof life ect.etc.In other words not to judge them, because otherwise conflict arises within, and this creates impatience towards others.Impatience certainly does not do anything to solve the problems, or does it? I never claimed or assumed that a criminal mugging and shooting someone has the same value and moral worth as an honest person.That was your assumption about me. But that was most likely my fault for not being more clear about it. . And yes, if my life was in threat or anyone I valued (which to me are all beings)I too would act accordingly. I am for self preservation. "When anyone judges someone else, it is assumed to bewithin the context of their knowledge" That may be true, but does knowledge equal wisdom? Many people have a great deal of knowledge, know alot of facts are well read and may be very clever and intellectual.But they dont seem to be very wise. All you need do is take a look at the leaders and the present condition of our world.And just because knowledge is known doesnt mean judgements are fair. Your judgement of me wasnt completely fair and you were quick to judge and pass final judgement. As far as knowing about the existence of the world wouldnt a good begining be my own conciousness? How could I know and understand anything about the outer workings of the world and universe if I do not understand the inner workings of my mind and spirit,of myself first. I thank you for taking some interest in what I said. It makes me realize how much I need to work on communicating and explaining my thoughts.I'm just beginning. Most of anything I wish to grow so I welcome all comments. Kublakan
  5. .. I know it to be right because it works for me. It has helped me to understand people and situations that I would not have understood otherwise. It may not work for others,I dont know.We all look at life through our own personal point of view. I may look at what someone else is doing and may deem it wrong, but to them it may be right, I do not know their reasons. So who am I to judge their way as right or wrong. I can only judge my own the best I can with what I have learned, know and feel, and see where that takes me.So far its looking pretty good, there is no inner conflict within me. Trust thyself.
  6. Mod's note: This is a split from another thread. -sN This is very interesting.The things you mention are inner conflicts that one finds in all humanity.Most humans are conflicted by the dualities in life.We live by justice but one suffers because there is a lack of it in the outside world.So how does one find peace in a world that is in turmoil? I beleive that the virtues that Ayn Rand speaks of are eternal and not limited to one philosophy or to the beleives or ideals of one person.Rather these virtues are the highest ideals of the human spirit and the human mind.When we understand this then perhaps we begin to understand that the philosophy we choose is not the only path to a life of peace.There are many paths that lead to a better life and everyone has chosen a different one. And everyone is at different levels.To have understanding and compassion for these individuals is the only way otherwise life begins to feel heavy.The virtue of patience is not to be valued but to be lived.And this too takes understanding.Try to understand others point of view and were they are coming from.This doesnt mean that you agree with them it simply means that you will keep an open mind and try to find some common ground. This isnt impossible but it can be hard. You see I found that sometimes our beleives can sometimes limit us from opening up to the reality of life which is that we are all different and we are all the same . In other words we are a bit of an abstraction.We are different because we take different paths and we are the same because we all want to feel that we are right and that what we beleive is the only way.What does this create ,but conflict with one another. There are some people that let their anger speak for them ,it is better to walk away and let them be for those are the ones that perhaps dont know themselves yet and live in fear. For if a person lives truth then one would have no need to defend their values and have no need to stand up against anyone who beleives different. Let others be and respect the fact that they value their beleives as much as you value your own. With this in mind you will feel less affected by others viewpoint,and this is how we create a more peaceful world.Not by getting others to agree with us or us agreeing with others , but by letting others be and being more concerned with our own personal evolution. As far as right and wrong are concerned I have dispelled with the idea. There is only Life. And everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.It takes time and plenty of trial and error. Rome wasnt built in a day afterall.
  7. "Nothing is wright or wrong but thinking makes it so"-shakespear Whatever turns you on and anyway the way some people have sex youd think they were a corpse,and some other are just animals
  8. If it bothers you than obviously you know inside that it probably isnt right. Whaterver amount of$ this person is offering just ask yourself "is it worth my peace of mind?" You know the answer.
  9. Its not supposed to be takn literally.Most people do and therein lies the problem.Its all symbolism and very interesting if one is able to read it as such. Otherwise forget it .Too many contradictions.
  10. Perhaps it is a real threat but also if you do some research on the planets weather changes through the centuries it shows that earth goes through tremendous changes every certain amount of years.I don't remmember exactly how many years in between but if i remmember correctly its some 20 thousand years or so that pretty big changes have taken place. On the other hand maybe humans are also partly responsible for the deterioration of the planet. It seems to me that we should be more concerned with the deterioration of the human spirit and mind because this is where the roots of the real problem lie. The state of our world is a reflection of the inner turmoil and conflict humans are feeling. There is much fear in the world about everything, from living to dying ,to what will become of you tomorrow etc.etc.Peoples lifes are based on fear.So how could one make them care about anything if their whole foundation is fear-based. Perhaps thats where one should begin. But thats a journey many know not where to begin. Also true self interest is being socially responsible.I dont think one could separate this.If something is of true benefit to one it benefits the many. Humanity must first find the source of its ignorance and all problems will begin to solve. To inspire another to live better from within is the best one could do. You as a writer can inspire others to think, to ponder, to question themselves. Like a farmer planting seeds, so you plant seeds of thought.And this can create big changes. But big changes will not happen if it doesnt happen first within. And I guess a few good laws wont hurt!
  11. Why were you limited by fear?
  12. People have been claiming this from the beginnig of time.Pehaps there is truth to this.There is much that is unknown and unexplained in this universe. Even science cannot explain much though they try, but even they are stomped because the complexity of the human being is great and so is the simplicity. Answers cannot be found in a book,though many books can help to get you closer to the answer.The answers I beleive lie within the self. It is really not a phenomenon though perhaps in our generation it would be seen as such because of the simple fact that most human beings are out of touch with themselves.There was long ago a time were human beings were closer to their inner beings and this communion or communication with "GOD" was natural to most. Not an illusion but a reality. Simply meant that one was in touch with their HIGHEST self.Highest self being WISDOM. Looking at the world today ther is a lack of it, but not completely lost (it will make a come back).Science will not be able to explain this, science is limited.You must search deeper. On the other hand,yes.Parts of the brain are triggered when this communion takes place. But first the feeling of oneness , communion, unity must happen and then the brain follows.Not the other way around.
  13. Perhaps it is because faith is simply another word for trust.This presence of god that people feel or experience under certain circumstances such as NED's+ other circumstances are moments of experiencing that feeling of oneness with the universe, themselves and their surroundings.Perhaps a fleeting moment of bliss ,and the only way to describe what they experienced would be to call it GOD.I suppose that it would be somewhat like having the worst day of dealing with traffic,jobs,bosses and not to mention rude people.At the end of your day you get home.Now home would certainly feel HEAVENLY. From what i read about people that have ned's, phisically what happens is that oxygen intake becomes limited in the brain, so perhaps what happens from then is that the mind stops for however long the experince is, and therefore they FEEL rather than THINK.When this happens one is able to experience the MOMENT through feeling rather than through thought. And when one experiences the moment it is as though god has come into existence(not the god of religion) But one doesn't have to experience a NED to understand this or to experience this oneness.Silence the mind and see what happens. The mind is a great tool but it can also be a great limitation.
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