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  1. Yes, we could buy one of those uninhabited islands. However, transport costs may be huge to get there.
  2. Did you ever consider the perpetrators making the original idea much more known, so the product becames better known by the public? Also, it makes a punch to competitors. Ex. the only real reason for Linux distributions not being as widely used as Microsoft ones is software piracy.
  3. What is 'objectivist sense of life'? Could anybody answer me?
  4. It's all about Bush. His supply of kittens went off one day, but he still needed food
  5. I already thought about it. My novel, in essence, portrays a young man who is trying to be an ideal man, who is trying to achieve happiness. What I think should make my novel so good is trying to portray anything with teenager's emotions and adult's reasoning. After reading my draft, many people thought that I am at least five years older, so I believe I'm successful at that thing. On the other hand, the main character of my book is inexperienced and sometimes does some awkward things he is not sure why he did them afterwards and allows his emotion to take over from time to time.Anyway, I believe it to at least mildly interesting read. And now it's time to start today's chapter.
  6. Juxtys

    Animal rights

    [Mod's note: merged with a previous thread. - sN] We're coming back to middle ages, when the animals were capable of being witnesses in the court and there were special interpreters to translate what animals told. That's just pure insanity!
  7. You can count me on that. I begun writing a novel of mine about 10 months ago, although I knew nothing of Ayn Rand at the time. However, the novel is written in a diary style and should be capable of showing the difference of 'without Objectivism' and 'with Objectivism'. Although my style is a bit more of realism than romanticism - I am writing my own personal experiences but all the names are changed, some people merged into one, etc. I have finished about 180 pages in Lithuanian, my mother tongue and just found a person who can help me fix my style and grammar mistakes. I am thinking of finishing my work during my summer vacation.
  8. Me too. 1) I think you should not be afraid of speaking more metaphorically and avoid the words people have wrong definitions about. 2) "Blaming the free market for currently not working is like blaming your wife for being lazy and not tidying up your apartment while you're keeping her tied up and beaten in the basement." - me, talking metaphorically like I suggested at first answer. 3) Any brand of socialism is profitable only for the rulling clique while the people out of it suffers. Proved by Soviet Russia, where the Communist Party members lived in luxury while other people find it difficult to buy blankets anywhere. That's my two cents. Anyway, a topic worth getting involved in.
  9. I love ambitious, organised, yet talkative and honest self-made women. a shame I don't see too many around myself at the moment.
  10. I live in Lithuania, there only one currency exists - Litas(Lt). 1 Lt is now worth about 0.45$. Now, local ecomicians are alarmed about a deflation of 0.1 percent. This happened not due to smaller money supply, but due to falling furniture, oil, lumber, etc. prices, while prices of heating, food, electricity and even bus tickets are still increasing. Of course, my family is not saving money too much.
  11. Then I meant the increase/decrease of the amount of money in the supply.
  12. I actually ment both because they almost always follow each other.
  13. I always though that deflation is better than inflation because it makes your saved money to have more value. But I encounter people who think otherwise. So how's in reality?
  14. ... And Objectivism may spread due to invention of the Internet.
  15. I'm thinking about doing something like that as soon as I start earning my own money. That means next summer or the summer after next summer, but I promise to banish everything illegal I have on my PC.
  16. 2026-2009=17. So, we should have it after 17 years? I am 17 right now so it makes me be 34 years old when I reach this, if we can trust your math. So I can freely hope to see Objectivist revolution before getting old?
  17. I am from Klaipeda, Lithuania. That's a Baltic country in Eastern Europe.
  18. Hello, Geoff If I were you, I'd work for your dad to raise money for your warehouse. Once built, you could not only go skateboarding alone, but also invite some of your friends or charge money for entering. Anyway, that's my 2 suggestion sentences.
