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  1. As a person who is an addict and has been in an outpatient treatment, I can tell you your assertion about treatment facilities and professionals is untrue. From my experience, the professionals at these places don't 'convince you' that you're addicted and have no control. When I entered into treatment (voluntarily), it was because my life was becoming unmanageable as a result of drug use/addiction. The professionals at this facility hold the addicts accountable for their actions. They don't tell you that you have 'no control', rather, you DO have control, and you DO have the power to make the decisions it takes to live a sober life. If you had a disease such as diabetes, you can't magically not be diabetic any longer. However, if you eat a healthy diet, take the proper medicine, exercise, etc. you can manage your diabetes and live your life. The four criteria for a disease are that a disease is I. Primary, II. Progressive, III. Chronic, and IV. Fatal. Addiction meets all of these criteria. There are things an addict, just like a diabetic, can do to manage their disease, but they are still an addict.
  2. I wouldn't consider Lady Gaga an artist. I don't think she is a social commentator, or whatever you want to call it. Her purpose is to be successful. And she has done so.
  3. I love Lady Gaga. She is ambitious, successful, hard-working, detail oriented, professional, intelligent, creative, and very in touch with the world today. Maybe in touch isn't the correct phrase, but I believe she has a great understanding of the psychology of a great portion of our society, as evidenced by her incredibly fast rise to fame. She is also completely fake, and I love it. To me, it doesn't really matter what an artist thinks, what their views really are. I don't care about her personal life, her philosophy, what she eats, how she treats a cold, what kind of genitalia she has etc. The bulk of what matters to me is that when I hear her music, I feel good. Simple as that. On top of that, though, I can't help but be completely amused that there are people who really think she is genuine. I find it astonishing that anyone in this world believes anyone else is genuine...many of her fans REALLY believe it. It is her complete ingenuity that I like. I guess I'm a sick puppy, but I am jealous that she gets to be another person. I just finished reading "The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga" (by Maureen Callahan?) today. I would highly recommend it. Reading that you really get a better backstory and a better idea of who "Lady Gaga" is and where she came from. It's thoroughly entertaining. Anyway, i know for sure I will have more to say about the subject, as Gaga seems to be my current obsession, but I have lost my train of thought.
  4. Yeah, the super rich that were villified funded the project, but near the end they were going to leave behind all the Chinese laborers who built the arcs. Also, the governments knew about the end of the world and did not share the information with the rest of the people in the world. To me, this is what makes them villains most of all. Also, someone said earlier that the Russian's girlfriend gets to survive, but she actually drowns at the end after she puts the child and her dog over into the other room. Also also, the main character who 'dies in an act of selflessness' doesn't actually die, and his act was more in order to save his family, so I wouldn't call that an act of selflessness. Overall, the movie was kind of visually exciting, but it wasn't anything that special. One of my favorite parts was when the Russian Sascha and the stepdad are flying that huge Russian plane and they clip the Eiffel Tower. The stepdad looks back and says, 'Was that the Eiffel Tower?' and the Russian says, 'I sink so." and they both kind of chuckle. I thought that was kind of a funny moment.
  5. You could work at a grocery store as a stocker or cashier or janitor. I'm a night cashier at a grocery store and I find that it fits well with going to school. Also, my co-workers are the shit. It's a pretty fun job if you can handle heavy lifting and standing for 8 or more hours. Also, you could maybe consider making newspaper deliveries at night. I don't know how much that pays, but it's something, and I'd figure all you'd need is reliable transportation.
  6. Maybe you all should've seent Zombieland instead.
  7. In my experience, banks will refund a couple of overdraft fees if you just politely ask. At least mine did. I bank with Commerce Bank, and I highly recommend it (though it's only in like 3 or 4 different states?). Back when I was first in college I overdrafted...and the total of my overdraft was about $30. Since it was multiple different purchases, I was charged over $200 in overdraft fees. They removed a couple of them, but I had to pay the rest. Also, on that very same day, after I was told I had NO money, I went over and asked if I could get a credit card, and I was approved for a card with a $2,000 limit. HAH. I'm glad that happened, because had it not, I would not have as good of a credit score as I do now. (Also, I now have overdraft protection with my credit card). It's hard not to be a little pissed when you're hit with so many fees, but hopefully you learn your lesson and become more financially responsible.
  8. I think it is important to get a glimpse of Dr. Manhattan when he was John Osterman to show his later alienation from the human race. He is no longer human after he becomes Dr. Manhattan. The Comedian is the whole catalyst for the story. Rorschach finds out the Comedian was killed, and therefore sets off on a quest to find the murderer and his motives. That is the main storyline. Also, the Comedian is relevant b/c of his 'relationship' with Sally Jupiter, and b/c he is the new Silk Spectre's father. His relationship to Silk Spectre is touched upon more in the scene on Mars with Dr. Manhattan and Laurie, and it has an effect on the outcome of the story (Dr. Manhattan takes the blame for what Ozymandias did, and disintegrates Rorschach). Rorschach repeatedly and clearly states that he values justice. Even in the face of armageddon, never compromise.
  9. Nice! Hadn't heard that quote. I also haven't given the whole album a good listen yet, but I love Placebo, so I know it won't disappoint.
  10. Whoever that was that recommended "Live Forever" by Oasis, thanks. Great song. Here are some I like: "Rose" - A Perfect Circle "Stupid Girl" - Pink "Battle for the Sun" - Placebo ("You are a cheap and nasty fake, and I am the bones you couldn't break") "Slave to the Wage" - Placebo "Sing Your Life" - Morrissey "The Fight Song" - Marilyn Manson "15" - Marilyn Manson ("This time I won't hesitate to kill to protect what I believe in.") "Better of Two Evils" - Marilyn Manson "Little Boxes" - Malvina Reynolds "Here to Stay" - KoRn "Alive" - KoRn ("Once I cried, now I wipe away the tears. Once I died, now I'm alive.") I guess some of them technically aren't rock songs, but I like 'em anyway and I tried my best not to list tons of rap songs.
  11. How 'bout we take a look back at that one and see who said what.
  12. Kori

    Marilyn Manson

    Bought it this morning, and actually upping it to my iTunes right now. Really digging it so far. Twiggy is back!
  13. Well you won't have a valid license anyway, so what do you need a car for? I think they should give it back when you become eligible again for a valid license.
  14. Kori

    Marilyn Manson

    His sarcasm apparently doesn't come off very well.
  15. Give yourself a break! Doesn't do much good to study when you're exhausted. Your final isn't until Thursday, so I'd just recommend doing something you enjoy for a bit. Or maybe sleeping?
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