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  1. i kind of forgot about this place...

    maybe i should come back!

  2. My mother and i argue continually about how many clothes i own. I work hard and earn my money and prefer to buy better made clothes that fit me well and help to exhance my good qualities and hide my negatives... She buys all her clothes and shoes at second hand stores, which i have no problem with. but she chooses things that do not flatter her, and she has no thoughts about her appearance. I tell her that is her perogative, but that I want to put my best foot forward, i want to show the best me possible. That is what i think we should be doing with our fashion... I love the show 'what not to wear' because the hosts continually rant about not following trends, but finding the clothes that suit your body and your personality. I keep track of fashion, but really pick and choose what (if any) trends i follow. I try to make what i wear my own.
  3. I hope not. I find chad michael murray to be rather insipid onscreen...
  4. they would defend their property, but unless you've started a fish farm or already caughtthe, who is to say who the fish belong to? i would also like to know if a 'true egoist' would just not volunteer at all... im truly asking to find out...
  5. being a former mormon, i gotta say, it never gave me a penchant for violence... and i loved the episode when the mormon family moved to south park... 'dum dum dum dum dum dum dum'... hehehe those south park guys...
  6. so my mom is a mormon, as i usedto be... and she is a wonderful person and all that, but is hung up on serving god thru service to others... She gets the warm and fuzzies whenever she 'serves her fellow man', and tells me that she enjoys the volunteer work and time she spends. she says its wonderful, and makes her feel good about herself, lets her grow,usually cause whatever probs she has seems like a cludy day in contrast to the hurricanes that blow thru others lives. So its not 'altrusim' in the dictionary sense. But heres the thing. In my experience, nobody is truly 'altruistic'. no one i know will give up theirlast doillar or crumb of food to feed someone elses family... yet they still give of their time and resources to others, either by volunteering or donating to different charities. they know they get something out of it, whether the previous warm and fuzzies or a tax break come february. yet they aredescribed as altruistic. Soooo (here's the question, i promise) if themeaning of words change thru general use, why can't weaccept the altruism to be more like charity. (Which to me is just enjoying your success my spreading the wealth...) or am i still too much of a former hippie/stoner to understand things? and i apologize for my typos and horrible grammar... i know i know, mind my psand qs....
  7. sounds like me amongst my brothers. they are all liars and cheats. their motto in life is 'never play an ace when a three will do' and to them it means why work hard when someone else will? they never give things their all, they just do enough to slide by.
  8. i think the Black Eyed Peas sang 'lets get it started', which is the version of lets get retarded they produced to be marketing friendly... and i thought the whole thing seemed to be a pretty big circus... and not too much was said to convince me that either bush or kerry should be president...
  9. I have to say, i trudged thru a.s. i loved the ideas rand espoused, and began to search the internet for info about her ideas, then finding links for objectivism and then to this site, it helped to me to learn more and put my thoughts and ideas into words... but as a peice of enjoyable fiction, its not among my favorites. thats my opinion tho.
  10. My mom always goes on and on about how ' if i died, and god didn't exist, what did i lose by being a good mormon?'... it really bugs me... but i just smile and nod and let her go on her merry way...
  11. i loved the book... And i don't see how it could be pro communist, as i came away feeling very strongly AGAINST the communist ideals... i haven't seen the movie yet, but that is only because i have limited tv time and have been working my way thru some old faves... I can't wait to see it. The ministry of love scared me...
  12. Although i am not an 'objectvist', my philosophy on life is very different from that of my friends... it always has been... well, before it was 'cause i used to be a 'mormon'... and so i had to be an example to my pals... the mormons called it 'living in this world but not of this world'... so i had this idea that of course i was right, and sooner or later everyone else would see that, but until then, i could still be friends with them even though they don't believe in what i believe... now that my friends are all communists or anarchists, and i find myself gravitating towards more rational views of the world, I am able to stay close with my friends even tho our beliefs differentiate dramatically. In fact, most of our discussions are incredible, as i get to bounce my ideas off them and strengthen my debating skills. My husband is anti-corporation. I am anti-dishonesty. he and i just don't discuss our beliefs all the time... instead we support each other anmd love ech other and enjoy each other. If i don't agree with him, i disagree. If he disagrees with me, he tells me so, but we don't let it ruin our relationship. We have too much else that we share... This is what i never understood about Rand andthe Objectivist philosophy, that you can just dismiss others because they don't believe what you believe...
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