  19. Thank you. My native language is Lithuanian, that's why my grammar and use of language is not that good. Devils play a huge role in Lithuanian mythology. They are known to be swamp dwellers, because it was believed that swamps are the passage to other realm and to enter it, you have to drown. Unlike the Scandinavian Mythology, Lithuanian pictures a devil as a cheeky, fun-loving being, that is relatively easy to cheatupon. Also, mills were associated with devils, and mill owners were blamed for signing treaties with devils. Mill devils were believed to be hard-working and loyal to their masters. The boy in this story was too poor to be able to borrow that much money from someone in town and wanted to marry a daughter of a rich farmer. To marry a rich farmer's daughter, you must've been equally rich and hired field hands were badly paid. So, the only option was to strike a deal with a devil. Devils were believed to be very just creatures. They hated lazy people and rewarded the hard-working ones. Devils in our mythology not only lend money. Also, they employ musicians at their parties or bless you to have success bargaining for a bride in exchange for your first daughter. The old devil retired because the boy did not try tricking him. If he, on the other hand, wanted to keep all that gold for himself, the devils would not allow the boy to have rest. I hope this answers all of your questions.
  20. Once there was a boy who lived in a small farmer village. He was extremely poor, and since his parents death, and they were lazy enough not to leave much for him to inherit. Also, the boy has fallen in love with the daughter of the village's richest farmer. Since the girls in that community were sold as slaves, he could not afford her. He weighted all the option available for him and found the only possible solution: to pay a visit for the swamp dwellers. Every local knew that the swamps were the home of devils, since they liked the murky places and tried to grab the passers by from their wells, but the boy had no other choice and came there at midnight. The moon light the swamp as the boy approached the passage to the swamp. A guardian greeted him there: 'What do you want, little boy?' 'I... I need to borrow 1000 gold pieces from your master.', answered the boy. 'I see that you need them. Wait a bit.', the devil guardian whispered and left the boy alone. After an hour, the lord devil came near the pass and handed the boy a huge sack of gold, under one condition: 'You will have to bring all this gold after a year, by midnight. Otherwise, you will have to become one of us for 1000 years, since you borrowed from us 1000 gold pieces.' The boy had no other choice but to accept. As he came back to the village, his life has changed. He managed to build a new house for himself, increase his farmlands and buy additional cattle. In that one year, he became so rich that he could simply gather that 1000 gold pieces to bring the devil back. As he approached the swamps, he could picture them even darker. A small devil met him on his passage to the devil's kingdom and told him to go back; 'The old devil is no longer in charge, because he at last found a man worthy of his gold. You can keep that sack you come with and everything what's inside. As the boy came back, he was happier than ever in his life. He married his loved one at the next week and they lived long and happily ever after. The End. Any comments?
  21. After watching 'Doomsday Called Off' and climate-skeptic's introduction to positive and negative feedbacks, I may argue that the first thing at making the debate about climate change is to understand that the climate is not that easy to control. It is a system that tends to maintain it's properties. For example, if the global temperature rises, it produces more evaporation in the oceans. Ocean evaporation increases the amount of clouds in the atmosphere. Clouds not only reflect some of the heat radiated into the atmosphere, but produces snowfall at the sub antarctic areas, that increases the amount of white cover in the world that also has the heat reflecting properties. So, if the global temperature increases, the atmosphere does everything to put it back. That's something as Newton's Law of Inertia, but here 'climate' is instead of 'body'.
  22. When talking about confidence at dating, nothing has helped me more than being friends with girls. Especially if they are older and possess my values. For example, I am 17 and have one female friend who is 21 years old. We meet each other when we both have free time and go shopping or take a long walk at the beach, etc. The time I spent with her is probably the best I've had in my life and since she's confident, independent and ambitious woman(my type) it improves my self worth because with her, I feel like I am able to have the women I like in my life. Also, take into consideration that as you interact with other people, you may start possessing some of their traits. Like I became more confident and more ambitious since I begun to interact with her. Of course, to do things like that, you must be more mature than other people your age and be interesting for older people. I find it rather simple due to my recent interest to economics, politics, psychology and philosophy.
  23. Are you really sure on that? Chinese government at least doesn't steal peasant's children to serve at monasteries. For the whole lifetime...
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