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    I am a student of Objectivism, a philosophy for which I have a great deal of respect. I am taking my time with this study.<br />Maybe someday I will call myself an Objectivist.<br /><br />In the mean time, I am also intereseted in studying Capitalism and making Existentialism and Objectivism fight each other in my brain. Objectivism usually wins.

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  1. Junius Junius:. could it have Jer Cluchey?. Hmmmmm...
  2. I have written that man's abilities are for "sculpting the non-rational beings toward living in this world." I wrote this from my own values and in a crude mimicry of a philosophy of which I am only a young student: Objectivism. I meant only sculpting iron from rock and crops from earth, not human beings. I must write this because I retaliated against some people on this site and in a paper who I percieved to be taking liberties with my reputation. I even tiptoed into Nietzschean racism. The problem is that they were doing it with good intentions and because I was acting like an obvious j
  3. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Edward Marshall and I am a student in Washington. I am 22.
  4. Of course, put better, it was a confession. It was only a confession of ignorance.
  5. That is very interesting. It's one of the reasons why I replied. Thankyou for bringing that information to the thread. It's amazing how ignorance can hurt a situation in any issue. The more information aired the better. I should reiterate that the post above, concerning the exploitation of the minds of individuals, is a statement of fact. As may be clearer with a rereading, it is not a confession. Again, thankyou for that info.
  6. I shudder to think that anyone would read this thread, view my avatar, and conclude that it is written by someone who wishes to elevate the USA above the essential principles that ground his love for it. Those are the principles which allow for the freedom of a diverse cornucopia of productive thinking individuals, of the good. I shudder to think that anyone might interpret this as some kind of American "hellenism," one of the worst aspects of what is called socratism. No way. To anyone who doesn't know me, this might look that way. Intellectuals like Marcuse, Derrida, and Foucault do
  7. (khaight was replying to my comment: "revenge for Texas, how bizarre.") I was suggesting that liberals, gay and otherwise, reacted against the gay marriage law in Texas with a vote to ban guns in San Francisco. I was suggesting they were voting in an irrational knee-jerk reaction. But who can tell? One reason that was a stupid thing for me to write is that everyone certainly has reason to be disturbed by political movements against gays. Another reason is that it appeared to be a knock at one of the (the?) most unjustly hated minorities on earth. It was not. Also, many gays took u
  8. Interesting story, junius. Thanks for sharing it. I like how you captured the emptiness of a quest for power. (I am assuming "power" means something exercised over others rather than a description of self-control, life, and the "sky blue lake of joy" in pursuing a life's work, as I interpret Nietzsche to have justified the term.) I have a couple questions: May I ask why you chose to write about such a scuzbag? One of the great things about Ayn Rand is that she posits an alternative and uses that ideal as the focus of her writing. You might find a positive ideal a richer source f
  9. 1.,2.,4. Yes, there were nights when I would lie awake in fear of death after I graduated from Highschool. Perhaps you are right about goals. In that case, there were so many possibilities and such a collapsing of forward vision. I had been aiming for the past 6 years for graduation, then I arrived to find a dizzying multiplication of questions about the future. "Now what?" Also, there were religious remnants in my thinking... 3. I asked a trusted deist about death when I had this fear at a younger age. I was worried about there not being an afterlife. He said that the one thin
  10. "Unskinned with the Less Fattening Centres." "Keep That Unskinned Complexion." "Is it live, or is it Unskinned?" "I wish I were an Unskinned weiner..." You keep clicking and it just gets worse and worse.
  11. I just got back from the gym myself. I wonder that the brain, with all it's complicated capillaries, etc, needs to be flushed daily with exercise in order to work properly and get enough circulation. I have no idea if this is true and am not a doctor. From experience, I know that exercise matched to your interests and body type can be a great asset to the intellect and to a complete life. It makes sense if you consider how the mind developed in a much more active setting than we are used to today. Nietzsche praises Caesar for his constant exercise and understanding of its importance f
  12. I haven't read much fantasy outside Eddings. I've tried to get into others, but Eddings focuses on things I think are cool. I love the way he writes from experiences in real life that I love, despite using a lot of magic. The thing that grabbed me was the very first chapter of the Elenium with Sparhawk returning to his home city in the rain, muscles aching and deserving a long night's rest. I loved the stoicism of a weary character returning from exile and the hidden spark of excitement. There is an adventure waiting for him on the other side of a good night's sleep. He rides with ho
  13. Under capitalism, someone has a right to fish the stream. Presumably the fish will die before you do. THis will happen the first time someone dumps and it will be put in the papers: "Local stream has been poisoned, fisherman pissed." Or, were you implying a scenario in which 10 different companies all dump cyanide on the same day at the same time, let's call it the witching hour on Cyanide Dumping Day. If that is your argument, you have truly stumped me. Of course, you get your water from the water company, don't you? I don't think I need to explain that one. "If I developed lung
  14. http://chemcases.com/nuclear/nc-13.htm http://www.ncpa.org/iss/bud/pd112801b.html Here are two sites that give an interesting idea. The unmanagability of radioactive waste comes from the fact that it should not be considered waste at all, but more fuel to be recycled. There are sites in England, France, and soon in Japan that are producing energy this way. The articles seem to suggest that the new wastes will be much less radioactive as they have been processed several times. One site even says that these materials will be so neutralized that they can be encased in class and stored t
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