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  1. First the government itself is far from benign. The government is the one the generates and enforces laws that ultimately serve to protect individual rights or destroy individual rights. That is a power that is far from benign, in scope and/or in practice. The fact that they are lobbied by big business DOES NOT mean they have to cater to what big business seeks. Individual politicians CHOOSE of their own volition to allow "big business" to use pull; thus indicative of a corrupt politician. This is one of the very reasons why government should not be in the market, because of the potential
  2. I'm on book 5 of the Dexter series. I have no inclination of becoming a serial killer. While Rand may have intended AS to be a fictional extension of her philosophical beliefs, that does not mean the reader is going to read it with the intent of accepting it as more than "just a good story". On the other hand, the Bible is not presented as a fictional story, it is presented as reality with very scary eternal results if one does not heed its instructions. There is a huge difference there in the amount of psychological coercion going on.
  3. Are you familiar with the Fallacy of the Stolen Concept? How does one precisely and scientifically use "self-delusion" or "over-confidence" without using rationality as a primary? You are positing a contradiction, that one can choose to be rationally irrational. Additionally, how does one choose to delude oneself IF they KNOW they are deluding their self? Earlier you made the claim that the information in those studies was easily and readily usable. I doubt that claim. One cannot just make themselves over-confident if they are not in the first place. One cannot simply ignore re
  4. It's hard to claim it was "seized" when the Native Americans didn't even recognize or understand the concept of private property. That came with the Europeans. Additionally, whether or not the government was the initially seller of private property BACK THEN has nothing to do with the propriety of government's place in the market NOW. It is improper to compound one's errors simply because that was how it was historically done. You might as well suggest we just trash all the knowledge we gained from then until now.
  5. If your premise is that self-delusion is ultimately more successful in achieving happiness, and assuming you yourself are in fact happily self-deluded, why are you seeking to determine the best means towards happiness with an objective line of questioning to determine the reality of your premise? In other words, you appear to seeking truth according to what is objectively real while denying that is necessary to be happy. There is a contradiction at work here with your premise and these studies you reference. Is it not the purpose of the study to determine what the reality is in this situati
  6. Corresponding to the "productiveness" over "family" argument, there are a number of studies out there that indicate people who retire early generally die sooner than people who retire later in life. Why? It is generally considered that they've lost their sense of purpose. http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/news/20051020/early-retirement-early-death
  7. The big difference is that many people don't "believe" in theories, they recognize that they are theories, not claims to proof or knowledge. Additionally, we've had several people come into this forum claiming a rational case for a creator but have each time fallen short of establishing that case. Usually it depends on how much assumption you are going to allow in one's logic in order to consider it rational or not. Other times it involves ignoring contradictions created by their alleged logic. Also, one needs to make the distinction between people who may be generally rational (and highly
  8. Of the Catholics that I know, I'm certainly not impressed with the consistency of their behavior to their claimed beliefs. I'm equally unimpressed with Avila's opinion that Catholicism is any less subjective than protestantism.
  9. Wow, thanks for sharing that. I am looking forward to this movie as well.
  10. I don't see where you are getting any of this from what he said. It is kind of presumed when talking about Objectivism that if one has a rational goal that is their passion, one must still remain alive and healthy enough to pursue that goal.
  11. One need not change people like one makes a bow in order to be able to change people. Some people are capable of being "changed" through rational reasoning and some people are not.
  12. In which all of these "various methods" (none of which you have expanded on) require force as the backbone in order for the concept to be called "enforcement". Please explain these other various methods.
  13. No, I'm pretty sure I'm not making a mistake at all. The distinction between "enforcement" and what you are suggesting, which is essentially telling or requesting, is that force is necessarily the stick behind the request or demand to comply. That doesn't mean that force has to be used in every instance of seeking compliance, it means that in every instance of seeking compliance force is the ultimate measure to be taken behind whichever other method is used to gain said compliance. Enforcement necessarily requires a "you will do this or you risk X happening to you whether you consent to X o
  14. I think enforcement DOES necessarily imply force. I'm not sure I see how "enforcement" implies submission or compliance. They are on the other side of the equation, so to speak. Enforcement seeks submission and compliance, but submission or compliance comes from the side that is the target of the enforcement. The "stick" (force) is always present as a result of not complying.
  15. They "rarely" live to the age of 25? I'm sure it's rough in Southside Queens, but "rarely" living to 25 seems exaggerated.
  16. Perhaps people can be greater than you think they can be. Pervasive in the biography of Steve Jobs is the theme of his tyrannical style of leadership. Yet equally pervasive is the theme of his ability to inspire people to do things they didn't think they could do. While likely less tyrannical than Jobs, perhaps in Mr. Allison's case he sees reading about the ideal to be more valuable than you see it to be. When one sees the problems of presented in AS, perhaps one would also see the need to emulate that ideal as best as possible, even if they don't initially think they could achieve the sa
  17. Thanks. My son was accepted at Tech prior to the 2007 shooting, and started attending classes the fall afterwards. Many people asked if I was worried about him going there in the wake of that massacre and at the time I was not. The likelihood of having another such school shooting at the same location is very minimal. However, since he's been there, there has been two more shootings, obviously not mass shootings like 2007, but still more than I would have guessed.
  18. http://abcnews.go.com/US/virginia-tech-shooter-deadl-lock-lifted/story?id=15114257#.TuEzRJh0uIE They think the second victim is actually the suspect. I'm hoping my son will graduate soon and get the heck out of there.
  19. RationalBiker

    Traffic Laws

    So some people told you they have a quota and you believe them... got it. Did you get a ticket from these quota-crazed cops that don't care about safety? This is the third time I've asked now. Initially, in the thread where you complained about being targeted for racism, I defended your position until someone suggested that you were the common denominator in many of your problems. I see that now.
  20. RationalBiker

    Traffic Laws

    I simply asked a question because I didn't know the answer. So you are saying that there are cops in that jurisdiction that told you they have a quota? Interesting. That could be great for you in court. You didn't answer though, did you get a ticket? So you must live in a dry area where parents don't keep alcohol in their homes. I didn't know that. Either that or the younger people there are not very resourceful. I live in an area that is not dry and it is possible for an under 21 folks to have been drinking and they sometimes have been. Rather than assuming someone is "ditzy"
  21. RationalBiker

    Traffic Laws

    You say you got pulled over, but did you actually get a ticket? Lots of places do not have quotas. What leads you to believe this jurisdiction has a quota? Also, there are people who've been drinking at 2:30 pm. Asking someone if they have been drinking is minimally invasive in terms of investigating the possibility. Why would you be offended by that? The officer does not know you personally. You thought it might be a scam, but you elected to pull over anyway? What changed your mind? What does texting drivers have to do with whether or not you were following bus too closely?
  22. You can think of it however you like. I don't invoke context, it exists independent of me. If you can't get your mind around that, that's not my problem. Have a nice one.
  23. Why is it important to get a nod that rain is good? You sound like you are taking something personally when all we (or perhaps I should just stick with I) are trying to do is put something into an objective perspective. Hurricanes and flooding resulting in death and property loss occur several times every year, so cases of rain threatening property and life are not so "extreme". Evaluating whether or not something is good or bad requires a context. Though you seem to keep resisting that idea, you keep providing a context every time you explain why rain is good to you. Rain is rain. Somet
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