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  1. There are two issues, it seems. One is her own well-being and dealing with what happened in a manner so that it does not negatively impact her life, further. The second is a matter of justice for the crimes committed against your friend. I would highly recommend contacting Dr. Michael J. Hurd, a psychologist and fan of Objectivism, and asking his advice on both matters - I don't know (it's doubtful) that he could give you any legal advice, but perhaps he could help you to understand the significance to your friend's well-being of pursuing legal justice after so many years. You can read many of Dr. Hurd's "Daily Dose of Reason" articles which are archived on his site and even read his books to gain some insight into his orientation and approach. He does hold sessions with clients over the phone and even by email, I believe. My bet is that he would have some very good practical advice to offer. Best wishes to you and your friend.
  2. Speaking of a 'handshake' protocol, I've heard it put that the handshake comes from reaching out to another person with one's weapon hand, without one's weapon of course, as a gesture of openness or friendship, etc., of placing oneself in a trusting and defenseless (somewhat) relationship with the other person. A sign or signal of goodwill. The same could be said of the bow or bowing in greeting in cultures where bowing is common - by bowing one puts oneself into a vulnerable position as a show of friendship or friendliness and trust. (Not to be confused with bowing to an enemy in submission.) I don't care much for small talk, but it plays a similar role.
  3. Jennifer, you may find Dr. George Reisman's article, "Education and the Racist Road to Barbarism," to be of some help in understanding the issue. As well, here's an interview of Dr. Reisman: "A Cure for Racism."
  4. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then....
  5. In his podcast, Episode 64, on June 1, 2009, Dr. Peikoff was asked: 03:50: "'Do you see value in having Objectivist churches? By church here I mean an institution that will serve a similar role for Objectivist as traditional churches do for religious adherents in the sense of providing spiritual and emotional fuel to the soul by providing a means to connect in person with others who are also pro-reason.'" Listen here on Dr. Peikoff's site for his response.
  6. Amy Peikoff has announced (February 17, 2012): See the rest of her post on her blog (Don't Let It Go): On Leonard Peikoff’s brief podcast discussion of the Kobe Bryant case Miss Peikoff ends her note with:
  7. Thank you, Mr. Miovas, for posting the link to Checking Premises (I was unaware of the site before you mentioned it), as well as to this latest post by Mr. Joyce, "Subjectivist Objectivists." I, for one, certainly like the idea behind Checking Premises, and I'm grateful to the principals and associates of the site for creating it.
  8. I know that it's hard to believe, but the "UN moves to promote a 'world tax'"
  9. The question, to which Dr. Peikoff replied in his podcast, Episode 202, of February 6, 2012: "Is it rape if you obtain sex through fraudulent means? For example a man does not love a woman but tells her he does so that she will have sex with him. Is this the moral equivalent of rape?" Listen directly on Dr. Peikoff's site here (Duration: 02:45) I've transcribed his answer in full, hopefully without error:
  10. The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights: Happy Birthday Ayn Rand--Why Are You Still So Misunderstood. Thursday, February 2, 2012, by Don Watkins (Fox News Opinion) "On February 2, Ayn Rand's birthday, it's clear that she has helped many people see that something has gone wrong in America. But they haven't yet understood the source of the problem or Rand's radical solution. This was an exclusive article written for Fox News Opinion."
  11. In his podcast, Dr. Peikoff has discussed Miss Rand's definition of "capitalism" a couple of times. His comments might be of some help and interest: Episode 24 - August 04, 2008 (unofficial index): 14:20: "'In Ayn Rand's definition of "capitalism," she says that all property is privately owned. Is that really true? For example, would the buildings and land that house the government, police force, and military be privately owned?'" Listen directly here (on Dr. Peikoff's site). Episode 91 - December 7, 2009 (unofficial index): 13:37: "'Ayn Rand's definition of capitalism is not the same as the conventional one. Conventionally: "An economic and social system in which the means of production are privately owned." Ayn Rand's: "A social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned."'" Listen directly here (on Dr. Peikoff's site).
  12. [my bold] In his podcast, Episode 10 — March 10, 2008, Dr. Peikoff responded to the question: 05:14: [A metaphysical question.] "'What is existence? Existence is an attribute possessed by existence, and we directly perceive existence.' (...) 'The fact that I can't define "existence" bothers me. Is "existence" then kind of a misleading concept?'" His response to the first part is especially relevant to what you have said, that existence is a characteristic or property [an attribute] of everything that exists. You can listen to his reply to that question on his website directly here.
  13. No, we are not discussing honesty as being true to others, and since you insist on equivocating between honesty and telling the truth, evading the distinction, I don't think there's much point in continuing the discussion. Since you think that I am being dishonest, engaged in self-deception, why in the world would you want to continue any discussion at all with me anyway? Regardless, even if you do see such a reason, I do not.
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