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  1. I never got how a rep system worked, although I think simply posting would be the best way to get known around these parts. And I empathize with the girl, I know how her predicament. I came into Christianity when I was about 12 or 13, yet there was something always about it that I couldn't put my finger on, there was a part of my mind that felt uneasy about it, but I always silenced it. (Strangely enough, I almost never read my bible while I was part of the faith.) I picked up The Fountainhead a month ago, which put the issues on the forefront of my mind, and then Atlas Shrugged gave me a complete break from it.
  2. Oh, I just read Leonard Peikoff's "My Thirty Years With Ayn Rand" in Voice of Reason which is specifically aimed at portraying who she was and targets the Brandens' accounts. Thought I'd pass that along.
  3. He wasn't entirely nihilistic. He started the movie with the intention of bringing the mob back to its glory days by killing Batman, until he has his "change of heart", and decides that he doesn't want to kill Batman and starts bringing anarchy to the city.
  4. So in effect, you're saying the Israeli state should sacrifice its own citizens and immediate security for the diplomatic ties of two nations, that continued attacks from the Gaza strip and deaths of Israelis is an acceptable cost? Allies who raise an issue every time you defend yourself are not allies. If the defeat of an acknowledged group of militants "alienates moderate Arab allies", what on earth makes them "allies", or even "moderate" if they defend militants? Because they sign a piece of paper?
  5. That's true, only as long as Side A cares more about appeasing Sides B-F than scoring a touchdown. In my opinion, they're getting as much done while Bush still leads Side C and they'll see where they stand when Obama takes office.
  6. I thought Hong Kong was beautiful in that brief flyover in The Dark Knight. Yes, I realize a 2 second establishing shot isn't much to go by, but I liked it.
  7. I love the Nick Gaetano covers. This is my favorite one: I'm slowly saving enough money to buy prints of his works from the books as well.
  8. He's like a dog chasing his own tail. It makes him sound like he's a race announcer.
  9. Sir Andrew


    Of course not, it requires nourishment like any other baby. With a baby delivered in an unviable state, it doesn't matter how much nourishment you give it, it is unable to sustain its own life. But if you give nourishment to a baby delivered in a viable state, it will metabolize the food and sustain its own life. That is precisely what differentiates an unviable and viable fetus, and what gives the viable fetus rights. The moment when it no longer requires the mother's reproductive system to survive is the moment we're no longer dealing with a woman's right to her own body and ability to control her own reproductive system. Yes, the viable fetus is still in the mother's reproductive system, but it can be delivered at any time should she no longer wish to be pregnant. Well yes, the cause-and-effect is true, but individual responsibility is not relevant to the issue of abortion. Should a woman do the rational thing and use birth control to minimize the chance of pregnancy if she doesn't want it? Absolutely. But the entire institution of abortion exists to reverse those consequences, and the question is whether it is moral to do so. We have already answered that question.
  10. We're not talking about the UK. We're talking about the US. Much different political scene. And an "origin in time before Miss Rand" is meaningless; libertarianism is not a full-fledged philosophy like Objectivism.
  11. Who says that society is ideal? The movie makes it clear that Gotham's still in the pits, but is supposed to be on the road to recovery.
  12. Sir Andrew


    I place that at the point of viability, because at that point, the fetus can be delivered prematurely and survive on its own. You make it sound like a crime. The so-called "pro-lifer" Jesus freaks think this but rarely say it out loud: "You had sex, so you deserve to be pregnant!"
  13. Sir Andrew


    You don't understand Ayn Rand's position because you don't understand her premises.
  14. I never got the whole idea of establishing quotas for "backwards" countries (besides the fact that it's racism). I mean, if they want to come here and get out of whatever situation they're in, aren't they automatically smart?
  15. I signed up at about the first of the month for kicks, although it sounds to me like hanging with the NTOS is a better way to pick up chicks.
  16. Lmao, but it says injuries only make it worse! v
  17. Sir Andrew

    God exists

    That's where you're wrong. Monotheism isn't a bundling all of the invented gods together into one, it's denying the existence of all the others and asserting the exclusive truth of that one god. Furthermore, that assertion is what led to petty wars, because it became the righteous vs. the infidels. Before that, if I may make such a generalization, people were pretty lax about their religion; each town had its own god, etc. It was only when people started claiming that their god was the only god that religion became a problem.
  18. Sir Andrew

    God exists

    No, I just see it as a group of people asserting that their interpretation of something that can't be proven or known (i.e. a divinity) is the only correct one.
  19. Okay, so I noticed there is little to no wallpaper out there for us Objectivists, so I did a little photoshopping and I proudly present: Follow the link for the proper resolution, then select "Download" on the left hand side next to the thumbnail. 800x600 http://a-is-a.deviantart.com/art/Ayn-Rand-...0x600-106655252 1024x768 http://a-is-a.deviantart.com/art/Ayn-Rand-...4x768-106655640 1280x800 http://a-is-a.deviantart.com/art/Ayn-Rand-...0x800-106655719 1280x960 http://a-is-a.deviantart.com/art/Ayn-Rand-...0x960-106655756 1280x1024 http://a-is-a.deviantart.com/art/Ayn-Rand-...x1024-106655786 1600x1200 http://a-is-a.deviantart.com/art/Ayn-Rand-...x1200-106655813 If you have some weird resolution and would like one done custom, just send me a PM with your resolution and I'll make one for you
  20. I've never seen what the problem is with it if it's intentionally used for style.
  21. I've never seen the show, but as far as divvying up resources goes, I do think a trade system could work. You'd give the doctor the things that aid him in his function, and the rest goes the same way. As far as the asthma girl is concerned, on a desert island situation, giving her the medication you have would not be trading a value for a non-value, because in that situation, every hands capable of fishing or whatever is valuable. You could simply trade it for, say, 5 crabs. As far as the criminals go, if they're killing people, you need to take care of that problem with some retaliatory force.
  22. Not to mention that Mrs. Branden may have a possible motive to slant the film against Ayn Rand, given the relationship between Nathaniel and Ayn.
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